WML Interview Questions & Answers

    1. Question 1. How You Define Wap?Answer :

      WAP is stands for Wireless Application Protocol. Using WAP protocol we display internet contents on wireless users.example: mobile phone, i-pod etc.

      Some basic information about WAP are given below:

      1. WAP is used as an application communication protocol.
      2. Using WAP we can access services and information.
      3. We can inherited WAP from Internet standards.
      4. WAP is designed for handheld devices Like: mobile phones, i-pod etc.
      5. Using WAP we can made micro browsers.
      6. WAP support the WML(Wireless Markup Language) language to create applications.


    1. Question 2. What Do Understand From Wml?Answer :

      WML is a reduced name of Wireless Markup Language. Using WML we can write the application that work on WAP.

      Web Pages that we create using WML are called as ‘Decks’ here Decks are the set of Cards.We can say that WML is based on XML but it has also inherited some art of HTML


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    1. Question 3. How You Define Wap Micro Browsers?Answer :

      We use WAP Micro Browsers for small handhold wireless devices,Like: mobile phone.It is a small software than it can work with small hardware CPU and memory.

      Using Micro Browsers we can read the WMLScript which is reduced version of JavaScript.



    1. Question 4. What Do You Understand From Wmlscript?Answer :

      Using WMLScript we can run small code on WAP browsers used in small wireless devices.We can say that WML Script is a small code JavaScript language.It is use to store the reference of script Url.

      Before run WML Script in to the WAP browsers, we should compiled WML Script into byte code on server.


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    1. Question 5. Give Us Some Example Of Wap?Answer :

      Some basic example of WAP. These are given Below:

      1. Using WAP we can get information of train time-table.
      2. Using WAP can purchase tickets.Like: movie,journey ticket etc.
      3. Using WAP we perform task like that Flight check in
      4. We can also viewing traffic information.
      5. We can get information about current weather condition.
      6. Using WAP we can do also trading of shares.
      7. We can also display sport results on our small wireless devices.


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    1. Question 6. What Is The Wml Tags?Answer :
      • We write WML code inside the tag. Generally, we use WML to write text but use of tables and images are slickly prohibited in WML.
      • We save file of WML Application by .WML extension.
      • We start WML code with and ends with tag. In WML each started tag should be closed. We can’t write behalf of .



    1. Question 7. How You Define Wml Decks And Cards?Answer :
      • Each WML pages is called as Deck.they can build as a set of cards in which each Deck is linked with others.
      • When we accessed WML page from mobile phone than all the cards related to the page are downloaded to from web server.


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    1. Question 8. Using An Example How To Create An Wml Document?Answer :

      An example which shows you how to create an WML document.



      Using JavaScpt we can make our HTML page dynamic.


      Using CSS we can insert some interactive features into the HTML page.




    1. Question 9. How To Use Paragraph And Line Break Into The Wml?Answer :

      An example which show you how to use paragraph and Line break in WML.



      Here write a paragraph


      This is first line
      This is second line



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    1. Question 10. How To Format Text In Wml?Answer :

      An example which shows how to format text usig WML:













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    1. Question 11. How To Create Table Using Wml?Answer :

      We can create table using WML:







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    1. Question 12. How To Create Tables Using Wml?Answer :

      We can also create table using WML language. Like that,




      Cell 1Cell 2Cell 3





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    1. Question 13. How You Use Links And Images In Wml?Answer :
      • We Link WML pages by and tag.
      • We use tag when we want to perform some specific task like that ‘next’, previous’ or ‘refresh’.
      • Where using tag we always performance a ‘next’ tag without using variables.


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    1. Question 14. How To Get Input From User In Wml?Answer :

      We can get input from user in WML in the form of input fields,select and option,field set etc.

      I have given a example to show you how create input fields.








    1. Question 15. What Are The Wml Task? How To Perform Them?Answer :

      WML task is that we perform an action when a event occur.

      I have given you an example which shows you how to perform next and previous task.



      Next page


      Previous Page



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    1. Question 16. How Can We Refresh Card Variables?Answer :

      We use tag when we want to refresh some specific card variables.


      Refresh curret page




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    1. Question 17. What Noop Task? Give An Example?Answer :

      We use Noop task when we not want to do any operations.We use tag when we want to override deck-level elements.





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    1. Question 18. How To Use Timer In Wml?Answer :

      We can set Timer in WML.We express time unit of timer as 1/10 of a second. Below I have given you which will display text on WML page for 6 seconds.



      Write some text here




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    1. Question 19. What Are The Wml Variable?how To Use Them?Answer :

      Use of variables in WML is that when client want to switch over card to card in a deck,than client should have to store the data into variables.

       We can use variables in WML sing two ways:

      • Can set a variable using setvar Command: Suppose that if client want to execute go,prev and refresh type task than they can use setvar command and create a variable with a specific value.



      • Can set a variable with an input element: If we want to set variable with an input,select, option etc input element.


      We can use this created variable enotes into the card2.


      You have selected: $(enotes)


      In the above example we create an variable enotes in card1 and passed the selected enotes into card2 by variable enotes.


