WAP Interview Questions & Answers

    1. Question 1. Why Is Wap Used In The Browser?Answer :
      1. WAP is also known ad Wireless Application Protocol that is used for the technical standards.
      2. This provides the accessing of the information over the wireless network of the mobile services.
      3. WAP is used for the mobile devices and act as a browser for the mobile phones that uses the protocol used only in phones.
      4. WAP also provide applications like email by mobile, tracking system, sports related activities, news headlines, etc.
      5. WAP provides the services to be more secure and open to many clients at the same time with interactive data services.


    1. Question 2. What Are The Differences Being Brought From Wap 1.1 To Wap 1.3?Answer :
      • WAP has developed in providing the software and the releases being made by using the WAP specifications.
      • WAP provides the software protocol that can be used to enhance the specification over time.
      • WAP supports group of large number of mobile operators and market and consists of no in-built technology.
      • WAP uses the efforts by providing the alerts and notifications to the users that uses mobile and the latest technology of it.
      • PAP is also known as Push Access Protocol by using the WAP specification that provides greater security.


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    1. Question 3. What Is The Use Of Deck And Card In Wap?Answer :
      • WAP allows the applications to interact with the users using the mobile devices or WAP enabled devices.
      • The display on the devices is small or large according to the requirement and the defining of size is also known as deck.
      • Deck is the place where all the user’s input and responses are evaluated and shown and modification happens according to that.
      • Individual screens are used for the information that carries out the different tasks and this way of carrying out the thing is known as cards.
      • The cards appear within the deck one after another at a time and store the card in separate files on the server.



    1. Question 4. What Is The Process To Write Wap Applications?Answer :
      • WAP applications are represented in the same way as HTML pages and it require no skills of programming.
      • It provides the use of WMLScript applications that is loosely bound to the programming and its rules.
      • Scripts that are used in the application provide mini application running on the WAP device and carrying out the calculations.
      • WAP applications are also made to interact with the user like JavaScript and HTML pages.
      • WAP applications can be created using the server side scripting language and the database that is used to store the information like spreadsheet, etc.
      • WAP uses the server-based programming environment, such as Java, and according to that the applications or WML gets generated dynamically.


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    1. Question 5. What Is The Function Of Wap Simulator?Answer :
      • WAP simulator is used to describe the software that allows the implementation of it is to be done on software directly.
      • It is used to implement the device on the software rather than the physical device like mobile phone, etc.
      • It allows local WAP development of devices that can be used as SDKs and through which the WAP applications can be tested.
      • Simulators are used to write the content online that directly connects to a given website using the HTTP.
      • WAP simulator is used to view the content written in WML format and it will be read by the web browsers as well.


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    1. Question 6. What Is The Procedure To Access Wml Content Using A Simulator?Answer :
      • WML content can be accessed by using the web browser and typing in the URL that is used to load the web site.
      • WAP devices provide special URLs that load the content directly from the handheld devices.
      • It provides the configuration information with the database or others using the simulator like address books.
      • It allows the access of the WML based resources on the web with the use of tracking services.
      • WAP based content uses the naming convention that changes or alters the www to wap that provides the resources on the WAPsite.



    1. Question 7. What Are The Limitations Of Accessing The Resources Using Wap?Answer :
      • WAP doesn’t allow the accessing the resources on the Internet due to the limitations of the web browsers.
      • It doesn’t display the result when the WAP is used with the Internet on personal computers.
      • WAP doesn’t provide logistics with the currently working system and it just provides a way to access to the web content.
      • WAP can only interact with the backend scripts and databases to fetch the information from the web browsers to display it.
      • WAP doesn’t provide the accessing of the resources due to the incompatibility of large number of resources to be shared with the users.


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    1. Question 8. What Is The Difference Between Wmlscript And Javascript?Answer :
      • WMLScript is used with the WML pages, whereas JavaScript is used with the HTML pages and it is not compatible with WML.
      • JavaScript is the part of the WAP or Wireless Application Protocol, whereas WMLScript comes under WML only.
      • WMLScript is used for the client side scripting and it is not different from JavaScript, whereas JavaScript is used for performing tasks like user input validations and generating of error messages.
      • WMLScript uses the ECMAScript but it is not compatible with the JavaScript, whereas JavaScript is fully compatible with the HTML.



    1. Question 9. What Is The Process To Differentiate Between Html And Wml Clients?Answer :
      • The differentiation is done on the basis of the user requesting the URL from the web browser having the WAP compatible device.
      • Web server is attached with the WAP Gateway that serves the request by sending the HTTP Header that differentiates different User Agent.
      • The user agents request the URL and on the basis of the request server response using the server side scripts.
      • Server side script examines the value and generates the WML corresponding to the application that is running.
      • WML gets generated on the basis of request if the devices are WAP compatible otherwise HTML gets generated where the user agent can be detected.


