Tennis Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Who Is Credited With Patenting Modern Lawn Tennis As We Know It?

    Answer :

    Major Walter Clopton Wingfield patented his game of lawn tennis, or sphairistikè as he called it, in 1874 in Wales. He excelled at marketing his game by sending a boxed set complete with the rules, a net, poles, balls, and rackets across the world. Over 1000 sets went out the first year. Remember this was in the 1870s!

  2. Question 2. What Two Players Met In Three Consecutive Wimbledon Finals From 1988 Through 1990?

    Answer :

    Both Boris Becker and Stefan Edberg were known for their booming serves and great volleys at the net.

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  4. Question 3. In Which Round Was Rafael Nadal Eliminated From Wimbledon 2012?

    Answer :

    He fell in an epic 5-setter to underdog Lukas Rosol.

  5. Question 4. Who Did Novak Djokovic Defeat In The 2013 Australian Open Semi-finals?

    Answer :

    Djokovic went on to win the title, defeating Andy Murray in the final. Rafael Nadal was still recovering from injury in January 2013 so could not compete in Melbourne.

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  7. Question 5. Which Tennis Player Is Made-up, He Doesn’t Exist?

    Answer :

    Viktor Troicki is from Serbia, Stanislas Wawrinka from Switzerland Gilles Simon from France.

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  9. Question 6. The Favorites For The 2010 Australian Open, Beginning In January At The Very Start Of The Season, Were Not The Usual Suspects. The Big Names Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, And Roger Federer Had Suffered Surprising Defeats At The End Of 2009 And The Beginning Of 2010 To Lower-ranked Players. However, Federer Defended His No. 1 World Ranking By Topping Which Top 10 Player In The Final In Melbourne?

    Answer :

    The draw in Australia was an exciting revelation, because Andy Murray’s place at fourth in the rankings was overtaken by the Argentine US Open Champion, Juan Martin Del Potro. That meant that Murray would draw one of the top four seeds in the quarterfinals, and as luck would have it, the Scot was scheduled against Rafael Nadal. The eagerly-anticipated match was actually unremarkable, because Nadal was still hampered by a knee injury and retired down two sets and a break.

    The other quarterfinal matchups were up-and-coming Croat Marin Cilic defeating Andy Roddick, Federer’s victory over Nikolay Davydenko, and a surprising defeat for a sick Djokovic at the hands of Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Federer beat Tsonga and Murray beat Cilic to reach the final, a repeat of the 2008 US Open. The result was the same. Murray’s nerves were instantly apparent, and Federer won a handy 6-3, 6-4, and 7-6. On the women’s side, Serena Williams took an exciting final against Justine Henin, on the Belgian’s return appearance at a Grand Slam after a long hiatus.

  10. Question 7. How Many Serves Is A Player Allowed Per Game?

    Answer :

    With deuce, ad in, and ad out, there’s no limit to how long a game might go on, or how many servers will be involved. Some service games can go quite long.

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  12. Question 8. Basically, A Tennis Racket Is Made Up Of Three Main Components, The Grip, Shaft, And Head. The Strings Or Guts Of The Racket Are Made Of Either Natural Or Synthetic Materials. What Animals’ Intestines Are Used To Make Natural Guts?

    Answer :

    Cow and sheep intestines contain a type of chemical substance known as collagen, which has good elasticity property. On the other hand, synthetic guts are made of artificial materials, such as nylon, Kevlar, and polyester.

  13. Question 9. Why Didn’t Ana Ivanovo Participate In Beijing Olympics 2008?

    Answer :

    Ana Ivanovo had a thumb injury at that time, so she had to retire from the tournament.

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  15. Question 10. When Did The “open Era” Of Tennis Begin?

    Answer :

    The longstanding rules of amateurs not being allowed to play in the major tournaments were abandoned in 1968. It allowed both professionals and amateurs to play. The first Grand Slam to go open was the French Open (Roland Garros).

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  17. Question 11. What Is The Object You Use To Hit The Ball?

    Answer :

    Racquets come in many different colours and sizes depending on your skill level. For example, a 26 inch racquet is for beginners. A bat is often used for sports like cricket. Clubs are used for sports like golf. The hand is often used for sports like European handball.

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  19. Question 12. Which Of The Following Constitutes The Point Accumulation In A Tennis Match?

    Answer :

    When players win a specified number of points, they win that game. Usually, when they win at least six games total, they win that set. Win 2 out of 3 sets and you win the match. Some matches are best out of 5 sets in order to win.

