VersionOne Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Organizations Are Already Using Versionone?

    Answer :

    VersionOne has been selected and successfully deployed by over 50,000 teams in over 170 countries around the world, and more than 35 Fortune 100 companies using agile software development and scrum development practices. Our customers include many of the leading technology organizations in the world. View a sample list of VersionOne customers.

  2. Question 2. What Do Versionone’s Agile Life Cycle Management Solutions Provide?

    Answer :

    VersionOne helps development teams consistently deliver software faster by simplifying and streamlining agile planning and tracking processes. Built specifically for agile, including Scrum, XP, AgileUP, DSDM and other hybrid agile methodologies, VersionOne provides the most feature-rich, easy-to-use agile project management tools available.

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  4. Question 3. Why Choose Versionone?

    Answer :

    Agile teams around the world select VersionOne to help their organizations scale agile faster, easier, and smarter

  5. Question 4. What Is The Difference Between Versionone Team, Catalyst, Enterprise And Ultimate Editions?

    Answer :

    VersionOne provides a range of editions to meet the need of teams and organizations as they progress through different stages in their agile adoption:

    • Team Edition is the perfect way to get started with agile, providing a simple spreadsheet and whiteboard style user interface for single teams working on a single project.
    • Catalyst Edition is ideal for teams ramping up their adoption of agile. An all-in-one agile management tool, Catalyst automates planning, tracking and reporting, and improves visibility across projects.
    • Enterprise Edition is the perfect solution for multi-team, multi-project agile organizations. It supports the entire range of product planning, tracking, collaboration and reporting activities that help teams scale their agile initiatives.
    • Ultimate Edition provides all of the functionality of the Enterprise Edition plus agile portfolio management, product road mapping, regression test management, customer idea management and custom reporting and analytics.
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  7. Question 5. What Is Versionone Team Edition?

    Answer :

    VersionOne Team Edition combines VersionOne’s industry-leading agile project management expertise with the needs of smaller teams that are new to agile. Team Edition offers key planning, tracking, collaboration and reporting features.

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  9. Question 6. We Are Currently Using Spreadsheets, Index Cards, And Whiteboards To Plan And Manage Projects. How Can We Use Versionone Team Edition To Supplement Them?

    Answer :

    Though these tools can help teams get started with agile, they are not easily scalable, especially when trying to share your data with remote team members. VersionOne Team Edition is ideal for small teams that are new to agile and focuses on team collaboration, continuous planning and iterative delivery. Team Edition’s intuitive user interface and straightforward workflow make it easy for your team to get started quickly and share status, ask questions, and gain context.

  10. Question 7. What Is Versionone Catalyst Edition?

    Answer :

    VersionOne Catalyst Edition a light-weight, all-in-one agile management tool for teams ramping up their adoption of agile. Easy to get started with, Catalyst automates planning, tracking and reporting, and improves visibility across projects.

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  12. Question 8. What Is Versionone Enterprise Edition?

    Answer :

    VersionOne Enterprise Edition covers the full life cycle of agile methodologies from the first idea entered into the product backlog to the project’s final completion and delivery. Enterprise Edition facilitates all phases of planning, scheduling, collaborating, tracking and reporting for projects, releases, iterations, epics, stories, defects, tasks, tests, teams and team members.

  13. Question 9. Our Organization Has Many Projects. Will Versionone Enterprise Edition Allow Us To Capture All Our Projects On A Single Versionone Server?

    Answer :

    Yes, Enterprise Edition offers a fully customizable project hierarchy that can manage multiple projects and relationships, including projects, releases, departments, organizations, geos, clients, customers, partners and vendors.

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  15. Question 10. Does Versionone Enterprise Edition Provide Metrics To Help Forecast Release Completion?

    Answer :

    Yes, Enterprise Edition offers intelligent release forecasting that calculates the number of iterations required to complete a release and allows for “what-if” scenario planning.

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  17. Question 11. Why Would I Choose Versionone Enterprise Edition On-demand?

    Answer :

    The on-demand Enterprise Edition is multi-instance, meaning you do not share your database with any other customers, your application process is completely isolated and your database is backed up independently. This makes our application very ‘portable’, as all data and configuration is contained within the database so you can easily move it from on-site to on-demand or vice-versa or from one server to another.

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  19. Question 12. How Do I Access My Versionone Subscription?

    Answer :

    All VersionOne product editions are available as an on-demand (hosted) service. For Enterprise and Ultimate editions an on-site (local deployment) option is also available. If you choose the on-demand option, you will receive an email with the URL to access your account, your username and temporary password. There is no additional hardware or software to buy, install, or maintain.If you choose the on-site deployment option for either Enterprise or Ultimate Editions,

    you will need to do the following:

    • Verify the server meets the minimum system requirements
    • Install VersionOne
    • Verify the installation
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  21. Question 13. What Involvement Is Required From My Company’s It Department?

