Virtual Iron Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Kind Of Virtualization That Is Being Supported By Virtual Iron?

    Answer :

    Virtual iron supports full virtualization that requires hardware virtualization. It allow the users to add guest operating system unmodified and have better hardware performances. Virtual Iron focuses on increasing the performance and flexibility of the hardware to provide the resources to the user at large amount and allow user to modify and customize according to his requirements.

  2. Question 2. What Is The Difference Between Para-virtualization And Native Virtualization?

    Answer :

    • virtualization requires the guest operating system to run on a host operating system, it allows higher performance and efficiency, whereas native virtualization allow the user to fully virtualize the system by running an operating system that acts as a virtualized platform on which applications can run. 
    • Para-virtualization give partial virtualization to the application and hardware, like vmware, virtual box, etc. whereas native virtualization allow the hardware to be virtualized and the application can directly run on that hardware.
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  4. Question 3. What Are The Capabilities That Are Provided By Virtual Iron?

    Answer :

    Virtual Iron provides dynamic server virtualization with virtual machine management capabilities. It allows easy to use features for the users. The enterprise edition includes the VI-Center that gives centralized management services that can be used on each host to provide it to many virtual machines. Virtual iron supports both windows and Linux operating system to give the user wide range of operating system to choose from.

  5. Question 4. What Are The Features That Are Included By Vi-center?

    Answer :

    VI-center is a new addition in enterprise edition of Virtual Iron. It includes easy to use features like management tools to provide the user to manage the virtual machines, create it and removes it according to user’s requirements. It provides automating and dynamic features. It gives dynamic performance, capacity, power, and resource management tools to let the user configure the settings for his tasks.

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  7. Question 5. What Are The Services That Are Provided By Virtual Iron?

    Answer :

    The services that are provided by Virtual Iron include: 

    • Full stack management: is provided for virtual and physical servers that gives dynamic virtualization facilities to the users
    • Simplification in terms of deployment and installation. It allows more simplification to configuration for physical servers. 
    • Highly available platform to host different operating system and provide different applications to run on the system. 
    • Dynamic virtualization management software that allows user to manage the virtualization software according to their requirements. It includes performance increment, power, optimization, etc.
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  9. Question 6. What Does Strategic Addition Of Virtual Iron Consist Of?

    Answer :

    Virtual Iron consists of quick and seamless technologies provided by Oracle. It delivers the products that are unique in features. It provides functionalities like deploy manage and support for many virtual machines environment. It allows the user to use the services that are easy to use with step to step guide and allow full virtualization to be done to communicate between different operating systems.

  10. Question 7. What Are The Issues That Are Related To Management In Virtual Iron?

    Answer :

    There are several deployment management issues that are related to Virtual Iron like:

    • Server consolidation: is an issue as it doesn’t allow high level of consolidation to be done with the virtualization platform. 
    • Server load balancing: is an issue as it allows only few load on the server be balanced and doesn’t allow the hardware to be allocated to many resources.
    • Dynamic capacity management: it is an issue as it allows only low level of dynamic capacity management and doesn’t allow the scaling to be possible.
    • Disaster recovery: it performs low level of disaster recovery and most of the time the whole system has to be recovered by this way.
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  12. Question 8. What Are The Facilities Provided By Virtual Iron?

    Answer :

    Virtual Iron a virtualization platform provides lots of facilities like configuration of physical server in an easy way without the need of much workforce. Converting a physical server into multiple virtual servers and dividing the load of one server to many other servers. Provide scalability on demand and scale the capacity according to the user’s demand. Reduce the cost of installing additional servers.

  13. Question 9. What Does Management Solution Of Virtual Iron Offers?

    Answer :

    Management solution of Virtual Iron offers large virtual computer power with a virtualization platform that supports 32 concurrently running servers. It provides the management solutions to manage workloads for physical servers that are running and providing the resources to the user in real time situations. It also provide on demand resources like hardware resources or software applications to the user.

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  15. Question 10. What Are The Resources That Virtual Iron Can Virtualize?

    Answer :

    Virtual iron can virtualize data center resources like CPU, memory, storage, etc. to develop an infrastructure that is virtual to the outside world. This infrastructure is being accessed by the web based console that can easily be deployed, used and managed by the user. It also virtualizes the platform to run more than one operating system and sets up the communication between them. It manages the load balancing and offline server maintenance without downtime.

  16. Question 11. Why Did Oracle Select Virtual Iron?

    Answer :

    Virtual Iron products offer advanced virtualization management capabilities and are complementary to Oracle software. Virtual Iron products are proven with customers spanning industries such as government, health sciences, financial services, manufacturing, communications and IT software and services. Virtual Iron’s Server technology is based on Linux and the Xen open source software which is also leveraged by Oracle VM. Virtual Iron’s technology for rapidly provisioning servers enables faster provisioning of new application instances, and its dynamic resource management provides for more efficient capacity utilization without a reduction in service levels.

