SAP PM Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Is The Use Of Item Number In Maintenance Order?

    Answer :

     Item number refers to the number (not material number) to  identify the material component that is to be used for an operation in the maintenance order.It is generally given in increments of 0010.It is the first field in the Components tab of a maintenance order.

  2. Question 2. What Is Refurbishment Order? Explain The Total Cycle?

    Answer :

    Refurbishment order is used for up gradation of damaged /defective spare parts and are segregated as condition based . eg C1, C2 and C3.


    create refurbishment order- withdrawal of spare parts from store- refurbishment execution- order completion confirmation- refurbished parts back to store- goods receipt for returning.

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  4. Question 3. What Are The Common Pm Interview Questions?

    Answer :

    1. What about class & characteristics is it also the same thing
    2. counter is triggers order when particular value set comes ,so is it possible to trigger it on alpha bet instead of digit reference for any type of counting . i.e. Is it possible to count alpha bet instead of digit?
    3. When I search that t code on sap forum It will show for sub order .So when & why we create sub order
    4. What is significance of T code iw36.
    5. In IMG settings, Maintain the Value category for Internal labor cost, and assigned to appreciate cost elements group.
  5. Question 4. How To Add The Counter Plan And Strategy Plan In A Single Maintenance Plan?

    Answer :

    multiple counter plan and strategy plan cannot be added together, If u add counter plan with a strategy, counter plan will be taken into consideration ,strategy will not be considered.

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  7. Question 5. How Can We Assign Measuring Points To A Strategy Plan Like Compressor Running Hrs?

    Answer :

    Go to the change equipment transaction , then extra, then add or replace counters. then select the desired counter by F4 help. you can’t directly add counters or measuring pts to a maintenance plan.

    u can do this for equipment , FL and PRT only.

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  9. Question 6. What Is A Milestone Confirmation?

    Answer :

    The milestone confirmation is a special form of confirmation, in which the confirmation of one operation causes other operations or sub operations to be automatically confirmed at the same time.

    Milestones are operations that have the corresponding indicator in the control key.Operations can be defined as milestone operations in their control keys. If a milestone operation is confirmed, then previous operations are automatically confirmed.

  10. Question 7. What Is Work Center Category?

    Answer :

    Basically work center category decides the capacity (means ability to do work). The category defines the activity type for costing and scheduling the categories mainly we come ac-cross in the production are labor and machine. Hence to define labor cost, machine cost and setup cost we define work center category to create work center and we enter defaults therein. For a period of time if there are no much changes we generally prefer production line, and if there are much changes in the production we prefer activity type for individual order which we call production order. By this you can understand cat type 001 for machine and cat type for labor.

    Work center category used to define which screen selection & field selection for a particular work center.

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  12. Question 8. How To Schedule Counter Base Maintenance Plant For Dg In Power Plant That Need 800hr Per Month Mains This Steps I Followed.

    i Have Created Meas Pt With Counter (ik01) Created Meas Document Ik11 Then Schedule Thru Ip10.but Not Getting Due Order List In Ip24

    Answer :

    First of all, you cannot get 800 hrs per month…

    For counter based… it will schedule in two days… like.. days and hours… but.. if u schedule in will take the annual reading and schedule the dates.. So.. if the running hrs didn’t reach, but the date reached… so.. it will open a order…

    Give the annual reading according to the running hrs of the DG.. then u will get.

  13. Question 9. How To Set The Deletion Flag To Functional Location And Also Want To Know How To Hide The Flagged Functional Location?

    Answer :

    You can use transaction code IL02 to change functional location, highlight the respective functional location and go to edit at the top tool bar, their you select functions change and their you can click delete, to set a flag delete.

    You cannot hide this functional location when you display IH01 , the functional location hierarchy is displayed but once you click it , the screen appears showing the functional location is created with flag for deletion.

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  15. Question 10. What Is Meant By Single Cycle Plan ?how It Works?

    Answer :

    single cycle plan is may be performance-based or time-based but here it not required to maintain strategy.By entering main. category we will create meant. plan for particular object by using t-code IP41.

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  17. Question 11. “regarding Call Horizon In The Maintenance Plan”

    if We Create A Maintenance Plan With Reference To A Package Which Has Different Cycles Say (weekly, Monthly, And Yearly). The Call Horizon Is Applied Based On The Least Frequency.


    if The Call Date Is Calculated As 3 Days Earlier For A Weekly Cycle, It Holds Good For The Monthly And Yearly Cycle.

    my Client Wants A Different Call Horizon For Each Cycle Defined In The Maintenance Package.

    is There Any Way To Configure It As Required By The Client?

    Answer :

    This is standard functionality. You can utilize user-exits to change these values.

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  19. Question 12. “date Used For Maintenance Plan Scheduling Using Shift Factor”

    i Need Some Confirmation Information On Maintenance Plan Scheduling.


    if You Are Using Maintenance Plan And Makes Use Of Shift Factors, What Date Is Used In The Adjustment Of The Maintenance Plan Which Is Considering Previous Order?

    is It The Teco Date On The Order Or Is It On The Confirmations Date?

    i Have Heard It Is On The First Confirmed Operation But Cannot Believe This, Unless It Is Adjusted With Every Sub-sequent Confirmation.

    i Do Not Have Access To A System Currently. Is There An Explanation On The Written Principle To Plan Adjustments When Using Shift Factors?

    Answer :

    You know that really annoying pop-up box that appears when you TECO and order? The one with the reference date and time?

    This is the information used as a basis for the shift factors.

    In the newer versions, there are two reference dates and times. One of them is specifically used for maintenance plans.

    The new functionality is available from version 4.7 onwards. You need to activate this for each of the maintenance plan category.

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  21. Question 13. “copy Functional Location”

    i Need To Transfer The Fl And Eq.


    can We Copy A Functional Location With Its Equipments From One Plant To Another Plant? If So, Then What Do We Need In The Target Plant?

    Answer :

    You can copy the FLoc structure via TCode IL04; however you cannot copy the equipment.

    At first, create in the customizing all the objects depending on planning and maintenance plant: Company area, planer group, and location.