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    1. Question 10. What Is The Process Of Configuring The Web Server Using Mime Types To Serve Wml?Answer :
      • HTML documents are accessed by the web browser by sending the request to the web server regarding the documents.
      • MIME extension is used to deliver the messages from the web browser to server and vice versa.
      • The MIME type needs to be stored on the server to use the formats like images, sounds, word processed documents and others.
      • The association is being made using the filename and the extension through which it needs to be attached and sent over to the Web.
      • As the request is being given in HTML document in the browser the extension gets associated with the browser and it is being rendered into a browser.



    1. Question 11. What Is The Process To Integrate Odbc Database With Wml?Answer :
      •  ODBC database is not an open source technology and used in the computing platforms with WML.
      • ODBC database requires a bridge to connect it with other technologies used in the software.
      • ODBC gets implemented in the software that allows the application to be created to access the information from the third party database.
      • SQL queries are embedded with the script and the data can be accessed and written back to a formatted WML code.
      • The server that is used to access the content type uses HTTP header from which the WML gets generated.


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    1. Question 12. Write A Program To Pass Variable To Server-side Scripts?Answer :
      • The server side scripts consist of CGI scripts and ASP scripts that allow the WML to insert the information in between the tags.
      • The tags are used to input the information like person’s name, class, address, etc using the tag.
      • The name of the variable is used having the



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    1. Question 13. What Are The Events Loaded By Choosing An Action By The User?Answer :
      • User selects the OK option using the WAP enabled devices then the event “onpick” is loaded with the script of sendto.cgi.
      • The value is passed to the variable termed as sendto as the parameter used in CGI and then it uses the WML variable that starts with $.
      • The variable name gets encapsulated in the URL containing the CGI formatted name and value i.e. name=value.
      • The URL displays the URL that is being entered by the WAP user and it calls the URL that is being given in the code.
      • The use of cgi-lib libraries takes place to make it possible to fetch the value from the URL.


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    1. Question 14. What Is The Method To Obtain User Input In Wml Page?Answer :
      • WAP allows the use of WML that defines certain tags and elements that can be used to fetch the data from one object to another object.
      • The inputs are of different types depending upon the choices of the users and providing the defined types.
      • The input types can be used to provide the text field where the user can insert the alphanumeric characters to represent the data.
      • It also provides a way to select the correct option from number of options like tag is used to show the text field.



    1. Question 15. What Are The Ways Through Which It Can Be Prevent The Wml Deck From Being Read From The Cache?Answer :
      • WML deck gets downloaded on the WAP device and the code is stored in the device till the application is being shut down or the time is expired.
      • The code is stored in the WAP device and it allows the request to be sent locally from the device to the network.
      • The caching technique is available that provide a way to use the cache of the web browser and store the information.
      • Caching is time sensitive information and it changes very quickly according to the web pages or the requirements.
      • Caching can be prevented from the WML deck is by forcing the refreshment of the URL and not using the cache that is being stored previously.


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    1. Question 16. What Are The Headers Required In Url?Answer :

      There are four headers required in URL:

      • Expires: Mon, 01 Jan 1999 12:00:00 GMT: this is used to inform the WAP device about the expiry of the deck and it sets the date that was given in the past.

      The code that is being written also gets expired and removed as soon as the application gets shut down.

      • Last-Modified: 01 July 2000 12:00:00 GMT: this is used to inform about the date of the deck that was modified before.

      It can be used to replace with the valid date and the time values that is being defined using the programming environment.

      • Cache-Control: no-cache, must-revalidate: this provides an HTTP header used for the caching of the page and it is used to store the version of the HTTP header of the server.
      • Pragma: no-cache



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    1. Question 17. What Are The Ways In Which An Application Can Notify The User Regarding Specific Events?Answer :
      • Notifications are very important as it keeps the system and the user up-to-date with the information.
      • Notifications are provided on WAP gateways and it not available for use at present but it has been established and coded for the user’s use.
      • Notifications can be sent directly through the mail to the user so that they can be notified when an event is taking place.
      • Notifications can be sent on any action taken by the user that involves interaction with the user.
      • This allows the notifications to be distributed to all the users that have applied for it and interested in getting it.


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    1. Question 18. What Is The Way To Initiate A Voice Call From A Wap/wml Application?Answer :
      • WAP application uses WTAI standards to allow the voice calls that can be initiated by using WAP.
      • The application can be run from the WML deck used to store the information either directly or using the cache.