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  21. Question 13. Which Of These Professional Tennis Players Is From The United States?

    Answer :

    Federer is Swiss, Nalbandian an Argentinean, and Henman is from Great Britain.

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  23. Question 14. Who Is The Only Member Of The British Royal Family Ever To Have Competed In A First-class Tennis Tournament When He Entered The Men’s Doubles Event At Wimbledon In 1926?

    Answer :

    As Duke of York, Prince Albert (later King George VI) was a keen tennis player and entered Wimbledon with his RAF tennis doubles partner, Wing Commander Louis Greig. Being Wimbledons Jubilee year, this was a high profile event and both King George V and Queen Mary were present on the opening day to witness their son’s defeat at the hands of two veteran English players with a combined age of 110 years.

  24. Question 15. After Serena Williams Had Won The Women’s Singles At Australian Open In 2003, She Had Completed What People Call The Serena ______.

    Answer :

    The Serena Slam consists of having the name Serena, and winning four Grand Slams in a row.

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  26. Question 16. In The Australian Open 2003, How Many Australian Men Players Made It To The Quarter-finals?

    Answer :

    No Australian players made it. Lleyton Hewitt made it to the 4th round losing to Younes El Aynaoui, 6-7, 7-6, 7-6, and 6-4.

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  28. Question 17. Who Won The Tennis Masters Cup In 2001?

    Answer :

    Lleyton Hewitt won the Tennis Masters Cup 2001 in Sydney and ended the season as the world no. 1 player.

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  30. Question 18. Who Is The First Person To Win Wimbledon With An Invitation?

    Answer :

    Goran Ivanisevic is the first person in the history of tennis to win a Grand Slam tournament with an invitation.

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  32. Question 19. How Many Serves Is A Player Allowed In A Game?

    Answer :

    With deuce, ad in, and ad out, there’s no telling how long a game might go on or how many servers will be involved.

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  34. Question 20. In 2001, Juan Carlos Ferrero Mainly Played Doubles With One Partner. Who Was This Player?

    Answer :

    This young Spaniard (as he then was) had won the doubles title at the Junior Roland Garros Championships and was a runner up there in the singles.

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  36. Question 21. Who Is The Only Tennis Player To Have Won The U.s. Open On Three Different Surfaces (grass, Clay, Hard Court)?

    Answer :

    Five of Jimmy Connors’ eight Grand Slam titles came at the U.S. Open.

  37. Question 22. What Is It Called If The Server Has His Foot Over The Baseline?

    Answer :

    There is really no doubt about this one, once you hear it shouted at Wimbledon so many times!

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  39. Question 23. What Country Did The Maleeva Sisters Play For?

    Answer :

    All three sisters had successful careers playing for Bulgaria.

  40. Question 24. Who Won The 1995 French Open?

    Answer :

    Muster won in 95 … Bruguera in 93 and 94 … Kafelnikov in 96 … Courier in 91 and 92.

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  42. Question 25. Who Won The Women’s Singles Title At Wimbledon In 1990?

    Answer :

    Martina Navratilova.

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  44. Question 26. What Is The Score If The Server Has Scored 2 Points And The Receiver Has Scored 3 Points?

    Answer :

    1 point = 15, 2 points = 30, 3 points = 40, 4 points = Game.

  45. Question 27. Who Won The Ladies 2000 Wimbledon Crown?

    Answer :

    The 2000 Wimbledon crown is Venus’ first Grand Slam title. She beat Lindsay Davenport in the final 6-3 7-6.

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  47. Question 28. What Is The World’s Oldest Tennis Tournament?

    Answer :

    Wimbledon was the first tennis tournament and was held at The All England Croquet and Lawn Tennis Club in the district of Wimbledon in London, England. In 1877, with a field of 22, the only event was for men’s singles. The winner was Spencer Gore. He defeated William Marshall.

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  49. Question 29. What Male Tennis Player Made Eight U.s. Open Finals In A Row?

    Answer :

    If you answered Bill Tilden you aren’t far wrong. Big Bill Tilden did make eight finals in a row, but it wasn’t the U.S. Open then. Back in Tilden’s day’s tennis was not open, and the event was called the U.S. National Championships.

  50. Question 30. Who Beat Roger Federer At The Us Open?

    Answer :

    Berdych defeated Federer in the quarter-finals and it was his earliest US Open defeat since 2003. Nadal withdrew from the tournament that year. Murray won the tournament.