    Than, create the new work center, and cost center for the new plant.

    Download, from the functional location, all the data depending on planning and the maintenance plant.

    Do the same for the pieces of equipment if they are not installed on functional location.

    At the first level of the FL, change the maintenance plant. Normally, the system changes all the data on all the sub level and EQ. Now you can reload on FL and/or EQ all the data depending on planning and maintenance plant.

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  23. Question 14. “maintenance Order-teco”

    i Have Created A Purchase Requisition Through A Maintenance Order By Using Non-stock Item Category. Later, I Decided That I Don’t Want That Material For That Work. So I Ticked On Clear Reservation At The Time Of Confirmation In Iw42. When I Tried To Tech The Maintenance Order, I Am Getting The Following Error Message:

    “final Issue For The Reservation Item 0001 Is Not Completed, Teco Not Possible Message No. Me303”


    how Can I Do Tech Without The Need Of That Material?

    i Won’t Create A Po Normally If I Do Clear Reservation At The Time Of Confirmation. Automatically, The System Will Delete The Pr. It’s Happening In Ides.

    it Didn’t Happen In Production Server (ecc 5.0) Though.

    how Can I Do Tech Without The Need Of That Material?

    Answer :

    It sounds very much like a User Exit (Enhancement) may be active in your system. The TECO User Exit to consider is: IWO10004.

    Use Transaction CMOD so you can see if there is such an exit possible.

    Drop down on the project field to search for a project associated with indicated exit. Search by “Information System” and at the bottom of the selection screen there is an Icon called “All Selections” [Shows a little + sign too].

    Now once you have expanded the selection criteria insert the indicated User Exit Number in the “Enhancement” field. Execute and wait to see if there is a project associated with the exit at TECO. If there is one, select it and select the DISPLAY ICON.

    Once the data is shown there is a “Project Status”. If this is “Active”, then you have an active exit on TECO.

    I suggest you have an ABAPer look at the code associated in the “Include” of the exit.

    I suspect there is code checking a flag on the Materials or something.

  24. Question 15. “deletion Flag For A Fl”

    even When We Have Set A Deletion Flag For A Functional Location, It Allows Us To Install Equipment In It. Our Requirement Is That The System Should Disallow It.


    is It A Standard Functionality Of Sap?

    Answer :

    Yes it is.

    This could be blocked by using a user status

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  26. Question 16. “copy Of Functional Location”

    i Have A Requirement From A Client That He Wants To Copy The Functional Location With Its Equipment From One Plant To Another Plant If It Is Possible.


    if Yes, How Can I Accomplish This?

    Answer :

    • Use a filter to display only what you need in the hierarchy;
    • From the hierarchy display, right mouse click on the node you need to copy;
    • From the context options dialog, select ‘Copy sub hierarchy’;

    Test this thoroughly before using in your Production system as it is possible to create part of your structure. If SAP encounters a problem with an object, the rest of the structure will not be created.

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  28. Question 17. “accounting Indicator In Dp91”

    the Accounting Indicator Entered In The Header Of The Service Order Applies To All Labor And Parts Confirmed And Issued. We See The Accounting Indicator When We Do Dp91. If We Change The Accounting Indicator From Say 01 (billable) To 03 (warranty) This Transfers Into The Repair Order (seen On The Sales B Tab), But The Costs Still Post To 01.


    Why Do The Costs Not Repost To The Correct Accounts Based On The Accounting Indicator In Dp91?

    Answer :

    Check your pricing procedure to see what account key (ActKy) is set for the condition type (the standard is KBM1). From there, you can proceed to correct any errors.

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  30. Question 18. “maintenance Plan User Status”

    i Can Create A Profile Available To Maintenance Plans. However, I Am Not Able To Allocate It.


    is It Possible To Assign A User Status To A Maintenance Plan?

    Answer :

    In the 47 system, you can assign the user-status to a maintenance plan.

    Please check ECC5 or ECC6 for verification of profile data.

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  32. Question 19. “identify Parts As Billable Or Non-billable”

    we Need To Identify Parts In The Service Order As Billable Or Non-billable. We Are Using The Accounting Indicator On The Header Of The Service Order To Identify Warranty Or Nonwarranty Repair. However, Entering The Accounting Indicator Here Applies To All Parts And Labor Confirmed And Issued To The Service Order. We Want To Be Able To Enter An Accounting Indicator Or Some Other Process Of Identifying Individual Parts As Billable Or Non-billable.

    Answer :

    You can enter the accounting indicator in DP90 instead.

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  34. Question 20. “user Defined Fields In List Editing”

    when We Do Enhancement By Adding User Defined Fields In Notification Is It Possible To Select Notifications Based On User Defined Fields In List Editing Transaction?

    Answer :

    My guess is that you will not be able to see the customer specific fields in the standard list edit programs.

    But you can simply copy these programs and include the fields yourself.

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  36. Question 21. “catalogs In Pm Order / Task List”

    what Is The Purpose Of Catalog Tab In Task List And Pm Order?

    i Find This In The Component Overview Of Orders And Task Lists. We Maintained Boms For Equipment. We Use Catalogs For Notification.

    how To Use Catalogs In The Component Overview Of Order?

    do We Need To Do Some Settings In Material Master?

    Answer :

    If you are referring to the Catalog button at the bottom of the Components tab, then this is used to link to an internal/ external internet site where you can order spare parts.

    Have a look in the PM IMG for OCI (under orders).

  37. Question 22. “catalog Profile For Equipment”

    what Is The Process For Maintaining Catalog A Profile For Each Equipment?

    we Have A General Catalog Profile For All The Equipment. We Are Interested In Having A Display Of Catalogs For The Selected Equipment In Notifications.

    is It Possible To Maintain Catalog Profiles For Functional Locations?

    Answer :

    Create a catalog profile and assign it to your equipment in the Organization tab. This will then be copied to the Notification when the equipment number is entered.

    The same works for Functional locations.

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  39. Question 23. “actual Variance Maintenance Plan”

    in Maintenance Plan We Get The Actual Variance (of Day) In “maintenance Plan Schedule Calls” Tab.

    as We Are Looking For The Number Of Days, The Plan Is Not Completed.


    can We Get Same Data In Any Other List Reports?

