SketchUp Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Is Geo-modeling?

    Answer :

    Making 3D models of real-life buildings that will appear in Google Earth is called Geo-Modeling.

  2. Question 2. What Are The Steps To Performing A Subtraction?

    Answer :

    Subtract tool>select object 1 and then 2 with cursor.

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  4. Question 3. How To Use Zoom Extents Tool?

    Answer :

    Zoom extents tool used to zoom to a view where the whole model is visible and centered in the drawing area.

  5. Question 4. How To Use Follow-me Tool?

    Answer :

    Follow-me tool is ideal for making spheres and curved surfaces.

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  7. Question 5. What Is The 3d Warehouse?

    Answer :

    Online collection of 3D models and components is called 3D Warehouse.

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  9. Question 6. What Does The Symbol For Extruding A Surface Look Like?

    Answer :

    a block with an arrow coming off of it.

  10. Question 7. Name A Way To View Shadows In A Model?

    Answer :

    By enabling the Shadows feature under the View menu.

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  12. Question 8. How To Use ” Command ” ?

    Answer :

    ” command is used for inputting inches in the measurements toolbox”.

  13. Question 9. How Is 3d Text Created In Sketchup?

    Answer :

    Using the 3D text feature under TOOLS menu.

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  15. Question 10. How Are Shadows And Geo-location Related?

    Answer :

    Shadows can be obtained from the coordinates of the geographically positioned model.

  16. Question 11. Which Best Describes The Purpose Of The Pan Tool?

    Answer :

    To move the model without changing the viewing direction.

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  18. Question 12. Within The Paint Bucket Window What Is The Eye Dropper Used For?

    Answer :

    To sample any material from your workspace.

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  20. Question 13. Where Should Ruby Scripts Be Placed Once Downloaded?

    Answer :

    In the plugins folder within Sketchup file.

  21. Question 14. What Effect Does Triple-clicking Have On An Edge Or Surface?

    Answer :

    Selects the entity along with any attached geometry connecting to it.

  22. Question 15. When Should Sections Planes Be Used?

    Answer :

    When you want better access to the interior of a model.

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  24. Question 16. If Interested In A Hand Drawn Effect, What’s The Best Way To Achieve It?

    Answer :

    If interested in a hand drawn effect, Using the Sketchy Edges style the best way to achieve it.

  25. Question 17. What Happens If You Press Ctrl (option On A Mac) When Using The Move Tool?

    Answer :

    If you press Ctrl (Option on a Mac) when using the move tool, A copy is created.

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  27. Question 18. Which Best Describes The Purpose Of The Push/pull Tool?

    Answer :

    To decrease or increase volume of a geometry use Push/Pull Tool.

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  29. Question 19. What Are The Steps For Creating Videos In Sketchup?

    Answer :

    On the File menu, click export, click animation.

  30. Question 20. What Are The Limitations On Using The Trim Tool?

    Answer :

    Can only be performed on two overlapping groups or components.

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  32. Question 21. How To Use The Watermark Feature?

    Answer :

    The Watermark feature used for creating a company logo or copyright on a model.

  33. Question 22. What Does Enabling Anti-aliasing Do?

    Answer :

    displays lines as smooth.

  34. Question 23. How Can Exact Measurements Be Obtained While Drawing A Line?

    Answer :

    Any time while drawing, the exact dimension can be typed.

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  36. Question 24. When Is The Use Of Components Recommended?

    Answer :

    When you are working with repeated geometry.

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  38. Question 25. What Is The Definition Of “dragging” In Sketchup?

    Answer :

    Pressing down on the left button on the mouse and hold while moving the cursor over the screen.

  39. Question 26. Which Answer Best Describes A Plug-in?

    Answer :

    Scripts that extend the functionality and speed of Sketchup.

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  41. Question 27. What Is A Dynamic Component?

    Answer :

    A group of geometry with assigned attributes is calle dynamic component.

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  43. Question 28. How To Use Zoom Extents?

    Answer :

    Zoom Extents option from the Camera menu fits the entire model to the window with a single click.

  44. Question 29. When Navigating In 3d Space, Sketchup Will Show “top, Right, Back, Front, Left” On The Top Left Corner Of The Window. What Does It Represent?

    Answer :

    These are the different pre-defined standard point of views.

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  46. Question 30. Which Arrow Keys Correspond To The Su Axes?

    Answer :

    Up/Down=Blue axis, Right=Red Axis, Left=Green Axis.