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    1. Question 20. How To Perform Validation In Your Wml?Answer :

      We can validate our wml by using Microsoft XML parser(Which is used to create wmll validator. Now. to prform validation we paste our wml into the text area and validate them with submit validate button.



      Hello User!




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    1. Question 21. How You Define Wsdl?Answer :
      • WSDL stands for Web Service Discovery Language. It is an markup language which is used to describe web services.
      • We use WSDL port to describes the interfaces (legal operations) those are exposed by a web service.


    1. Question 22. How You Define Disco And Uddi?Answer :

      DISCO is stands for Discovery.It is a web service discovery tool which is used to discover the url of Web services of XML addessed on web server and sae document on local disk according to each XML service.

      Where as UDDI is stands for Universal Description ,Discovery and Integration.It is plateform independent framework.Using UDDI web service available to the consumer by describing the web service using a WDSL document and then registering the Web service into UDDI Directory. The UDDI Directory contains pointers to the Web service and the WDSL document for the Web service. After this is done the Client Applications can discover the Web service using the UDDI Directory.

      The UDDI specification calls for three elements as given below:

      1. White Pages: This is used to provide business contact information
      2. Yellow Pages: This is used to organize Web services in these categories like usage billing service, authorization service etc.
      3. Green Pages: This is used to provide detailed technical information of pages about individual services.



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    1. Question 23. Can I Use Embedded Wmlscript In My Wml Pages?Answer :

      No, you cannot use embedded WMLScript in your WML pages. You need to place your scripts in seperate files and reference them from your WML decks.


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    1. Question 24. Which Functions Are Available In The Wmlscript Lang Library?Answer :

      The functions in this section are accessed by Lang.functionName abs(number) returns the absolute value of number min(number1,number2) returns smallest of number1 and number2, or number1 if equal min(number1,number2) returns largest of number1 and number2, or number1 if equal parseInt(string) returns the integer value of string parseFloat(string) returns the floating point value of string isInt(string) returns true if string can be converted to an integer isFloat(string) returns true if string can be converted to a floating point value maxInt() returns the maximum supported integer value



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    1. Question 25. What Are The Data Types Used In Wmlscript?Answer :
      • WMLScript is a weakly typed language that provides no type checking during the compile time or the run time.

      WMLScript uses the data types as follows:

        • Boolean: this is the data type used for the values like true or false and it usually deals in decision making.
        • Integer: this is a data type containing the numerical values
        • Floating-point: this is the data type used to provide the value in decimal points like 1.00, 1 e-10.
        • String: this is the data type that stores the values in the form of characters in a contiguous memory location.
        • Invalid: is the data type that describes the value of a function valid or invalid.


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    1. Question 26. What Is The Use Of Wml Decks?Answer :
      • WML document that is used to create an application is called as deck and it provides way to add more pages.
      • Deck provides the insertion of the data into one or more cards which is also called as pages.
      • Deck interacts with the user and the framework on which the application is being built.
      • Decks are stored on a configured web server that serves the purpose of including the MIME type of data.
      • This also includes the plain HTML files as well with their variants intact in the file vnd.wap.wml.



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    1. Question 27. What Are The Different Wml Commands Used In Wmlscript?Answer :

      The commands allow the statements to be written in an object oriented manner and it also provide other provisions to make the code look short.

      WML commands used in WMLScript are as follows:

      Formatting commands:

      • : this is used to design the paragraph according to the requirements.
      • : this is used to make the paragraph bold according to the requirements.
      • : this is used to make the paragraph appear large according to the requirements.
      • : this is used to emphasize on the paragraph according to the requirements.
      • : this is used to make the paragraph italics according to the requirements.

      Inserting images:

      Using Tables:

      • : this defines the table and used in the beginning of the table area to display it.
      • : it defines the row of the table.
      • : it defines the data of the row that is presented in the table.
      • : it defines the table header of the table.


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    1. Question 28. Write A Program To Show The Process Of Receiving The List Of Shops In User’s Location?Answer :
      • WMLScript is used to provide the interaction between the user application and the server.
      • It provides the use of procedural elements that can be used to control the navigation to other pages or cards.
      •  The program allows user to enter the country code and a list will be generated of the shop that are situated in its place:


      Call me:




    1. Question 29. What Is The Process Where Wml Cards Request The Device To Access Wap?Answer :
      • WML cards are just like pages on the Decks that are used to request the services on the device to access WAP.
      • WAP gateway acts as a bridge between the mobile device and World Wide Web for the communication purpose.
      • It provides the pages or cards from one system to another system using the proxy on the WWW.
      • The gateways are used to send the WML cards in the form of a form applicable to use in a mobile device.
      • The process can’t be seen by the device but the pages can be accessed using the browser and the URL


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    1. Question 30. What Is The Use Of Functions In Wmlscript?Answer :
      • The functions are used to combine the statements that can be executed together without writing it differently.
      • Function declaration in WMLScript can be done using the statement as:
        • extern function identifier(FormatParameterList) Block ;
      • The extern keyword that is used in the statement provide the function written outside and defined from outside only.
      • The function can be given that consists of the parameters and written as mentioned like:
        • function RunTime(distance, speed) { var time = distance / speed; return time; };
      • – The return keyword that is used provides the value that needs to be returned to the function.


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