Supervision Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. When Assigning Work, Which Criteria Would Be Best For A Supervisor To Use?

    Answer :

    Assign tasks based on the abilities of employees, Supervisors need to be able to make maximum use of the resources available to them, and assigning tasks based on employees’ abilities is a good way to do this.

  2. Question 2. You Have Been Supervising Ten People For 16 Months. During That Time, Your Employees Have Never Reported Any Problems To You. It Is Likely That?

    Answer :

    For some reason your staff is reluctant to discuss problems with you.

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  4. Question 3. Your Supervisor Informs You That Three Of Your Fifteen Employees Have Complained To Her About Your Inconsistent Methods Of Supervision. You Should?

    Answer :

    Ask her what specific acts have been considered inconsistent,as it is what the supervisor should do in this situation. As a supervisor, it’s very important to be as specific as possible when evaluating employees. Conversely, it would be wisest to first receive as much specific information as possible to determine what action should be taken next. 

  5. Question 4. On Short Notice, A Supervisor Must Ask Her Staff To Work Overtime. What It Would Be Best To?

    Answer :

    Explain why it is necessary.

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  7. Question 5. One Of Your Employees Has Begun Reporting To Work Late On The Average Of Twice A Week, You Should?

    Answer :

    Privately discuss the matter with the employee to determine if there are any unusual circumstances causing the behavior.

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  9. Question 6. One Of Your Employees Submitted An Application For Acceptance Into A Career Development Workshop Two Months Ago, And Has Heard Nothing. The Individual Tells You That When One Of Her Co-workers Submitted An Application He Received A Reply A Week Later. What Is The Best Response For You To Make?

    Answer :

    “Perhaps it was an oversight. Why don’t you call the organization and ask why you’ve heard nothing?” 

  10. Question 7. In Order To Meet Deadlines, A Supervisor Should?

    Answer :

    Schedule the work and keep informed of its progress.

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  12. Question 8. Your Supervisor Has Given Instructions To Your Employees, In Your Absence, That Differs From Those You Had Given Them, You Should?

    Answer :

    schedule the work and keep informed of its progress.

  13. Question 9. You Have Found It Necessary To Return An Assignment Completed By One Of Your Employees So That Several Changes Can Be Made. The Employee Objects To Making These Changes. The Most Appropriate Action For You To Take First Is To?

    Answer :

    Allow the employee to present his or her objections against making the changes.

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  15. Question 10. You Are Preparing A Vacation Schedule For Your Employees. The Factor Which Is Least Important For You To Consider In Setting Up The Schedule Is?

    Answer :

    The competence of each employee.

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  17. Question 11. What Is The Best Indication Of High Morale In A Supervisor’s Unit Would Be?

    Answer :

    The employees are willing to give first priority to attaining group objectives, subordinating personal desires they may have.

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  19. Question 12. In The Satisfactory Handling Of An Employee’s Complaint Which Is Fancied Rather Than Real, The Complaint Should Be Considered?

    Answer :

    As important as a grievance grounded in fact.

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  21. Question 13. You Are Attempting To Teach A New Employee In Your Unit How To Change A Typewriter Ribbon. The Employee Is Having A Great Deal Of Difficulty Changing The Ribbon, Even Though You Have Always Found It Simple To Do. Before You Spend More Time Instructing The Individual, You Should?

    Answer :

    Review each of the steps you have already explained, and determine whether the individual understands them.

  22. Question 14. An Employee You Supervise Frequently Protests When Receiving Any Assignment That Requires The Typing Of Tabular Material, Although She Then Performs The Task Competently. Her Protests Are Causing Resentments Among The Other Employees, And Interfering With Their Work. You Should?

    Answer :

    explain the effect her actions are having on the other employees’ performance, and ask for her cooperation.

  23. Question 15. Lax Supervision Has Been Blamed Largely On The Unwillingness Of Supervisors To Supervise Their Employees. The Chief Reason For This Unwillingness To Supervise Is Based Mainly On The Supervisors’?

    Answer :

    Fear of complaints from employees, and the supervisors’ wish to avoid unpleasantness.

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  25. Question 16. The Appraisal Of Employees And Their Performance Is An Integral Part Of The Supervisor’s Job. There Is Wide Agreement That Several Basic Principles Must Be Taken Into Account By Supervisors Involved In The Appraisal Process In Order To Perform This Function Correctly. The One Of The Statements Below That Least Represents A Basic Principle Of The Appraisal Process Is?

    Answer :

    Appraisal of long-range potential should rely heavily on subjective judgment of that potential.

  26. Question 17. If An Employee Has Done A Complicated Task Well, His Or Her Supervisor Should?

    Answer :

    Tell the employee that he or she has done a good job.

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  28. Question 18. A Clerk In Your Unit Performs Work Quickly But Carelessly. The Head Of Another Unit This Employee Wishes To Transfer To Asks You For Your Opinion Of The Employee’s Work. It Would Be Best For You To?