  47. Question 31. What Is The Orbit Tool Used For?

    Answer :

    To navigate and explore your designs.

  48. Question 32. What Is Photo Texture?

    Answer :

    Placing a photo over a surface as a material is known as Photo texture.

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  50. Question 33. By Default, Positioning The Camera At Eye Level Yields What Height?

    Answer :

    Five feet and six inches.

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  52. Question 34. How To Use Match Photo Tool?

    Answer :

    Perception and camera position taken from a photograph best describes Match Photo tool.

  53. Question 35. When Does Sketchup Create Fold Lines?

    Answer :

    If surfaces bounded by a vertex are moved and caused to become non-planar.

  54. Question 36. Which Is Necessary To Create A 3d Sketchup “solid”?

    Answer :

    Both 3D model must be a component AND/OR and 3D model must be a group

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  56. Question 37. What Is The Difference Between A Component And A Group?

    Answer :

    When editing a component, it edits all instances of that component.

  57. Question 38. What Is The Field Of View?

    Answer :

     Field of View refers to the amount of a model you can see.

  58. Question 39. What’s The Easiest Way To Mirror An Object?

    Answer :

    Using the Copy tool and Flip Along option.

  59. Question 40. When Does Su Create A Skin Or Surface?

    Answer :

    When a closed loop of coplanar edges is formed.

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  61. Question 41. What Is The Procedure For Converting An Skb File To Skp?

    Answer :

    Right click on document>rename> Change SKB to SKP.

  62. Question 42. What Is Most Likely The Problem If A Circle Or Polygon Is Not 100% Smooth On The Edges After It’s Drawn?

    Answer :

    The number of segments with which the polygon/circle was created is too small.

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  64. Question 43. What Can Be Done If You Need An Inference, But Su Doesn’t Provide It?

    Answer :

    Inferences can be activated by hovering over the focus direction.

  65. Question 44. What Happens To The Geometry When Zooming Out While In Sketchy Edges Style?

    Answer :

    Details drop off but the model stays intact when zooming out while in Sketchy Edges style.

  66. Question 45. Where Can The Default Working Template Be Located?

    Answer :

    Window> Preferences> Template.

  67. Question 46. What Is Sketchup?

    Answer :

    SketchUp is Trimble’s easy-to-use 3d modeling software. It is available in both Make and Pro Versions. It is used worldwide for drawing 3d objects of all kinds. You can find thousands of examples of what you can do with SketchUp at 3D Warehouse.

  68. Question 47. What Is Ruby?

    Answer :

    Ruby is “an interpreted scripting language for quick and easy object-oriented programming.”. Most importantly for us, it’s a language that SketchUp can understand via its SketchUp Ruby API.

  69. Question 48. What Is The Sketchup Ruby Api?

    Answer :

    The SketchUp Ruby API (Application Programming Interface) is a way that Ruby programmers can extend the capabilities of SketchUp to meet their needs. By creating a script (aka a text file) and placing it in SketchUp’s plugins folder,

    you can make SketchUp do all kinds of things:

    • Create custom drawing tools, like a tool for creating windows.
    • Attach attributes to drawing elements such as cost, supplier, etc.
    • Read attributes to generate reports, cut lists, or bills of material.
    • Automate common tasks like generating scenes from a set of rotations.
    • Animate stuff, from drawing elements to camera position.
  70. Question 49. What Is A Ruby Plugin?

    Answer :

    Here’s a little bit of a SketchUp History lesson! In the SketchUp world, “plugin” historically meant any ruby code that could be added to SketchUp to extend SketchUp’s functionality. “Scripts” and “Rubies” are other terms that mean “Plugin.” You may see these terms used interchangeably. All of these terms refer to text files with a .rb (ruby) or .rbs (scrambled ruby) extension that contain Ruby programming code. Since about SketchUp 2013, SketchUp has been moving away from “Plugins” and encouraging developers to embrace “Extensions.”

  71. Question 50. What Is A Sketchup Extension?

    Answer :

    A SketchUp Extension is like any other Ruby script, except for the fact that you make a few extra code calls to tell SketchUp that it’s an “extension.” When you tell SketchUp that you are loading an extension, you can also tell it copyright information, developer information, and a description of the extension. All these data are visible to the user inside of SketchUp. Anoher benefit is that users can easily turn extensions on and off without having to fully uninstall and reinstall them. Extensions are a little more work to code, but they make it easier for end users to manage their SketchUp installation.