    Answer :

    Assuming you mean the date difference between planned and actual (confirmation date), this date can be found in tables MHIS and respectively.

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  41. Question 24. “issue Stock To Pm Order”

    what Is The Best Process To Issue Stock To An Order?

    for Example If An Order Needs The Stock Not To Be Detailed Within The Original Order, How Does The Store Clerk Add This Additional Stock To The Order?

    obviously, It Needs Accounting For And Has An Impact On Mrp. I Assume There Is A Quicker And Easier Way Of Adding It Without The Store Clerk Going To Change The Order, Adding The Stock, Then Going To Migo And Doing An Issue From Reservation Etc.

    is There A Way To Configure This To Be More Efficient?

    Answer :

    Check if it gives the hint of issuing the material which is not reserved in the work order.

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  43. Question 25. “message While Completing Rma Order”

    1. when We Are Technically Completing The Service Order For Rma Processing (sm03 In Standard Sap), You Get A Message About The Status Of The Repair Materials. I Understand That The ‘free To Be Delivered’ Quantity Is Picked Up From Unrestricted Sales Order Stock And ‘blocked’ Quantity Is Picked Up From The Blocked Sales Order Stock.
    2. but How Is The Scrap Quantity Is Picked Up?

    3. is Possible To Issue The Service Material To The Order And Post Back The Repaired Material Into Stock?

    Answer :

    The process I follow for the scrap in RMA is as follows:

    1. Go to va02;
    2. Select the line item;
    3. Click repairs and mark scrap; The system will then give you a message saying “manual inventory is posting”;
    4. Does TECo. System will give you a message: “Free-todelivery is 0 and scrapped is 1”.

    Use 551 mvt Type.

  44. Question 26. “default Equipment Category”

    there Is A Requirement To Default Equipment Category ‘m’ For Certain Users And ‘p’ For Some Other. In Configuration, Default Equipment Category Is Maintained As M.

    is There Any Way To Assign ‘p’ To Certain Users?

    Answer :

    You could set the User’s Parameter ID (PID) for this.

    Set PID = EQT for Equip Category, Value = P.

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  46. Question 27. “access Control In Equipment Master”

    equipment Master Consists Of Several Tabs. It Is Possible To Restrict Access To Some Tabs When Visited In Change Mode.

    the Client Wants Some Tabs To Appear In A Display Mode And Some In Change Mode When Equipment Is Visited Through Ie02.

    how Do I Enforce This?

    Answer :

    Try Transaction and Screen Variants.

    The T-CODE is SHD0

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  48. Question 28. “contract With Several Different Billing Value Line Items”

    we Have Service Contracts With Customers Wherein We Would Like To Bill Them For The Actual Work Done Monthly Instead Of A Fixed Value (as Determined By The Monthly Plan). We Are Certain To Use Contracts Or Else I Could Have Used Time And Material To Bill Them.

    is There A Way To Force The Contract To Bill A Certain Value Monthly Based On The Actual Costs Collected On The Service Orders For That Month?

    Answer :

    Try settling all service order costs to the contract. After which, perform RRB on the contract itself (no billing plan required).

  49. Question 29. “equipment & Functional Local Class”

    i Would Like To Create One Class For Both Function, Location And Equipment And Then Call It Maintenance Objects. I Do Know That You Can Allow Multiple Objects In The Class Type.

    how Do I Set This Up?

    Answer :

    You check in the IMG under Cross-Application Components –>Classification.

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  51. Question 30. “equipment Classification”

    i Have A Client That Wants To Have An Equipment Class Automatically Default To The Equipment Master During The Create Stage. The Client Also Requires That When The Equipment Is Either In Display Or Change To Display An
    Information Warning Message Prompting The User To Review The Classification And Its Associated Characteristics.

    i Have Checked The Configuration For Classification And Pm And Haven’t Found Anything That Would Satisfy The Client’s Requirements. This Appears Be A Custom Change To The Code.

    how Do I Fulfill All The Clients Requirements?

    Answer :

    You could create equipment with reference to another (say dummy master equipment).

    Then utilize user-exit IEQM0003 (Additional checks before equipment update) to pop-up your warning message.

    You could further investigate the following:

    Use IEQM0003 to kick-off a batch program or workflow to re-enter the equipment (after initial save) and add data.

    Create new event/method for business object EQUI (TCode SWO1).

  52. Question 31. “measuring Point”

    can I Maintain Two Different Units In A Measuring Point?

    for Example:

    i Entered All Readings In Amperes. Is It Possible To Maintain Readings In Volts At The Same Time? If So, How Do I Go About This?

    Answer :

    You can have as many measurement points as you need.

    You will need to create another measurement type (characteristic) to accommodate the other unit of measure.

    Create a new measurement point with a new unit of measure and then link the new point with the old one using transmission of measurement reading. This will resolve your problem.

  53. Question 32. “the Combination Of Organizational Data Is Not Correct”

    i Am Working With Cs. When Using Iw51 To Create A Notification For A Customer I Get The Following Information Message:

    “the Combination Of Organizational Data Is Not Correct”.

    the Message Number Is: Qm 054

    no More Information Is Given. My Parameters In My Own Data Are The Same As Other Users And They Do Not Experience Any Problems With Iw51.

    the Customer Belongs To Sales Area 7000, Dist. Channel 10 And Division 10. But I Never Get That Far That I Can Choose A Customer. I Just Get An Initial Screen, While Others Go Directly Into The Notification.

    why Is This Happening And How Do I Resolve This?

    Answer :

    I’m assuming you have entered equipment in the notification.

    If so, ensure that the sale organization of the customer is the same as the sales organization in the equipment master.

    Verify if the customer belong to a sales area (sales order, dist channel, division).

    Check this via TCode XD03.

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  55. Question 33. “creating A Subordinate Functional Location Using Bapi”

    i’m Trying To Use Bapi_funcloc_create To Create A Subordinate Functional Location (ex., 1033-admi With Superior Functional Location 1033 Already Established).

    this Bapi Ends With A Blank/zero Return Value But No Updating Is Performed.

    how Do I Fix This Problem?

