Tally Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Is Tally?

    Answer :

    It’s a powerful software on Accounting, In chittagong we are the only sole dealer of Tally accounting software.
    Tally is a method of communicating camera usage to the camera operator or subjects (called “talent”). Most professional-level cameras have a special TALLY light in the viewfinder and on front of the camera viewfinder that is activated when the camera is “taken” on the program buss of the video switcher.

  2. Question 2. Why Did Tally Solutions Retire Tally 7.2?

    Answer :

    Tally 7.2 is already two generations behind in technology. Tally 8.1 was released almost 19 months ago, and Tally 9, almost 12 months ago. The current release is Tally 9 Release 2.1. Apart from being outdated and built on obsolete technology, most tools used for its development are no longer available or supported. This results in an inability to keep repairing and/or upgrading the product to meet the needs of continuously changing hardware and software environments.

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  4. Question 3. Is Tally Available? Can I Load Tally?

    Answer :

    No – It is not available and also cannot be loaded.

  5. Question 4. Can I Upgrade Tally 6.3 Data To Tally 8.1?

    Answer :

    Yes, you can upgrade Tally 6.3 data to 8.1. Tally Migration Tool will detect 6.3, if you select ‘Migrate Data’. Specify the path of Tally 6.3 data.

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  7. Question 5. What Is The Difference Between The Standard Tally Driver And The Tally Text Driver?

    Answer :

    Standard drivers are capable of printing: graphics , True Type fonts as graphics and printer-resident fonts . Text drivers print only printer-resident fonts .

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  9. Question 6. What Is Rally Tally?

    Answer :

    rally tally is your place to find, publish, and coordinate civic events.

  10. Question 7. What Is A Contract/independent Worker Tally Sheet?

    Answer :

    An information sheet that shows the payment activity on a particular contract.

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  12. Question 8. Why The Name Eurotally? What Is A Tally?

    Answer :

    Euro is for Europe.. A tally is the red light on an active (television) camera, indicating that the camera is filming. 4. Do members get reductions when We are working on that one, and I think we will start with the classics, such as membership reductions on subscriptions for audiovisual magazines.

  13. Question 9. How Do You Tally The Results?

    Answer :

    We use the time-tested method of creating a grid of the array on a sheet of paper and using highlighters in different colors. This was the basis for redesigning TARP2 into units of 25 (5×5)—so a unit could easily be visualized with a 4x objective and did not require spot counting to determine exact location. We mark spots as absent, unreadable, and based on whatever grading schema we are using (positive versus negative [0 to 4+]). Scoring is rapid and provides a permanent record that is easy to track.

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  15. Question 10. What Area Does Tally Rags Service?

    Answer :

    We are currently serving the Charlotte, Mint Hill, Matthews, Indian Trail, Ballantyne and Waxhaw area.

  16. Question 11. How Do You Tally Votes?

    Answer :

    On each individual project page users can vote on whether in their estimation the project is critical or not. On the project page we show the results, including the number of votes cast and the percentage of votes on each side. We further rank all projects based on the vote ratio they’ve received. For example, 10 votes in favor and 15 against will give a project a vote ratio score of -5.

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  18. Question 12. Why Do I Need Tally?

    Answer :

    Tally provides an easy method of showing the cameraperson and/or talent when a particular camera is “live. ” Even single-camera productions can use tally to inform the cameraperson that their camera is in use, so they don´t accidentally move, re-focus, or do anything which might disrupt the shot. In multi-camera productions, TALLY allows the talent/guest to know which camera is “live,” so they can address that particular camera.

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  20. Question 13. When Will These Levies On The Bank Tally Appear As Stopped?

    Answer :

    Drag comparison hold back the loot garnishment, a levy command your bank invoice will individual happen once. Purport, the attached pack of fund that gets deposited credit your account will solely be yours again.

