Water Polo Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Hungary Has Won Six Olympic Gold Medals In Water Polo. True Or False?

    Answer :


  2. Question 2. What Is The Minimum Depth Of Water In The Pool For A Water Polo Match?

    Answer :

    The minimum depth for a water polo match is one meter.

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  4. Question 3. How Many Quarters Of Five Minutes Duration Each Are There In The Game Of Water Polo?

    Answer :


  5. Question 4. How Many Players Are There In A Water Polo Team?

    Answer :


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  7. Question 5. How Many Officials Will Be There For A Water Polo Match?

    Answer :

    Seven – 2 times keepers, 2 secretaries, 2 goal judges and a referee.

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  9. Question 6. Who Won The Medal For Water Polo In The First Asian Games?

    Answer :


  10. Question 7. What Was Water Polo Earlier Called?

    Answer :

    Football in the water.

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  12. Question 8. How Do You Identify The Goalkeeper In Water Polo?

    Answer :

    Goalkeeper is the only one to use both hands on the ball and wears a red cap.

  13. Question 9. What Are The Basic Skills Needed For Water Polo Player?

    Answer :

    Swimming, ball handling skills, treading water, reflexes and awareness.

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  15. Question 10. When Was Women’s Water Polo Tournament Introduced In Olympics?

    Answer :

    2000 summer Olympics.

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  17. Question 11. What Do You Know About The Origin Of Water Polo?

    Answer :

    It was developed in England as “water soccer” in 1869 and first included in the Olympic Games in Paris, 1900.

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  19. Question 12. Which Country Bagged Three Consecutive Gold In Men 2000, 2004 And 2008 Olympics?

    Answer :


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  21. Question 13. Who Won The Gold In Women In 2000 Sydney Olympics?

    Answer :


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  23. Question 14. In 2004 Athens Olympics Which Country Won The Women’s Gold?

    Answer :


  24. Question 15. At All Levels Of Play How Is The First Possession Of The Ball Decided At The Beginning Of Each Quarter?

    Answer :

    A swim off occurs at the beginning of each quarter. Each team lines up at their respective 2 metre mark (goal line). When the referee blows the whistle each swimmer sprints up the pool to the half distance line where the referee has thrown or released the ball. The player that reaches the ball first passes it back to one of their teammates for the first possession.

    A coin is tossed before the game by the captains in the presence of the referees, and the winner to have the choice of ends. A jump ball can occur when the during the swim off the throw or released ball gives one team the advantage over the other or when the referee cannot decide which team should have possession. This occurs for the same reasons a jump ball in basketball would or a toss up in netball.

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  26. Question 16. How Many Players Are In The Field, From Each Team, At A Time?

    Answer :

    There 6 players from each team in the field at a time. The goalie is not part of the field. If you counted the goalie then there would be 7.

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  28. Question 17. What Is The Dominant Colour Of A Water Polo Ball Used In Official Games?

    Answer :

    It is the same colour for men and women. The only thing that is different is the size. Men play with a larger ball. The ball originally was a solid yellow but in early 2005, FINA approved of an amendment to the standard water polo balls used in official games. This change permitted a coloured middle stripe (blue, green, red, black, or yellow) with the normal yellow stripes flanking the coloured.

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  30. Question 18. There Are 6 Positions, One For Each Player. There Are 2 Different Names For Position 6, One Is ‘whole’. What Is The Other One?

    Answer :

    ‘Set’ is another name for position 6, besides ‘whole.’ This position roughly equates to a centre in basketball.

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  32. Question 19. Including The Goal Keeper, What Is The Maximum Number Of Players That May Be On The Field From Each Team At The One Time?

    Answer :

    Any number of players can be ejected at any time for major fouls, so you can have less players on the field, but never more than 7 in total. There are six field player positions, however unlike most common team sports there is no positional play, players often will play several positions throughout the game as situations demand. These positions are centre forward, point, two drivers and two wings. In offense, teams set up a “mushroom” in front of the goals. The centre forward sits on the 2 metre line in the middle of the goals.