    Answer :

    You need to perform a “commit” function after the BAPI finishes.

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  57. Question 34. “master Data Changes In Fl /equi”

    i Have Several Related Questions About The Subject Matter:

    1. we Are Changing “location” Information In Master Data Of Fl And Equi. We Want Same Changes Reflected In The Old Notification And In The Order Of Change Objects.
    2. the Order Table By Direct Way Iaol Is Fl/equ Table.

      how Can We Accomplish This? How Do I Update Notification?

    3. what Will Be The Fate Of The Pmis Info Structures Data (s061 Etc), If I Update The Database Table Iloa Directly?
    4. i Also Want To Change The Notification/order Location Data Which Is Coming From Iloa Table (which Can Be Change In Fl/eq Directly). When I Am Changing Location Data In Fl, It’s Reflected In Iloa Table But By Close Order/
      Notification, It’s Not Showing Updated Location.

    Answer :

    Solutions are presented in the same number they were posed:

    1. The only nice way is through the cancellation of business completion and TECO. Change the location, and then TECO, and business completion again.
    2. This can be done with a CATT. A disadvantage could be that the reference dates has the work order or notification change.

      The quick and dirty solution is a direct update in table ILOA.

      Another way is to talk to your ABAP team about “direct database updates” on table ILOA.

    3. That will depend on the extent of PMIS usage. If you don’t use PMIS then it won’t matter.
    4. When you create an Order/Notification, the location data is automatically copied (once only) from the FLoc/Equi. This copy function does NOT occur automatically again.
  58. Question 35. “automatic Warranty Dates Update During Equipment Creation”

    i Want To Update Warranty Dates While Creating The Serial Number And Equipment During Transaction Outbound Delivery. Can You Please Tell Me The User Exit For These?

    Answer :

    Investigate user-exit IQSM0007 (Serial numbers, user exit for goods movements).

  59. Question 36. “revenue Posting Allowed For Old Orders”

    concerning The Indicator “revenue Posting Allowed”: We Have Set The Indicator In The Order Type.

    it Is Copied From The Order Type When You Create New Orders.

    but The Orders That Already Exist Are Not Changed When We

    set This Indicator At A Later Date In The Order Type.

    we Have Old Orders And We Need To Use Dp90 For These Orders.

    is It Possible To Change This Rule?

    Answer :

    The simple solution is to close the old orders, and re-create new ones.

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  61. Question 37. “superior Order And Sub Order”

    i Want To Use The Sub-orders. However, I Have A Few Doubts And Would Like To Clarify Some Issues Before I Begin:

    1. after The Settlement Of Sub Order To Superior Order, Will I See The Actual Cost Of Sub Order In Main Work Order?
    2. where Can We Find The List Of Sub Order For One Superior Order With All Values And Order Numbers?

    Answer :

    Yes, there is a specific cost report in the order (Extras- >Suborders->Cost overview).

    The TCode IW38 uses the Leading order and the Superior order fields.

  62. Question 38. “structural Display”

    i Have The Equipment And Sub Equipment.

    my Equipment Is Installed In Functional Location And The Sub Equipment
    Installed In Equipment.

    when I Go To T.code Ih01 I Am Not Able To See The Sub Equipment In That Structural Display.

    what Is The Transaction To View All F/l, Equipment And Sub Equipment?

    i Have Checked All Boxes (location Hierarchy, Equipment Installed, Equipment Hierarchy, Expand Assembly, And Valid Date Is Current Date.). However, It Is Still Showing F/l Only.

    Answer :

    Go into the FLoc (IL02) and display the structure list (button at top of the screen). Check if your equipment hierarchy is displayed.

    If not, go to the equipment and check the details on the Structure tab. Also display the structure list.

    If both of the above don’t work, then it would appear to be a bug – check OSS using IH01 as search criteria.

  63. Question 39. “ip19 Scheduling Overview (gantt Chart)”

    i Want To Save The Scheduling Overview Gantt Chart In Excel Format.

    how Can This Be Accomplished?

    Answer :

    The answer is to copy IP19 to your own program and add the required functionality.

    This is a specialized area in which you need to know SAP’s own programming language (called ABAP).

    You should have a Development/Basis team somewhere within your project/company – ask them for a more detailed process.

  64. Question 40. “message C7 057 No Valid Capacity For Finite Scheduling”

    the Following Message Was Received When Trying To Confirm An Order:

    “{work Center Has Finite Scheduling Ticked”.

    the Same Work Center Could Confirm Other Orders. This Is The First Confirmation For The Work Center In Question. Meanwhile, Other Confirmation Exists For Other Work Centers.

    Answer :

    Check to see if you have confirmed too much time for the same date with this work center.

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  66. Question 41. “equipment Installation At F/l”

    what Is The Purpose Of “position” Field For Equipment Installation At Functional Location?

    can I Give Serial Numbers Like 1, 2, 3 … For That Or Any Other Exact Specification?

    Answer :

    On the definition of ‘Position’, ‘Position’ is when you install any equipment to give the analysis you need regarding a particular field. It is not mandatory but it all depends on your company structure or how you define the function location.

    By default, the SAP system sort in the hierarchy, the pieces of equipment by alphanumerical order. If you use the position field, your equipment will be sorted by the value of this field.

    An example may be a pump-bay with four pumps:

    The pump-bay may be represented in SAP as a single Functional Location. The four pumps would then be four Equipment masters.

    The positions of the pumps (equipment) in the pump-bay (Field Location) could be 1, 2, 3 and 4.

  67. Question 42. “availability Control For Cost Center”

    the Requirement Is That The Client Wants To Control The Budget At Cost Center Level.

    budget Is Maintained For Cost Centers Using The Tcode Kpz2 For The Fiscal Year Month Wise. At The Time Of Posting Goods Issue Or Time Confirmation Or Service Entry Sheet For The Maintenance Order, If The Amount Exceeds The Budget, The System Should Give Message.

    for Order And Project, Availability Control Is There By Default In Sap.

    could You Please Give Some Input On Budget Control At Cost Centers?