  21. Question 14. What Are The Return Policies For Tally’s?

    Answer :

    Items may be returned for a full refund if they are deemed to be dysfuntional (do not operate the right way when you get them) or you did not receive the right size (such as with rings, etc.) when you receive them. You will have to pay for the shipping costs of the return.

  22. Question 15. Where Do I Track The Errors That Occur While Migrating Data From Tally 7.2 To Tally 8.1?

    Answer :

    If any errors occur during the migration process, it gets logged into a file called ‘migration.err’, which Tally generates automatically. This file exists in the Tally application folder.

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  24. Question 16. How Do I Migrate Tcp From Tally 7.2 To Tally 8.1?

    Answer :

    To migrate the TCP files to Tally 8.1:

    1. Go to Start > Programs > Tally 8.1 > TallymigrateData. (You can also double click on tally72migrate.exe file in the Tally application folder)
    2. Two splash screens, Tally Data Migration Tool and Tally 8.1 will appear.
    3. Select ‘Migrate TCP’ from the Migration Tool Menu.
    4. Once selected, the tool starts to process the Tally 7.2 TCP and also generates another TCP, which is compatible with Tally 8.1.
  25. Question 17. How Do I Migrate Group Company Data From Tally 7.2 To Tally 8.1?

    Answer :

    To migrate Group companies:

    1. Migrate each member company individually from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.1.
    2. On successful migration, re-create the Group company in Tally 8.1.
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  27. Question 18. Why Become A Tally Graduate?

    Answer :

    A Tally Graduate certification enables you to become a seasoned accounting professional in the shortest possible time. And, since Tally is currently used across diverse segments like MNCs, government and local businesses, job opportunities with the best companies in the country are immensely enhanced.

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  29. Question 19. What Is An Authorized Tally Academy?

    Answer :

    It is an institute recognized by Tally Solutions, the creators of Tally. This institute imparts Tally training with course material provided by and faculty trained by Tally. An authorized Tally Academy offers you intensive and holistic training on Tally, from highly trained instructors, complete with comprehensive printed course material and a Tally Graduate CD containing a fully functional, date-restricted latest version of Tally.

  30. Question 20. Who Created Rally Tally?

    Answer :

    Will Riley, a graduate student in the Digital Media program at Georgia Tech, created rally tally to encourage and facilitate civic participation in community life.

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  32. Question 21. Why Do A Certification On Tally?

    Answer :

    The Tally Certification is a simple and effective way to demonstrate mastery of Tally Helps employers identify and hire. Contributes to your professional image, profile, credibility, and career opportunities.

  33. Question 22. What Is The Total Point Tally For The Prospectus?

    Answer :

    The total possible points are 156.

  34. Question 23. What Is Tally Data Migration Tool And How Does It Help?

    Answer :

    The Tally Data Migration Tool helps in migrating the data from Tally 7.2 to Tally 8.2. This works with the Tally 8.1 exe and allows you to migrate company data (Masters, Vouchers and Reports). This tool also allows the migration of TCP (Tally Compliant Product) files.

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  36. Question 24. Why Are Customer Signatures And Phone Numbers Required On Tally Sheets?

    Answer :

    SARCAN Recycling, like any other private enterprise in Saskatchewan, must provide documentation of its business activities to the government. Customer signatures and phone numbers on our tally sheets prove that we have provided refunds in the event that SARCAN is subject to a financial audit.

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  38. Question 25. How Can I Access My Goal Tally?

    Answer :

    Participants can access their daily total goal tally via in Contact or any FNB branch.

  39. Question 26. What Is Tally 8.1 Silver/single User Licensing?

    Answer :

    Tally 8.1 Silver/Single-user Licensing allows installation of Tally on a SINGLE computer, with an option of activating it Online or Offline. You can use the same Tally 8.1 Silver/Single user license on another computer, by surrendering the license activated on the first computer and reactivating it on the other. An Offline user can take the request file generated by Tally 8.1, to a computer with Internet connectivity and activate the license.

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