Video Editing Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Vfx Stand For ?

    Answer :

    Visual Effects

  2. Question 2. The Ntsc Timecode Format In Which 2 Frame Counts Are Skipped Per Minute Is Called:

    Answer :

    Drop Frame Timecode

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  4. Question 3. What Is Drop Frame Timecode?

    Answer :

    The NTSC timecode format in which 2 frame counts are skipped per minute is called Drop Frame Timecode.

  5. Question 4. Which Codec Is Optimized For Playback Across The Internet?

    Answer :


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  7. Question 5. This Best Describes What Happens When You Drag A New Media Item From The Finder Or Explorer Into The Program?

    Answer :

    A clip is created in a bin that references the raw media file, which remains in its original location

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  9. Question 6. Which Editing Tip Is Both Real And Important?

    Answer :

    Make sure music levels are brought down properly so your audience can hear voice-overs and interview audio.

  10. Question 7. What Is The Name Of The Property To Increase Or Decrease The Footage Size ?

    Answer :


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  12. Question 8. What Are The Shortcut Keys For Undo ?

    Answer :

    Ctrl + Z

  13. Question 9. If A Clip In Your Sequence Has “gone Offline,” How Might You Correct It?

    Answer :

    Point the program at the source media using Relink or Reconnect

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  15. Question 10. What Is An In Point?

    Answer :

    A marker indicating where an edit will begin

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  17. Question 11. What Is The Standard Frame Rate For Ntsc Television?

    Answer :

    29.97 frames per second

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  19. Question 12. What Is A Video Mixdown?

    Answer :

    Merge all video tracks into one track

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  21. Question 13. What Is The Shortest Transition In Editing?

    Answer :


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  23. Question 14. A Visual Effect Dividing The Frame Into Two Or More Images Is Known As

    Answer :

    Split Screen

  24. Question 15. What Is An Out Point?

    Answer :

    A maker indicating where an edit will end

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  26. Question 16. What Happens When You Delete A Clip From A Bin?

    Answer :

    The clip is removed from the project but the source media remains on the server.

  27. Question 17. Which Digital Container Formats Is An Exclusive Audio Container?

    Answer :


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  29. Question 18. What Is An L-cut?

    Answer :

    An edit where the audio of the next shot begins before we can actually see the next shot.

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  31. Question 19. When The Sequence Playhead Moves Across Multiple Tracks Of Overlaping Audio, What Is Played?

    Answer :

    All tracks of audio are played simultaneously

  32. Question 20. How Many Frames Does Ntsc Drop Frame Timecode Omit In Each 10 Minute Interval?

    Answer :

    18 frames

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  34. Question 21. The Visual Representation Of An Audio File Is Called

    Answer :


  35. Question 22. The Dimensions In Pixels Of A 16:9 1080p High Definition Frame Are…

    Answer :

    1920 x 1080 pixels

  36. Question 23. The Vertical Green, Yellow, And Red Meters With -db Markings Measure

    Answer :

    Audio levels

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  38. Question 24. You Have Two 5-second Video Clips Back To Back In Your Timeline On V1. You Move The Second Clip Up To V2 And Earlier By 5 Seconds And Reduce Its Opacity To 50%. What Will Change When You Play Back?

    Answer :

    The two clips will be dissolved together

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  40. Question 25. What Is Title Safe?

    Answer :

    A guideline boundary within which all text-based graphics should be placed

  41. Question 26. In Hd Resolution, ________ Is To 720 As 1920 Is To 1080.

    Answer :


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  43. Question 27. What Is An Alpha Channel?

    Answer :

    A mask layer for graphics indicating which portions are transparent

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  45. Question 28. Which Image Would Likely Cause The Most Video Distortion?

    Answer :

    A graphic containing black text on a 100% intensity white background

  46. Question 29. A Setting Which Allows You To Easily Align A Clip In The Timeline To Other Clips, Markers, Or The Playhead Is Known As?