    Answer :

    I think the control can be established when requesting for the resources. Example: raising a PR, after the release of a PR, and goods procured.

    The scenario is for Expenses Budget for the Cost Center.

    The Engineering Department gives Expenses Budget (Includes Manpower cost, Spares, External Services) for the fiscal year with a monthly break up.

    Using the T Code KPZ2, the Budget values will be maintained.

     Let us take an example Budget for January 2006 for the Cost Center Engineering Department is $500,000. At the time of posting transactions like Goods Issue, Service Entry Sheet or Time Confirmation, if the total expenses for the month of January exceeds the Budget value $500,000, the system should give the message.

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  69. Question 43. “billing Plan”

    when Creating The Billing Document From The Repair Request The Billing Date Is Taking The Repair Request Create Date. How Do I Appoint The Billing Date As The Current Date?

    Answer :

    Have a look in the header of the ‘repair order’. There, you should find the billing date.

    Typically, this is used by the billing due list (T Code VF04) to determine when to invoice the customer.

  70. Question 44. “requirement Date For Components”

    can Anyone Tell Me If It’s Possible To Have Different Requirements Dates For Materials On The Component List Of A Work Order.

    we Have A Number Of Components That Are Required On Different Days.

    i Tried Using The Off-set, But With No Luck.

    it Appears That The Requirement Date Is The Same As The Basic Start Date; Can This Be Changed For Each Component?

    Answer :

    You can check the ‘scheduling parameters’ in customizing. You need an option with ‘operation dates’ in stead of ‘order dates’.

    The standard setting for PM and CS orders is forward scheduling.

    The planned-dates for components therefore take the start date of the operation (not order header) as the starting point for the calculation. Days are added/subtracted from various dates in the order and material master to determine the estimated delivery dates.

    This is performed for each individual material/component.

    Take note that each component can have a different offset.

  71. Question 45. “authorization And Order Type”

    we Must Create An Activity Group Which Allows Users To Create, Change And Display Certain Order Types. Also We Must Add Authorization For Another Order Type For These Users, But They Should Only Be Able To Display These Orders. Our Release Is 46b. We Don’t Have User-exit Iwo10033.

    Answer :

    This can be done in 4.6 with PFCG. But if you’re in 46B, the only thing I can think of is putting some validation in the customer exit of the work order and save. I agree it’s a bit late in the process, but it’s better than nothing.

  72. Question 46. “maintenance Plan”

    we Have Created One Plan Area Wise / Section Wise Machinery, At Header Level Given One Equipment & Others Attached In The Object List.

    the System Is Generating Order For Header Equipment & History Also On The Same List.

    is It Possible We Can See Or Maintain History For All Equipment Which Are Attached In The Object List?

    can The System Generate A Different Order For Each Of The Equipment?

    is There Any Other Solution To Maintain The History For All These Equipment By A Single Plan?

    Answer :

    The system will create a call-object (order, notification, etc) for each maintenance item in the maintenance plan. It does not create a call-object for items in the object list.

    Therefore, to answer your question, create additional maintenance items in the maintenance plan and link each to equipment.

  73. Question 47. “document Flow In The Maintenance Order”

    i Combine Several Notifications To One Maintenance Order Using Tcode ‘iw32’, And When I Display Document Flow In The Maintenance Order, I Find That It Only Can Show One Pm Notification, And It Can’t Display Other Notifications.

    can Anyone Tell Me How To Display The Other Notifications In The Document Flow Of The Maintenance Order?

    Answer :

    The other notifications can be found on the ‘object list’ tab.

    Once in IW32, just click on the tab page with the label ‘objects’.

  74. Question 48. “measuring Points”

    we Have Created A Measuring Point For The Measurement Of The Vibration Of Machine & The Given Target Value Of Vibration. Is It Possible If The Vibration Level Is More Than The Targeted Value And Then Automatically “notification” Will Be Generated By The System?

    Answer :

    Search for the ‘condition based maintenance’ on data within the system. It will provide you the necessary processes involved and verification of data you have queried.

  75. Question 49. “released Schedule”

    does Anyone Know How I Can Be Able To Identify When A Work Order Is Released? I Only Found The Date When The Order Was Released, But I Can’t Find Anything On What Time Of The Day The Order Was Released.

    what Table Can This Be Checked With?

    where In The Transaction Can This Be Located?

    is There Any Function Or Further Steps With Which This Can Be Identified (function Module, Bapi, Etc)?

    Answer :

    Have a look in the action or changes log within the order.

    Go to the status screen and select the REL status. Use the menu path Extras >Change documents > For status. This will show date, time, and user.

  76. Question 50. “storage Location In Pm”

    we Have A Problem Here. Our Design Is, The Delivery Address In The Purchase Order Is Deriving From The Storage Location. So, When Creating The Request From Work Order, We Enter The Material Master (if It Is Stock Item) As Well As The Storage Location, Vendor Details, Etc, Under The Component Tab.
    Then, The Storage Location Will Be Defaulted Into Pr, Then Po. Hence, The Delivery Address Is There.

    but In Service, I Can’t Enter Any Storage Location. Is There A Solution For This?

    if I Create The Service In Pm (via Iw31), Is There A Way For Me To Enter The Storage Location?

    Answer :

    Storage locations are only used when issuing/receiving stock into the warehouse.

    I think the delivery address can only be entered for non stock materials. This makes sense since you are delivering a physical object to a particular location.

    Services are not stock/non-stock items and I suspect you cannot enter a SLoc or delivery address.

    You could try user-exits/batch program which allocates the address dependent upon some information from the order.

    Have a look at the services user-exits via TCode SMOD and search criteria SRV*.

  77. Question 51. “determine Task Processor Automatically At Save”

    is It Possible To Determine Header Tasks Automatically At Save Without Selecting The Save + Determine Tasks Button?

    the Users Only Want To Click The Save Button And Trigger The Save + Determine Tasks. How Do I Program This?

    Answer :

    It is possible if there is an IMG setting for automatic task determination on save.