    The point is directly in front of the centre forward usually around the 5 – 7 metre line. On either side of the point are the drivers. Their job is to drive towards the goals in the hopes of getting free and scoring a goal or to make the defense move positions and leave another player free to take a shot. Lastly, the wings sit on the 2 metre line also, one on each side of the goals. When this is set up properly it should look like a horseshoe or mushroom shape.

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  34. Question 20. How Do You Score Points?

    Answer :

    You score points by throwing the ball into a knitted goal. Hopefully you will have a good goalie and the other team won’t be able to score any points.

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  36. Question 21. The Special Kicking Action That Is Used To Keep Afloat While Playing Is Called What?

    Answer :

    Egg beater allows players to expand minimum energy but still allows players to jump and move about easily in the pool when they are not swimming.

  37. Question 22. What Happens When A Player Gets Their Third Major Foul?

    Answer :

    It does not matter whether the game has just started or is about to finish, three major goals means that a player may not enter the water again that game. An example of a major foul is where the defensive player comes from behind over the top of a player, pushing them under while they are trying to pick the ball up and shoot. This usually happens in the centre-forward position. Another way to get a major is to swim over the top of a person while they have the ball in their possession.

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  39. Question 23. In Accordance To Find Rules For Water Polo, A Colour Is Assigned To Each Team In The Water So That Players On Your Own And The Opposing Team Can Be Easily Identified. What Are These Two Colours?

    Answer :

    Historically, a team cap was either blue or white. In more recent times, teams wore caps that were patterned with their team logo or colours, and may not actually be either blue or white. Each team has two sets of hats and if they are not blue and white they have dark and light versions. If wearing the dark cap the team is referred to as blue and the light cap as white.

  40. Question 24. What Happens When A Player Gets His/her Third Ejection?

    Answer :

    On a player’s third ejection, they cannot play in the rest of the game. Players can get ejected for grabbing the opponent’s swimsuit or keeping the opponent from driving through, just to name a few.

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  42. Question 25. A Change Of Possession Occurs When?

    Answer :

    All of the options results in a change of possession. There can also be a change from the shot clock running out of time, the ball being “stolen” by the other team, or an offensive foul is committed to name just a few.

  43. Question 26. What Color Clothing Do Referees Wear?

    Answer :

    They wear white clothing so coaches and players know who they are and at night they are able to see them in the dark.

  44. Question 27. What Number Hat Does The Goal Keeper Wear?

    Answer :

    The goal keeper always wears the number one and the cap is colored red, no matter what colour their teammates wear.

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  46. Question 28. What Is On The Cap That Players Must Wear During The Game?

    Answer :

    Just like in all sports, players must have a number on them somewhere so that the referee’s can distinguish one player from another. In water polo, there is no place to put a number except on the cap that player has to wear.

  47. Question 29. When A Penalty Goal Is Scored, How Many Points Is It Worth?

    Answer :

    All goals are worth one point no matter whether they are scored during normal play or as a result of a penalty, or penalty shootout.

    A penalty shot is awarded when a foul is committed by a defensive player inside the five-metre line directly aimed at preventing a goal. The penalty shot is taken at the five-metre line, and the goalie must be sitting on the goal line. The player must take their shot on the referee’s whistle.

  48. Question 30. What Kind Of Ball Is Used To Play Water Polo?

    Answer :

    Water polo is played with, of course, a water polo ball. (It’s about the size of a soccer ball or volleyball though)

  49. Question 31. What Country Won The Gold Medal In The Women’s Water Polo At The Sydney 2000 Olympics?

    Answer :

    The 2000 Olympics was the first time that women’s water polo was included. Australia beat the USA for the gold and Russia got the bronze. In the men’s tournament, Hungary took the gold, Russia the silver, and the Yugoslav Federation the bronze.