  51. Question 31. How Many Grand Slam Matches Did Roger Federer Win In 2013?

    Answer :

    Federer won 5 matches at the Australian Open, 4 at Roland Garros, 1 at Wimbledon and 3 at the US Open.

  52. Question 32. Which Of These Women’s Tennis Players Won The 2011 French Open?

    Answer :

    After winning the French Open Li Na moved to number 4, but lost that spot shortly afterwards. She was also runner up in the Australian Open.

  53. Question 33. Davis Cup In 2010 Began With Some Interesting Opening-round Matches At The Beginning Of March. Which Of These Tennis Powerhouse Countries Won Its First Match In The International Competition?

    Answer :

    Davis Cup has sadly been neglected in recent years by many of the top players, who often use the weeks off to rest for upcoming events. 2010 was no different. The first-round matchups were scintillating. Spain under Nadal was set against Federer’s Switzerland, the United States was drawn against a Djokovic-led Serbia, and Argentina’s deep squad faced off against Sweden. Unfortunately, Nadal and Federer were both hurt, making the match a struggle between Swiss Stanislas Wawrinka and Spain’s David Ferrer and Nicolas Almagro. Roddick decided not to play Davis Cup in 2010, a major factor in the American’s defeat to Serbia 3-2. With Del Potro hurt, Argentina’s victory over Sweden was owed to the momentous return of David Nalbandian. Croatia swept Ecuador, Israel faltered to Chile, the Czech Republic beat Belgium, France beat Germany, and Russia squeaked out a win over India.

    The quarterfinals were later in the year and also were surprising. Defending champions Spain were without Nadal, but their loss 5-0 to France was shocking. Argentina beat Russia, with Nalbandian’s heroics. Serbia won a culturally-controversial match over Croatia, and the Czech Republic eliminated Chile.

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  55. Question 34. What Is It Called When The Ball Touches The Net During A Serve?

    Answer :

    There is no limit to the number of times you can serve a let, although it can be nail-biting for the server.

  56. Question 35. There Are Two Types Of Tennis Balls, Namely Pressurized And Non-pressurized. Pressurized Tennis Balls Have Hollow Cores That Are Filled With What Gas?

    Answer :

    A tennis ball is normally yellow in color. Pressurized tennis balls are filled with inert nitrogen gas in their cores. The gas used must be inactive or inert. Hydrogen is highly inflammable.

  57. Question 36. At Wimbledon 2008, Players Like Marat Safin, Jie Zheng, And Rainer Schuettler, All Came Further Than Expected In Singles. What Round They All Make It To?

    Answer :

    Those players were surprises of Wimbledon 2008. Safin defeated Novak Djokovic, and Zheng defeated Ana Ivanovo.

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  59. Question 37. Which Of The Following Players Has Not Had A Grand Slam Stadium Named After Them?

    Answer :

    Rod Laver is at the Australian Open arena. Arthur Ashe is the stadium at the US Open, and Philippe Chatrier is the biggest stadium in the French Open. Wimbledon’s main court is called Centre Court.

  60. Question 38. What Is The Name Of The Shot In Which The Ball Is Spinning Backwards?

    Answer :

    The slice shot spins backwards causing it to skid through on your opponent when it hits the ground. It can also cause the ball to bounce up rather than skid on different surfaces, like grass. This shot is one that can be a handy shot to have if you are trying to change the game up. Forehand, this is the shot on the prefered side of the player. Backhand, this is the shot on the non-prefered side of the player. Serve, this is an above head shot that starts the point.

  61. Question 39. You And The Other Players Are Having A Great Point When One Of Their Balls Zooms Down The Side Of The Court. It Flew So Fast, Neither You Nor Your Partner Saw The Ball.

    Answer :

    Some players use the saying “when it doubt, call it out”, although this may not be right. In fact, USTA rules that players have to give their opponents “the benefit of the doubt” and call the ball in even though they didn’t see it land in.

  62. Question 40. What Is The Name Given To A Shot That Is Hit To Your Opponent Who Then Fails To Touch The Ball With His Or Her Racket?

    Answer :

    At the end of the match, statisticians compute the number of winners a player has to the number of errors he or she committed. Obviously, the more winners than errors, the greater the chance that you won the match.

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  64. Question 41. The Nasdaq-100 Was Played In What City In 2003?

    Answer :

    Many people consider the Nasdaq-100 the 5th Grand Slam.

  65. Question 42. At The Inaugural Modern Olympic Games Held In Athens In 1896, Two Lawn Tennis Titles Were Won By An Irish Law Student Who Just Happened To Be Holidaying In Greece At The Time. Who Was He?