    Another to do this via one of the following user-exits:

    QQMA0014: Checks before saving a notification;

    ICSV0002: Automatic task determination for service notifications;

  78. Question 52. “teco Order”

    i Have Some Issues Pertaining To Work Order. The Users Technically Complete The Work Orders And Settle It. However, They Come Back After A Few Days And Cancel The Technical Completion And Post Against The Work Order. This Must Be A Posting A Problem As It Is Not Posting To The Correct Cost Center.

    i Have Two Questions About This:

    1. is There A Setting Such That Once An Order Is Teco, Work Completion Cannot Be Cancelled?
    2. how Can I Stop A User From Posting Anything In Teco Orders?

    Answer :

    Answers are given in the order they were asked:

    1.  Authorization object I_VORG_ORD is checked through:

      Where BETRVORG equals ‘BUTA’;

      But, also in TECO, people can consume (unplanned) materials or confirm work hours; you might want to double check if SAP PM Interview Questions – 70 – blocking the un-TECO would resolve your problem.

      There is an alternative solution:

      Utilize a user-exit to pop-up a warning/error message when creating a confirmation document.

      Have a look at TCode SMOD with a search criteria CONFPM*;

      It’s just an alternative option to investigate. The first solution was better but it wouldn’t work for goods movements via IW41, but not for POs, SES, etc.

      User-statuses could also cause problems e.g.

      1. PR created in REL status
      2. PO created in REL status
      3. Order TECO’ed and user-status blocks goods movements;
      4. Now try to GR the PO – you will now get a status error.

      At some level you need to control processes via training/ education etc.

    3. You can do this by using a user profile, in which a status is activated automatically by the TECO business process.

    To this user status, you can block ‘actual postings’;

  79. Question 53. “table For Activity Planned Costs”

    can Someone Tell Me The Tables In Co For Actual Costs By Activity Type?

    Answer :

    You can try COEP, COSP, COSS, COST, and BSEG.

  80. Question 54. “how To Add New Tcode To Table T365”

    i Want To Add A New Z Transaction That Will Be Used Only For The Creation Of A Special Notification Type. The Problem Is, I Can Not Configure A Default Value For A Transaction That Does Not Exist On Table T365.

    the Version We Use Is 4.6c

    i Tried Via Sm30 But It Is A Repair Function.

    how Can I Maintain The Table?

    Answer :

    You can try TCode SM30 or SE11 instead.

    Try entering T365 in SM30 and then pressing the customizing button (or similar).

    This should bring up a list of IMG elements where T365 can be configured.

    Go to SE16> give table name T365>there is a create button, Put your Tcode & program name;

  81. Question 55. “change Estimated Costs On A Cs Order”

    i Have Read From Previous Posts That It Is Not Possible In Standard Sap To Change The Estimated Costs For Released Service Orders.

    has There Been A System Modification Implemented To Change This And Make It Possible? What Do You Have To Change To Enable The User Exit?

    Answer :

    You cannot change the estimated costs once the order is released. But I believe that it is possible via a “direct database update”. Coordinate the task with your ABAP team as they are in a position to help.

  82. Question 56. “linking Maintenance Plan Category To Number Range”

    i Have Created An External Number Range For Maintenance Plans, And A Maintenance Plan Category For Maintenance Orders. In Spro I Can Add An External Range Number, But When I Tried To Save, The Value Isn’t Saved.

    is There Another Way Of Linking These Two Functions?

    Answer :

    If there have been any warning or error messages displayed, please include message number e.g. AB 055.

    In IP20, select the relevant unassigned MPC (little button), select the relevant number range and press the big button to assign.

  83. Question 57. “table And Field For Notification Status”

    which Are The Exact Sap Table And Field For Sap Pm Notification Status?

    Answer :

    The easiest way is to use function module STATUS_TEXT_ EDIT.

    You can find the PM/CS tables here.

  84. Question 58. “notification Mail”

    i Have One Issue With My Client. The Production People Will Create The Notification. With Reference To That Notification Maintenance People Will Create The Maintenance Order.

    my Requirement Is:

    when Ever They Create Notification The Maintenance People Should Receive An Automatically Generated Email.

    1. is It Possible To Generate Email To A Particular User In Sap?
    2. is It Possible To Generate Email To A Particular User In Outlook Express?

    Answer :

    There are several options for emailing in SAP. Here are some:

    1. Use standard Workflow functions to send email to SAP Inbox.
    2. Synchronize your SAP inbox with Outlook/Lotus Notes etc.
    3. Use custom developments to send emails (user-exits, BADIs, etc).
  85. Question 59. “dip Profile”

    i Have Just Set-up A Repair Order In Which This Repair Order Creates A Service Order To Record Repair Activities. The Rrb Profile Is Located On The Repair Order. When The Goods Movement Is Done On A Service Order, It Will Basically Capture
    The Actual Cost.

    now When It Comes To Billing, I Will Need To Execute Dp90 On The Repair Order. Unfortunately The Systems Give Me An Error Message:

    ‘no Expenditure Item Found’.’

    however, There Are Expenditure Items Found On The Service Order.

    how Can This Be Resolved?

    Answer :

    Do the following to correct the situation: Make sure that you run DP90 with the sales order number and not the service order. Go back to the service order and check if there are actual costs involved.

    Check your DIP Profile; specifically the sources section to ensure that you are not filtering out any dynamic items.

    Check the planned/actual report (button) in the Cost tab; check that a quantity is displayed.

  86. Question 60. “automatic Release Of Pm Order Creating From Notification”

    can We Do The Automatic Release Of The Maintenance Order When We Create The Order From Maintenance Notification? I Had Set The Automatic Relay In Customizing For The Order.

    but When I Create The Order From Notification, The System Does Not Set The Status Relay For The Maintenance Order. How Can I Fix This?

    Answer :

    You can read the help-text in the IMG for that field. It explains in detail the processes for which this functionality applies.

    Initially, you can investigate user-exit IWO10009 (at save).

    Then, you should still be able to utilize IWO10009 to check if a notification has been assigned (possibly via the program stack).

    You should also get your ABAP team to get involved and check the problem.

  87. Question 61. “tables Storing The Priorities, Notification Types”

    i Need For The Tables To Be Able To Provide The Priority Configuration. A Table That Store Notification Types And A Table That Stores The Work Order Types.

    where Do I Find The Configuration Function For This?