    Answer :


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  48. Question 30. What Is A Jump Cut?

    Answer :

    An edit where the frames of the preceding and proceeding footage are so similar that it produces a jarring transition.

  49. Question 31. What Is Avchd Also Known As?

    Answer :

    MPEG-4 Part 10

  50. Question 32. Is It True That The Editing Platform Affects The Footage Quality ? For Example : Capturing Or Importing Footage To “avid Media Composer” Will Keep The Quality High More Than Using “final Cut Pro”?

    Answer :


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  52. Question 33. What Is The Frame Rate For Ntsc?

    Answer :

    29.97 fps

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  54. Question 34. Which Is Motion Graphics Software?

    Answer :

    After Effects

  55. Question 35. Which Makes Use Of The 3:2 Pulldown Process?

    Answer :

    Converting film footage to an NTSC television frame rate

  56. Question 36. You Have Two 5-second Video Clips Back To Back In Your Timeline On V1. You Move Both Clips Straight Up One Track To V2. What Will Change When You Play Back?

    Answer :

    Nothing; the clips will play exactly as they did before

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  58. Question 37. What Is A Flash Frame?

    Answer :

    A 1- or 2-frame video clip in a sequence, usually unintentional

  59. Question 38. Most Digital Nonlinear Systems Organize Source Clips Into What?

    Answer :


  60. Question 39. Two Subjects Sit Across The Table From Each Other. If The Editor Cuts From A Profile Of One Subject Facing To The Right Of The Screen To A Profile Of The Second Subject Also Facing To The Right Of The Screen The Editor Has?

    Answer :

    broken the 180 rule.

  61. Question 40. The Process Of Converting Digital Media Into The Program’s Preferred Codec Is Known As

    Answer :


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  63. Question 41. What Is Scrubbing?

    Answer :

    Monitoring audio while moving the playhead across a sequence

  64. Question 42. In Video Compression, What Does Vbr Stand For?

    Answer :

    Variable Bit Rate

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  66. Question 43. What Is The Lower Third?

    Answer :

    A superimposed name or label on the bottom portion of the screen

  67. Question 44. Video Scan Rates Utilizing Two Alternating Fields Per Single Frame Are Known As _______________ Scan.

    Answer :


  68. Question 45. All Modern Digital Editing Software Are Based On Which Basic Workflow?

    Answer :

    Nonlinear editing

  69. Question 46. Modifying Colors Of An Existing Color Balanced Clip With The Intention To Enhance Artistic Appearance Of Clip Or To Give Specific Feel To Clip Based On Theme, Plot And Event Of Clip Is Called?

    Answer :

    color grading

  70. Question 47. You Have Two 5-second Clips On The Same Video Track On Your Timeline With 3 Seconds In Between Them And Perform A Ripple Delete Between Them. What Will Happen?

    Answer :

    The two clips will play back to back now.

  71. Question 48. What Is The Frame Rate For Pal?

    Answer :


  72. Question 49. Which Is Not A Type Of Edit?

    Answer :

    Advance Edit

  73. Question 50. What Is The Frame Size Of Pal Dv?

    Answer :


  74. Question 51. What Is Rolling?

    Answer :

    Moving the cut point between two adjacent clips in the timeline so as to make one longer and the other shorter

  75. Question 52. Which Is The Correct Chroma Subsampling Value Of Apple Prores 4444?

    Answer :


  76. Question 53. What Is A Good Method Of Smoothing A Jarring Audio Edit?

    Answer :

    A short audio dissolve

  77. Question 54. What Does Pal Stand For?

    Answer :

    Phase Alternating Line

  78. Question 55. You Are Making A Timelapse Video From 250 Still Images And You Must Use One Image For Each Frame Of The Video. What Is The Final Duration Of The Video If You Have To Export It In Progressive Pal Systems?

    Answer :

    10 seconds