    Answer :

    Having been invited by a Greek friend from his university days to spend the Easter holidays in Athens, John Boland looked forward to soaking up the sun and having a relaxing time. His friend, Thrasyvoulos Manaus, who was involved with the organizing committee in charge of the Olympic men’s tennis events, had other ideas however, and persuaded John that the only tennis court available in Athens just happened to be in the Olympic venue, so if he fancied a quick game..! Having won the singles, he was subsequently persuaded that, by virtue of the fact that he had studied in Bonn, he was half-German and therefore eligible to play for Germany, which he did, winning the gold medal in the men’s doubles.

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  67. Question 43. Which Of The Following Players Lost In The First Round Of Women’s Singles At The Australian Open 2003?

    Answer :

    Jennifer’s loss was ranked the biggest upset of the whole tournament.

  68. Question 44. Where Was The Tennis Masters Cup 2001 Held?

    Answer :

    The Masters Cup was held in Sydney which encouraged Hewitt even more to win it.

  69. Question 45. Who Won The Women’s Roland Garros In 1997?

    Answer :

    Iva Majoli won the women’s singles Roland Garros in 1997 at the age of 19 after beating Martina Hingis in the final.

  70. Question 46. You Serve, Your Opponent Tries To Return Serve, But The Return Goes Long. What Is This Called?

    Answer :

    It’s not quite as impressive as an ace, but the service winner is just as easy for the server. If the receiver of serve gets the racquet on the ball and the return isn’t good, it’s a service winner. An ace is a serve the receiver does not even touch.

  71. Question 47. Which One Of These Players Had The Nick Name Of ‘melon’?

    Answer :

    Thomas Enqvist won the ATP Tournament of Marseilles three times! He did so in 1997, 1998 and 2002.

  72. Question 48. Which Grand Slam Tournament Did Bjorn Borg Win Six Times?

    Answer :

    His six French Open titles fit nicely in the history books alongside his five consecutive Wimbledon titles (1976 to 1980).

  73. Question 49. What Is It Called When The Racquet Brushes Over The Top Of The Ball In A Shot?

    Answer :

    One of the hardest shots to return.

  74. Question 50. Who Was Natasha Zvereva Well Known American Ladies Doubles Partner?

    Answer :

    Gigi wax Natasha’s partner, despite playing for the USA she originally came from Puerto Rico.

  75. Question 51. If The Ball Lands On The Line It Is ______ ?

    Answer :

    If the opponent’s ball lands on a line, it is considered well (in) and they get the point.

  76. Question 52. How Many Singles Titles Did Anna Kournikova Win In 1999-2000?

    Answer :

    Although doing extremely well in many tournaments, she did not win a final.

  77. Question 53. Which Australian Tennis Player Was The First One To Win Consecutive Us Open Titles?

    Answer :

    Pat won it in 1997 and 1998. In 1998 he defeated fellow countryman Mark Philippoussis.

  78. Question 54. Before Venus Williams, Who Had The Fastest Serve In Womens Tennis?

    Answer :

    The recorded time was 120 miles an hour. Brenda retired in 1999.

  79. Question 55. If You Were Going To Travel To London For The Wimbledon Championships, In What Months Would You Travel?

    Answer :

    The last week of June and the first week of July are historically the dates of The Wimbledon Championships. Weather permitting, play is scheduled 14 days. It begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. The middle Sunday is a rest day but has been used as a catch-up for rain delays a few times since its inception.

  80. Question 56. What Two Female Tennis Players Won Exactly Eighteen Grand Slam Singles Titles Before They Retired?

    Answer :

    Evert and Navratilova played each other an astounding eighty times. They were tough competitors on the court but also became great friends during their playing days and even into retirement.

  81. Question 57. After Nadal’s Australian Open Semi-final Over Roger Federer, What Was His Grand Slam Head To Head Record Against The Swiss?

    Answer :

    Nadal’s wins came at the Australian Open in 2009 and 2012; his French Open wins came in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2011. He also beat Federer at Wimbledon in 2008. Since then he also beat Federer at the Australian Open in 2014.

  82. Question 58. Which Of These Players Failed To Reach A Masters 1000 Final In 2013?

    Answer :

    Del Potro reached two Masters Finals that year, losing to Nadal at Indian Wells and Djokovic in Shanghai. Raonic also lost to Nadal in Canada while Isner fell to Nadal in Cincinnati.