    Answer :

    Check in the PM/CS links. There you’ll find an entry to PM tables.

  88. Question 62. “business Area”

    does Anyone Know How A Business Area Defaults Into The Add Data Tab Page On A Work Order (even Though The Business Area Field Is Hidden In Configuration)?

    Answer :

    Go to iw32> Extras–>Settings –>Default values -in General; There you can set the business area, planning plant, and profit center etc.

  89. Question 63. “pp-pm Integration”

    we Have A Requirement At Our Client Place.

    at The Time Of Production Confirmation Using Transaction Code C011, The System Has To Cumulate The Confirmed Production Quantities. When It Reaches A Certain Quantity (ex: 100 Tons), The System Should Generate The Maintenance Order In Plant

    is There Any Possibility For Configuration In Sap For The Above Mentioned Query?

    what Is The Appropriate Formula Or Configuration Step?

    should We Create The Equipment As Prt Equipment (equipment Category As Prt)?

    Answer :

    There is an integration of PP-PM in case of PRTs, wherein you can create measuring documents for usage of PRT when you do confirmation using CO11. This will in turn create the maintenance order as PRT.

    You can use the equipment for which you need to create the maintenance order as PRT in the routing of PP and for the PRT you have to put in the formula for calculating its usage.

    When you do the confirmation for the produced material the formula will update the usage of PRT which will in turn create a measuring document. SAP PM Interview Questions – 82 – Try to do the above. Or you can try creating that equipment as PRT. The formulas are on the same line as the formula that you create for work center.

  90. Question 64. “priority Types In Order”

    i Have Configured The Priority Types For Order Pm And Was Able To Assign On Each Order Types. But The Priority Types Are Not Working (activated). However, In Notifications, The Priority Types Are Working Correctly.

    how Do I Correct This Error And Provide Some Consistency On The Processes Involved?

    Answer :

    If you get a warning or error message give the message number e.g. AB 055.  

    The work order priorities are not influencing the basic dates, unless you enter the priority on the very first screen.

    There is however a customer exits available to implement the same behavior as in the notification.

    Check the IW* customer exits to confirm functionality.

  91. Question 65. “additional Data In Equipment Master”

    i Would Like To Activate The User Fields In Equipment Master But Unable To Do It. I Only Managed To Activate The Additional Data Tab. The New Tab Is Blank. Example: ‘no Field Is Displayed’.

    how Can I Fulfill This Requirement?

    Answer :

    You should considered classification.

    Alternatively, investigate user-exit ITOB0001 (sub screen for technical. object master data) via TCode SMOD.

    Or BADIs EQUI_SCR_* (via TCode SE18);

    You may also try searching SAPFans using ITOB0001.

  92. Question 66. “table That Contains Both Measuring Point And Equipment”

    can You Tell Me Which Table Contains Both A Measuring Point And Equipment Number, And A Measuring Point And Functional Location?

    the Purpose In Finding One Is To Find A Corresponding Equipment Or Function Location For A Given Measuring Point.

    in Equi (equipment Master Table) The Values For The Field Imrc_point Is Blank Corresponding To Equipment Number Which Is Having A Measuring Point.

    given The Above Data, How Do I Find This Table?

    Answer :

    Try the following:


  93. Question 67. “report Connects Between Maintenance Plan And Its Task List”

    is There A Report That Can Show Me A Maintenance Plan And All Its Task Lists?

    Answer :

    You need a list-edit report for maintenance items. Look for IP18.

  94. Question 68. “the Authorization Object Werks In Ia25 Transaction”

    when Deleting A Task List In Ia25, Only I_rout Object Is Being Checked For The Field Actvt To Be With Values 24 & 41.

    this Means That The Person From Plant 1 Can Delete Task Lists From Plant 2.

    therefore, The Authorization Object Werks Is Not Checked!

    how Do I Correct This?

    Answer :

    See if there is an authorization object for IWERK (planning plant). From there, do the revisions as needed to comply with your requirement.

  95. Question 69. “creating Person Responsible And Department Responsible”

    how Do I Create A Person Responsible And Department Responsible Which Are Related To Notifications T-code Iw21?

    Answer :

    A Person responsible (employee no./personnel no.) and Department are to be created as HR master records.

  96. Question 70. “costing Variant For Pm Orders”

    i Intend To Use The Standard Costing Variant For Pm Orders.

    what Are The Standard Costing Variants Used For Pm Orders?

    if I Use The Standard Costing Variant, Is It Necessary To Assign A Costing Type And Valuation Variant To It?

    Answer :

    The standard planned/actual costing variants are both set to PM01.

    Your FI/CO team may need to adjust the costing type and valuation variant etc.

    Either way, coordinate with your FI/CO team about these settings.

  97. Question 71. “final Configuration”

    what Is The Difference Between Baseline Configuration And Final Configuration?

    Answer :

    It depends on the implementation methodology you are using (e.g. ASAP).

    Typically speaking, baseline configuration is a basic set-up to demonstrate processes to the business.

    The final configuration would then be the final design ready for go-live.

  98. Question 72. “pm02 Work Order”

    i Am Reviewing The Requirements For Pm Reporting And One Of The Requests Is To Change The Sap System Configuration To Not Allow Manual Pm02 Type Work Orders Through The Following Transactions: Ih01, Iw31, Iw24, Iw25, Iw26 And Ziw26. An Added Requirement Is To Display A Hard Error If A Client Tries To Create A Pm02 Work Order Through One Of These Transactions.

    can Anyone Please Let Me Know How To Approach And Accomplish This Requirement?

    Answer :

    You can try using Authorizations on the TCode and Order Type.

    This is absolutely possible by restricting authorizations by PM order type.

    Do it through the authorization objects: I_AUART and I_ TCODE.

    Lastly, check and coordinate with your authorization people.

  99. Question 73. “about The Release Of The Maintenance Order”

    when I Have Already Released One Maintenance Order And Want To Retract The Order, How Do I Go About Canceling The Release?

    Answer :

    You cannot reverse the REL status back to CRTD status.

