XLink Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Is Validating Parser?

    Answer :

    A parser that ensures that an XML document is valid in addition to being well formed. See also parser.

  2. Question 2. What Is A Urn?

    Answer :

    Uniform resource name. A unique identifier that identifies an entity but doesn’t tell where it is located. A system can use a URN to look up an entity locally before trying to find it on the Web. It also allows the Web location to change, while still allowing the entity to be found.

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  4. Question 3. What Is Non-xml Resources?

    Answer :

    You can use the XPointer Framework with non-XML resources. This is especially effective when your resource is backed by some kind of a DBMS, or when you want to query a data model, such as RDF, and not the XML syntax of a representation of that data model.

  5. Question 4. What Is Url Path?

    Answer :

    The part of a URL passed by an HTTP request to invoke a servlet. A URL path consists of the context path + servlet path + path info, where Context path is the path prefix associated with a servlet context of which the servlet is a part. If this context is the default context rooted at the base of the Web server’s URL namespace, the path prefix will be an empty string. Otherwise, the path prefix starts with a / character but does not end with a / character.

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  7. Question 5. What Is Server-side Xpointer?

    Answer :

    The XPointer Framework provides an authoritative and extensible interpretation of the semantics of fragment identifiers for XML media types. However, HTTP does NOT transmit the fragment identifier as part of the HTTP request. Therefore XPointer is generally applied by the client, not by the server.

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  9. Question 6. What Is Xll?

    Answer :

    The XML Link Language specification, consisting of XLink and XPointer.

  10. Question 7. What Is Xlink?

    Answer :

    XLink is thhe part of the XLL specification that is concerned with specifying links between documents.

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  12. Question 8. Differences Between Xml And Xlink?

    Answer :


    • User definable tags
    • Content driven
    • End tags required for well formed documents
    • Quotes required around attributes values
    • Slash required in empty tags


    • Defined set of tags designed for web display
    • Format driven
    • End tags not required
    • Quotes not required
    • Slash not required
  13. Question 9. How Do I Make A Table Which Looks Good On Xlink And Prodigy?

    Answer :

    The best way is probably to include a version in preformatted text. This can be seen by any browser, including Lynx.

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  15. Question 10. Why Doesn’t Use Xlink?

    Answer :

    Xlink and had different requirements for linking that turned out not to be reconcilable.

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  17. Question 11. What Is The Use Of Xlinks Modularization?

    Answer :

    Xlink Modularization is not aimed at the regular users of X link, but at designers of X link-based languages. It had been observed that companies and groups had the tendency to design their own versions of HTML and XHTML that were often not interoperable at basic levels. XHTML Modularization splits XHTML into a number of modules that can be individually selected when defining a new language; in this way any Xlink-based language that uses tables is guaranteed to use the same definition of tables, and not some divergent version. Modularization also makes it clear where it is OK to add new elements, and where it is not.

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  19. Question 12. How You Define Syntax Of Xlink?

    Answer :

    We know that in HTML we bade a hyperlink by using elements. But this will not work in XML.We can create a hyperlink by using Xlink.

    I explain you how to create an hyperlink in XML by Xlink with an example:

    xlink: href=”http://www.r4r.co.in”>Huge 

    collection of interview question

    xlink: href=”http://www.r4r.in”>Enjoy with 


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