    Answer :

    VersionOne applications require little to no IT support depending on how you choose to deploy the tool. VersionOne’s on-demand deployments are accessed via a standard web browser and do not require IT involvement to implement or maintain your account. On-site deployments take less than 5 minutes to set up, and applying updates takes about the same amount of time. A DBA should be capable of minimal database maintenance and scheduling daily backups.

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  23. Question 14. What Are My Support And Maintenance Options?

    Answer :

    Each year VersionOne releases multiple major upgrades and minor point releases. These are included for all hosting options and editions. Click here to learn how to contact our Support Team.

  24. Question 15. Is There A Step-by-step Guide For Installing Versionone?

    Answer :

    Yes, the installation guide is included with the download file when you first receive VersionOne to install locally. The VersionOne Community Site also has links to training resources, product tours, quick start checklists and many other support tools. Click here to access the Getting Started Guides.

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  26. Question 16. What Organizational Configurations Does Versionone Support? For Example, Can I Have Multiple Teams Working Against A Single Product Backlog?

    Answer :

    VersionOne applications support all agile organizational configurations and delivers standard as well as customized reporting capabilities. Specifically, VersionOne Enterprise and Ultimate Editions support cross-project teams that can be set up to segment workload on large projects and provides the ability to track each team’s progress separately or collectively.

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  28. Question 17. How Do I Receive Upgrades To My Versionone Application?

    Answer :

    We will notify you by email of any upgrades to your VersionOne account. If you are using the on-demand version, you will automatically access new features and enhancements when you login to your account. If you are using the on-site version, you will be notified to download the latest updates from the VersionOne Community Site.

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  30. Question 18. How Can I Request New Features?

    Answer :

    If you have an idea for a new feature or enhancement that you would like to see included in our products and services, please add it to IdeaSpace. IdeaSpace is VersionOne’s open communication forum where you can share your ideas with VersionOne and other customers, provide input about VersionOne’s products and services and let us know what new features you think are most important.

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  32. Question 19. How Scalable Is Versionone?

    Answer :

    VersionOne is very scalable. We help customers easily scale VersionOne across as many projects, teams and locations as they need. From starting out with a single project to extending agile across an entire organization, VersionOne has the right-sized product edition to fit the needs of companies of any size. As customers ramp up agile adoption, our automated upgrade path saves the hassle of learning a new platform.Whether you€ are implementing the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe„¢) or another emerging framework, VersionOne makes your enterprise agile initiative easier.
    Portfolio managers and program managers have visibility into strategic planning, tracking and reporting – while development teams can collaborate and work within a simple, lightweight environment.Enterprise and Ultimate Editions provide out-of-the-box agile workflows that scale within and across large, multi-team as well as multi-phased projects. Enterprise and Ultimate Editions support a fully customizable project hierarchy, cross-project teams, intelligent release forecasting, customizable dashboards and more than 50 built-in reports.

  33. Question 20. I Want To Integrate Versionone With My Existing Software Development Tools. Is That Possible?

    Answer :

    Yes, VersionOne€s open integration platform lets you easily integrate with your existing software development tools. More than 70 integration connectors are available for leading for leading IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse), defect trackers (JIRA, Bugzilla, ClearQuest), source code (Subversion, GIT, Perforce), test (Quality Center, TestComplete) and continuous integration (VSTS, Hudson, Jenkins) tools.

  34. Question 21. What Is The Versionone Architecture?

    Answer :

    VersionOne uses a classic web-based, multi-tiered architecture: client browser displaying rich web 2.0 content, served by the application from a web server, persisting all data in a SQL Server database on a database server. This allows the application to be deployed with the web and database servers on the same machine or distributed for scalability/security reasons.

  35. Question 22. Can I Use My Own Database System With Versionone?

    Answer :

    VersionOne applications require Microsoft SQL Server only, but the server does not need to be dedicated. MS does have a free version, named SQL Server Express.

  36. Question 23. What Happens If The Versionone Servers Go Down?

    Answer :

    The application cannot be accessed during scheduled and non-scheduled downtimes, but no data will be lost or compromised. All actions are transacted, so any that are interrupted mid-transaction will roll back, preserving data integrity.

  37. Question 24. Do You Use Agile Methodologies At Versionone?

    Answer :

    VersionOne uses agile methodologies in development of our products and across the company. Our teams use VersionOne planning and tracking tools internally to consistently deliver working software quicker, easier and with higher quality.

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  39. Question 25. Can You Tell Me If It Is Possible To Connect To The Versionone Sql Database Using Tableau?

    Answer :

    We do not support external tools directly accessing the database. This applies to any 3rd party utility or tool. We do have a VersionOne API (See link below) that can be used to query the data.

  40. Question 26. Is There A Way To View What User Is Logged In And Using Versionone On A Daily Basis As Opposed To A User That Has An Active Account But Is Not Doing Anything?

    Answer :

    We currently do not support that level of user reporting. It’s an oft-requested enhancement request but right now the parts are not in place to actually track when a person logs in or off. You can add the Last Access Date column to the Members pages and then sort by last access to see when someone last logged in. The’s the only option we have at this point.