    Standard status flow: CRTD->REL->TECO->CLSD;

    However, you can cancel both the TECO and CLSD statuses.

    You can also postpone an order through:

    Go to “Order–>Functions–>Complete–>Cancel TECO or Cancel Business Completion;

  100. Question 74. “popup Screen”

    i Have A Requirement From The Client To Popup The History Of The Equipment At The Time Of Creating Service Notification Of The Same Equipment.

    is This Possible? If So, How Do I Go About It?

    Answer :

    Yes, it is possible. Activate the object information & give the time for which you need the history pop ups.

    There is also a user-exit to support the standard object information functionality (see ICSV0004: Check PM object and display object information).

  101. Question 75. “settlement Of Maintenance Order”

    if Settlement Will Not Run For Maintenance Orders, What Is The Repercussion?

    how Will This Affect Business?

    Answer :

    You may have several effects:

    1. You may not be able to close the orders (CLSD);
    2. You may not post the costs in the correct period;
    3. In CS, contract profitability may be distorted;
  102. Question 76. “changing The Planning Plant In Task List”

    if I Want To Change The Planning Plant For The Task List, How Should I Proceed?

    Answer :

    It cannot be actually be changed, but you can modify a particular Equipment in IE02 -> in Organization -> Responsibility -> Planning Plant.

    You can also change IP05 in the Planning Data.

  103. Question 77. “object Information Keys”

    i Have Assigned Object Information Keys (pm) To Maintenance Order, But I Find That When I Create Order In The Object Information Section, The Field Of Ordscrtd Is Not Automatically Updated

    how Can I Fix This Issue?

    Answer :

    You need to save the order(s) before they are even registered. This will fix your issue.

  104. Question 78. “pm Order With Material Cost”

    when I Execute A Pm Work Order With Materials Linked To It, I Am Not Able To Get The Planned Cost / Actual Values Of The Materials With The Cost Elements.

    what Is The Appropriate Setting That Needs To Be Done In Order To Capture The Material Costs With Cost Elements?

    Answer :

    You can do the following:

    1. Ensure your materials have a valuation class assigned.
    2. Ensure your order has planned/actual costing variants assigned (last tab).
    3. Ensure your value categories are correct.
    4. Check the costs via the planned/actual report button on the Cost tab.
  105. Question 79. “collective Release”

    how Can I Release The Collective Preventive Maintenance Orders?

    Answer :

    Try using TCode IW38 by entering your order type for ‘Preventive maintenance orders’.

    Once in the list-display, select the relevant order and use menu-path:

    Order->Release order.

    Alternatively, set the Release immediately flag in the order type customizing (TCode OIOA).

  106. Question 80. “flow Path Of Maintenance Order”

    what Is The Flow Path Of Maintenance Order?

    i Am Not Sure Whether Technical Completion Needs To Be Done After Settlement Of Order Or Before Settlement (ko8g).

    while Running Settlement Of Order, What Type Of Orders Need To Be Selected Out Of In Process, Closed, Technically Completed, And Released Types?

    Answer :

    The standard procedure or flow is after TECO. You can then go for settlement afterwards.

    So do the Release, confirmation and then TECO.

    Technically speaking, you can perform settlement in either REL or TECO status.

    Therefore it is up to your business or purpose to decide.

  107. Question 81. “exits To Validate Item Classification And Notification Data”

    we Need To Validate Standard Notification Fields And Also The Data Stored In The Class Characteristic Field Of Notification At Item Level For Updating A User Status In Service Notification.

    can U Suggest A Suitable Exit For This?

    Answer :

    You can investigate user-exit QQMA0014 (Checks before saving a notification).

    An alternative solution can be as follows:

    Get the classification (or maybe status) information into a user-exit.

    You can also read the PROGRAM STACK in user-exits – and then ask your ABAP team.

  108. Question 82. “lube Routes”

    can Lube Routes Be Created In Sap? I Assume The Best Way Is With An Object List In The Maintenance Item.

    if There Is A Better Way, What Is The Process Involved?

    Answer :

    There is an OSS Note to attach a measurement entry list to a maintenance plan. You can refer from it for guidance.

  109. Question 83. “maintenance Work Center Mandatory In Pm Order”

    at This Moment The Maintenance Work Center And Planner Group Are Mandatory Fields In A Pm01-order.

    in The Customizing (define Field Selection) I Could Only Search For The Planner Group How This Field Is Set Mandatory For A Certain Order-type. However I Couldn’t Find This Setting For The Maintenance Work Center.

    is This Set A Mandatory Field? If So, How Can I Influence This?

    Answer :

    Check the influencing factors (button at the top of screen) in the field selection.

    The main work center in the work order header is always mandatory, you can’t change it.

    In the initial screen, when you create a work order, enter a functional location which contains a work center. After this, you will not have a problem filling up this field.

  110. Question 84. “notification Tabs Are Not Showing”

    one Time I Copied The Notification Type M1 To Create A New Notification Type. However, The Reference Object Tab (equipment, Functional Location And Assembly) Is Not Showing In The New Notification.

    what Is The Reason For This?

    Answer :

    Ensure that you have tabs assigned to your notification type in the IMG (Set Screen Templates for the Notification Type).

    Also make sure that the checkbox called Tab is set for each tab; this ensures that the tabs are displayed.

  111. Question 85. “use Tcode ‘cv01n’ To Upload One File To Sap”

    when I Am Using Tcode ‘cv01n’ To Upload One File To Sap And I Click ‘check In’
    Button, It Appears Information ‘sap Archiving For Document Type Doc Maximum 0 Bytes: File Has 537,600 Bytes’.

    can Anyone Tell Me How To Configure The Maximum Bytes?

    Answer :

    The transaction CV01N creates an object in SAP. This object is just a link with your document on your PC or on a server.

    The transaction CV01N does not upload your file in SAP.

    You can also check in transaction DC10 the value for ‘file size’.

  112. Question 86. Explain Why There Is Need Of Production Version ?

    Answer :

    In production version, we assign the BOM and ROUTING combination. And in case of alternate BOMs , it clears which alternative bom has to be selected automatically.