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  18. Question 12. How Will The Acquisition Of Virtual Iron Accelerate Oracle’s Strategy To Become The Leading Server Virtualization Management Provider For The Enterprise?

    Answer :

    The acquisition of Virtual Iron supports Oracle’s strategy to provide complete and open Grid solutions that include both clustering and virtualization management solutions and seamless enterprise management across the virtual and physical enterprise. Oracle expects to be the only provider of comprehensive Grid infrastructure with top-down management capability combined with advanced virtualization capabilities.

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  20. Question 13. What Capabilities Do The Virtual Iron Products Provide?

    Answer :

    Virtual Iron’s products are known for their advanced dynamic server virtualization management capabilities, and for their ease of use. Their main product, the Virtual Iron Extended Enterprise Edition includes VI-Center which provides a centralized management server and user console to manage large groups of virtualization servers that can each host many virtual machines. Virtual Iron’s virtualization server is based on Linux and Xen open source software. The VI-Center includes an extensive feature set focused on automating and dynamically performing capacity, power, and resource management as well as streamlining configuration tasks that are normally highly manual and time-intensive. Virtual Iron’s virtual machines support both Linux and Windows guest operating systems.

  21. Question 14. How Will The Virtual Iron Products Fit Into Oracle’s Overall Virtualization Management Strategy?

    Answer :

    The combination of Oracle and Virtual Iron products supports Oracle’s strategy to provide complete, full stack management across the virtual and physical enterprise and is expected to provide customers with comprehensive and dynamic virtualization management. The combined suite of products is expected to simplify the deployment and configuration of physical servers, virtual machines, and applications while providing a highly available platform for hosting Oracle software and other enterprise applications. In addition, dynamic virtualization management software will help maintain virtual machine performance, improve data center utilization, and optimize power consumption. Virtual Iron combined with Oracle VM and Enterprise Manager, is expected to provide a functionally rich virtualization management product suite that can efficiently manage the entire software stack across virtual and physical environments to make applications easier to deploy, manage, and support.

  22. Question 15. How Will The Acquisition Of Virtual Iron Impact The Development Of Oracle Vm?

    Answer :

    Oracle intends to continue to support and develop Oracle VM software.

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  24. Question 16. How Is This Acquisition Expected To Impact Ongoing Development Of Virtual Iron’s Products?

    Answer :

    Oracle plans to fully integrate Virtual Iron technology into Oracle VM products, and any enhancements will be delivered as a part of the combined solution.

  25. Question 17. How Is This Expected To Impact Oracle Enterprise Manager’s Product Roadmap?

    Answer :

    Oracle intends to continue to support and develop the Oracle VM management capabilities within Enterprise Manager.

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  27. Question 18. How Complementary Are Virtual Iron’s Products With Oracle’s Products?

    Answer :

    Virtual Iron products are complementary to Oracle’s. Virtual Iron’s server technology is based on Linux and Xen open source software, which is also leveraged by Oracle VM. Further, Virtual Iron’s dynamic resource and capacity management technology complement the extensive core features already available with Oracle VM to make enterprise software easier to deploy, manage, and support.

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  29. Question 19. How Does Oracle Plan To Maintain Virtual Iron’s Expertise After The Closing?

    Answer :

    Since employees from Virtual Iron have deep domain expertise in operating systems and virtualization development and support employees are expected to continue with Oracle.

  30. Question 20. How Is The Proposed Transaction Between Oracle And Virtual Iron Expected To Benefit Virtual Iron Customers?

    Answer :

    Virtual Iron customers are expected to benefit from the combination of Virtual Iron’s technology with Oracle’s products. This combination is expected to provide a more complete virtualization management capability than is available today and from improved service and support through the breadth and scale of Oracle’s service and customer support organizations. Further, the scale of the combined business is expected to accelerate innovation for customers via Oracle’s $3 billion R&D investments.

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  32. Question 21. How Will Customers’ Investments In Virtual Iron Solutions Be Protected By Oracle?

    Answer :

    Oracle plans to fully integrate Virtual Iron technology into Oracle VM technology.

  33. Question 22. How Is The Proposed Transaction Expected To Benefit Partners?

    Answer :

    System integrators will be able to provide customers with a single technology partner to address their needs for virtualization and enterprise management. Partners are expected to have the opportunity to access Oracle’s worldwide resources and partner ecosystem providing access to resources, information, support and education from one global partner.

  34. Question 23. How Will Oracle Continue To Support And Broaden Relationships With Virtual Iron Partners?

    Answer :

    Partners are essential to Oracle’s economic and growth strategy. In addition to the expected increased product support and investment, Virtual Iron partners are expected to benefit from Oracle PartnerNetwork, our world-class, global partner program, which provides access to a broader portfolio of solutions, comprehensive resources to support partner business and opportunities for growth with Oracle.

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