    Answer :

    State that the employee works quickly but carelessly.

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  30. Question 19. You Wish To Reprimand A Worker For Neglect Of Duty. It Would Not Be Good Practice To?

    Answer :

    Allow yourself a cooling off period of several days before you  administer the reprimand.

  31. Question 20. One Of The Employees You Supervise Has Just Put Up A Small Poster In Her Work Area That Two Of Your Eight Employees Find Obscene And Distasteful. While You Don’t Like The Poster Either It Doesn’t Upset You. The Two Employees Already Have Complained To You About The Poster, You Should?

    Answer :

    Privately explain to the individual that her poster is causing some problems, and seek her cooperation in removing it.

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  33. Question 21. You Have Just Had A Private Discussion With The Employee With The Poster In Question Twenty-four. You Have Explained That Her Poster Is Causing Some Problems, And Have Asked For Her Cooperation In Removing It. She Has Politely Refused To Do So, Saying Looking At It Cheers Her Up, And She’s Been Depressed Lately, You Should?

    Answer :

    Wait a day or two to see if the incident “blows over” before deciding whether to take any further action.

  34. Question 22. An Employee Reprimanded For Poor Performance Tells Her Supervisor That Her Recent Behavior Has Been Due To A Serious Family Problem. The Supervisor Suggests Several Programs Which May Be Able To Help Her. The Action Of The Supervisor Was?

    Answer :

    Appropriate; personal problems frequently affect job performance.

  35. Question 23. Your Supervisor Informs You That The Employee Turnover Rate In Your Office Is Well Above The Norm And Must Be Reduced. What Is Initial Steps Would Be Least Appropriate In Attempting To Overcome This Problem?

    Answer :

    Decide to be more lenient about performance standards and about employee requests for time off, so that your office will gain a reputation as a good place to work.

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  37. Question 24. One Of Your Employees Comes To You And Complains Of Sexual Harassment By Your Supervisor. The Employee Has Frequently Complained About Minor Issues In The Six Months She’s Been There. You’ve Known Your Supervisor For Thirteen Years, And Respect Him A Great Deal. You Should?

    Answer :

    Let the employee know you will take her concerns seriously.

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  39. Question 25. Your Supervisor Has Discovered A Serious Error In Work Done By Your Unit, Under Your Supervision, It Would Be Best To?

    Answer :

    Assure your supervisor you will find out how the mistake occurred so that you can prevent it happening again.

  40. Question 26. Your Unit Head Has Issued Orders Changing Working Procedures That Your Staff Disagrees With. It Would Be Best For You To Tell Your Employees That?

    Answer :

    You will discuss their objections with the unit head.

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  42. Question 27. One Of Your Employees Tells You That He Feels You Give Him Much More Work Than The Other Employees, And He Is Having Trouble Meeting Your Deadlines, You Should?

    Answer :

    Review his recent assignments to determine if he is correct.

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  44. Question 28. It Is Generally Considered Proper That The Number Of Employees Immediately Supervised By A Higher, Upper Echelon Supervisor?

    Answer :

    Should be smaller than the number supervised by a lower level supervisor.

  45. Question 29. An Experienced, Self Confident Employee Carelessly Omitted An Essential Operation On A Job Assigned To Her. As A Result The Completion Of An Important Urgent Report Was Delayed For Several Hours. A Few Days Later, A Relatively Inexperienced, Sensitive Co-worker Made A Similar Careless Mistake With Similar Negative Results. The Supervisor Of The Two Employees Was More Gentle In Reprimanding The Latter Than The Former Employee. The Supervisor’s Action In Administering Reprimands Of Unequal Severity To These Two Subordinates Was?

    Answer :

    Appropriate because supervisors should consider the temperament of subordinates when reprimanding them.

  46. Question 30. You Have Just Been Appointed As Supervisor Of Ten Employees. The Supervisor You Are Replacing Demanded That Her Subordinates Accept Their Assignments Without Question. She Refused To Allow Them To Exercise Initiative In Carrying Out Assignments, And Maintained A Constant Check On Their Work Performance. The Most Appropriate Policy For You To Adopt Would Be To?

    Answer :

    Gradually remove the controls you consider too strict and provide opportunities for your staff to participate in formulating work plans and procedures.

  47. Question 31. “in Any Public Agency, The Top Administrative Officials Are Concerned Largely With The Work Of Overall Creative Planning With Respect To The Anticipated Progress Of The Agency. The First-line Supervisors, On The Other Hand, Are Concerned Largely With The Control Of Current Action For The Execution Of Current Jobs.” On The Basis Of This Quotation, A First-line Supervisor Would Be Chiefly Responsible For?

    Answer :

    Modifying the work assignments of his or her present staff to handle a seasonal variation in the activities of the unit.