  83. Question 59. How Many Williams Sisters Are Professional Tennis Players?

    Answer :

    The two Williams sisters – Venus and Serena – are from the USA. Serena was unable to play in early 2011 due to eye problems but after 6 months was back in business, trying to move back up the rankings and make up for the points she’d lost.

  84. Question 60. The 2010 Atp World Tour Moved To The American Hard Courts, Where Two Masters 1000 Events Offer Points To Players Who Can Adapt Well To Fast Courts. The First Of Those Tournaments Was Won By A Man Who Hadn’t Shown For Years On The Atp World Tour, Ivan Ljubicic Of Croatia. At Which Tournament Did Ljubicic Win An Exciting Final?

    Answer :

    Indian Wells in California is often considered just below the caliber of Grand Slams when it comes to talent and diversity; unlike the European Masters 1000 events, it draws a huge number of players to the beautiful desert setting. The 2010 tournament was surprising because the top seeds faltered. Federer lost a heartbreaking match to Marcos Baghdatis after failing to capitalize on a match point. Murray was defeated by Soderling in the quarters, Nadal lost 7-6 in the third set to Ljubicic, and Djokovic lost to Ljubicic in the fourth round. Del Potro was out with a wrist injury that would hamper him for the first half of the year. The giant-killing Croat defeated Andy Roddick 7-6, 7-6 in the final for his first Masters 1000 title.

  85. Question 61. Which Grand Slam Is The First One On The Calendar Each Year?

    Answer :

    The tournament is held each January at Melbourne Park, Australia. The complex was formerly known as Flinders Park, and was constructed in time for the 1988 tournament to meet the demands of the evolving tournament that has outgrown Kooyong capacity. When the Australian Open was played at Kooyong, it was played on grass, then later on hard court.

  86. Question 62. Generally, There Are Three Types Of Tennis Courts. They Are Clay Courts, Natural Grass Courts, And Hard Courts (includes Synthetic Grass Courts). How Do You Describe The Bounce Of A Tennis Ball On A Hard Court?

    Answer :

    Out of the four Grand Slam events in the world of tennis, Wimbledon is played on natural grass court. Meanwhile, the French Open is played on clay courts. On the other hand, both U.S. Open and Australian Open are played on hard courts. Hard courts give a high and consistent bounce. Clay courts will absorb the pace of tennis balls; hence the bounce will be low and inconsistent.

  87. Question 63. Wimbledon 2008 Was Full Of Surprises. Some Top-seeds Such As Djokovic, Roddick, And Sharapova, Had To Pack Their Bags Earlier. They All Disappointed In What Round?

    Answer :

    Sharapova lost to an unseeded compatriot, and Serbia’s Janko Tipsarevic stunned Andy Roddick.

  88. Question 64. How Many Times Did Bjorn Borg Win The French Open In A Row?

    Answer :

    Borg won the slam a total of six times, and won it four times in a row between 1978-1981.

  89. Question 65. What Is The First Thing Done To Start A Point?

    Answer :

    The serve is the thing that starts the point and is considered one of the key factors if you want to win a tennis match. The return is the first shot for the returner, but it does not start the point. A slice is just a type of shot but there can be a slice serve. At no stage during a point are you actually allowed to throw the ball.

  90. Question 66. Which Of The Following Could Be The Number Of Games Won By Two Players In A Completed Set That Used A Tie-breaking Game?

    Answer :

    With the exception of a player retiring from a match due to illness or injury, a set is over once one player has at least 6 games won, and has won at least two more games than his or her opponent. Sometimes a tie-breaking game is played to decide a 6-game to 6-game tie. In this case, 7 games to 6 games is the only possible outcome of a complete set from the choices given.

  91. Question 67. What Was Unusual About Virginia Wade’s Opponent In Her Opening Match Of The Us Open In 1977?

    Answer :

    Virginia’s American opponent, Dr Reneé Richards, had previously played as Richard Raskind, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery two years earlier. In 1960 he was beaten in the final of the US Nationals at Forest Hills, New York by Australian Neale Fraser; and 17 years later the 42 year-old ophthalmologist suffered defeat again at the same venue. Quite a distinction nonetheless to have played in the US Championships and competed in both the men’s and women’s singles events!

  92. Question 68. In The Womens Singles Draw At The French Open 2003, There Was One Unseeded Player Who Made The Semifinals. Who Was It?

    Answer :

    In the semifinals she was unfortunately beaten by number two seed Kim Clijsters. At least that semifinal effort in The French Open that year gained her a seed at the next Wimbledon Championship.