      The code will be written as:

      Dial 1234567890

      • This code provides a WML hyperlink that initiates the process of voice calls using 1-10 digits and calling internationals also became popular.
      • The support for this is being provided for national and international level of conversation and the browser supports WTAI so that it is easily accessible.



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    1. Question 19. What Is The Procedure To Create Graphics Using Wml Pages?Answer :
      • Use of bitmap creator that allows the area to, be available so that graphics can be created according to the requirements.
      • Bitmap library is not used for icons and small images so bitmap editor edits the bitmaps that are getting created using pixel grid.
      • Use, of image editing, software and Java converter converting, the images dynamically, according to the requirements.
      • The graphic can be cropped upto the size of the graphic needed and then it is made according to the WAP specification that allocates WAP device memory.
      • The dimensions are carefully checked and observed on the WAP devices with the same images being inserted for the mobile phones.


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    1. Question 20. What Are The Technical Specifications Required By Wap?Answer :

      WAP provides a standard defining the protocol suite that allows the interoperability of WAP and its software equipment.

      WAP is divided in some protocol suite and it is as follows:

      • Wireless Application Environment (WAE): is used as representation of the data in human readable form and execute it to the user side.
      • Wireless Session Protocol (WSP): this keeps the session information of the users that are interacting with each other at particular time interval.
      • Wireless Transaction Protocol (WTP): it keeps a node or copy of the transaction that happened between two parties.
      • Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS): it provides the security to the information that is getting transported to upper layer.
      • Wireless Datagram Protocol (WDP): it is used as a adaptation layer and allow the network to provide the transport to the information to upper layers.



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    1. Question 21. What Does The Fieldset Tag Do?Answer :

      When building WAP applications, you have to remember that the client device will probably have a very small screen. If you are trying to design a large form, you will want to specify which form elements are kept together on one screen. The fieldset tag groups together form elements, and the microbrowser will try to keep groups on one screen. The WML Specification provides an excellent example.


    1. Question 22. What Does The Postfield Tag Do?Answer :

      The postfield element allows you to POST a field name and value submission in a URL request, without it having been visible on the posting form. The WML Specification provides an example of postfield in use.



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    1. Question 23. What Bearer Types Are Used For Wap In Gsm?Answer :

      In GSM, WAP can be run over the Short Message Service (SMS) or via Circuit Switched Data (CSD). The latter provides much greater bandwidth.


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    1. Question 24. Is Wml Case-sensitive?Answer :

      Yes! And be careful, because WAP v1.1 uses lower-case tags.



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    1. Question 25. How Secure Is Wap?Answer :

      One of the layers of the WAP stack, known as WTLS, provides encryption and authentication for server-to-client security. This prevents fraudulent access to WAP transactions and opens the way for e-commerce- and intranet-type applications.


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    1. Question 26. Does Wap Run Over Gprs?Answer :

      Yes, it can do. GPRS is a new over-the-air service that transmits data packets to hand-held devices. It will allow much faster WAP transmission than currently available over SMS or CSD when using GSM.



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    1. Question 27. Can I Use Java Servlets To Produce Wml Pages?Answer :

      Yes. You can create WML in exactly the same way that you create HTML. If you have written your servlets to produce WML,

      just remember to set the MIME type correctly:



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    1. Question 28. Do I Need A Wap Gateway?Answer :

      No. Not necessarily. If you want to serve up simple WAP content, you can use an existing web server (and just change the MIME types). A mobile will connect to your server through a WAP gateway located in their mobile operator’s network.

      However, there are some advantages to hosting your applications on a WAP gateway – since it is part of the mobile network. You can have access to information like the mobile’s number, identity, and possibly location.


    1. Question 29. Can I Use Cookies With Wap?Answer :

      In theory, yes. However, not all WAP handsets will support them. Another approach to session management is to use hidden form fields containing session identifiers (either in the header using the ‘POST’ method or in the URL using the ‘GET’ method.)


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    1. Question 30. Wsp To Http Witch Part Will Convert In Wap?Answer :

      Actually there is a getway called wap getway works like a converter. it converts wsp request coming from ME to http to access the internet.


    1. Question 31. What Are The Signals Transferred In Gprs?Answer :

      GPRS is 2.5 generation of GSM. Radio interface is same as GSM. so i think it also uses the same frequency band and moulation. i.e 900/1800Mhz,GMSK modulation.


    1. Question 32. What Is Wap (wireless Application Protocol)?Answer :

      Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) is a protocol for transmitting data between servers and clients (usually small wireless devices like mobile phones). WAP is analogous to HTTP in the World Wide Web. Many mobile phones include WAP browser software to allow users access to Internet WAP sites.


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