Sap Hr Om Pa Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Are The Commonly Used Info Types/ Sub Types In Organizational Management (om)?

    Answer :

    Commonly used Info types in OM are:


    Sub Types:

    • O-O: A/B 002
    • O-S:  A/B 003
    • O-S:  A/B 012
    • O-K: A/B 011
    • S-S:  A/B 002
    • S-K: A/B 011
    • S-P: A/B 008
    • S-C: A/B 007

    1005-Planned Compensation.
    1008-Account Assignment.
    1610-EEO/AAP for US.
    1612- Worker Compensation State & Code for US.
    1613- Worker Compensation State, Code & Attribute for US.

  2. Question 2. Name The Report That Lets You To Change The Status Of Several Objects At One Go?

    Answer :

    Report RHAKTI00 can be used to change the status of several objects at one go.

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  4. Question 3. Explain Evaluation Path?

    Answer :

    A set of relationships that exists between objects. It is used in work flows, reports, structural graphics, authorizations, search objects in Org Structure.

  5. Question 4. What Are The Commonly Used Transaction Codes In Organizational Management (om)?

    Answer :

    Some of the commonly used tcode in SAP OM Module are:

    In Expert Mode:

    • PO03-Maintain Job
    • PO10-Maintain Org Unit
    • PO13-Maintain Position
    • PP01- Maintain Objects

    In Organization & Staffing:

    • PPOSE-Create
    • PPOSE-Change
    • PPOSE-Display
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  7. Question 5. Name The Sap Delivered Report Programs Used To Validate/ Synchronize Pa & Om Objects?

    Answer :

    Some of the standard programs that can be used to validate or synchronize PA & OM objects are:

    • RHINTE00- Transfer Org Assignment PA to PD.
    • RHINTE10- Prepare integration  OM with PA.
    • RHINTE20- Create missing objects( OM or PA).
    • RHINTE20_ ALT- Check program for PA-PD integration.
    • RHINTE30- Transfer Org Assignment in batch input folder for IT0001.
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  9. Question 6. What Is Enterprise Structure Made Up Off?

    Answer :

    Enterprise structure is made up of: Client, Company Code, Personnel Area, Personnel Sub Area.

  10. Question 7. What Are The Criteria Considered To Decide On The Design Of Enterprise Structure?

    Answer :

    General criteria are:

    • Reporting requirements.
    • Authorizations requirements.
    • Generation of default values (via Feature).

    Other criteria are based on:

    • Module specific requirements for Payroll, Time, Comp, Benefits etc.
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  12. Question 8. What Is Personnel Structure Made Of?

    Answer :

    Personnel structure is made of Employee groups and Employee Sub groups.

  13. Question 9. Name The Commonly Used Info Types In Pa?

    Answer :

    Commonly used info types in PA module are:

    • 0000-Actions
    • 0001- Org Assignment
    • 0002- Personal Data
    • 0006- Address
    • 0007- Planned Working Time
    • 0008- Basic Pay
    • 0009- Bank Details
    • 0014- Recur. Payments/Deductions
    • 0015-Additional Payments
    • 0019- Monitoring of Dates
    • 0021- Family/related Person
    • 0022-Education
    • 0041-Date Specifications
    • 0077-Additional Personal Data
    • 0105- Communication
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  15. Question 10. Explain Time Constraints For Info Type Records?

    Answer :

    Constraints are:

    • Records must have no gaps, no overlapping.
    • Records may have gaps, no overlapping.
    • Records may have gaps, exist more than once.
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  17. Question 11. What Are The Different Types Of Sap Standard Employment Status?

    Answer :

    Different types of standard employment status are:

    • 0 – Withdrawn
    • 1 – Inactive
    • 2 – Retiree
    • 3 – Active
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  19. Question 12. Name The Table Used In Img For Info Type Screen Modifications?

    Answer :

    Table T588M is used for info type screen modification.

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  21. Question 13. What Is Dynamic Action? Name The Table Used To Set Up Dynamic Action?

    Answer :

    Dynamic Action controls which subsequent activities are triggered when an Info type record is maintained. Table T588Z is used to set up dynamic action.

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  23. Question 14. Name The Commonly Used Features In Personnel Administration (pa)?

    Answer :

    Commonly used features in PA module are:

    • ABKRS- Default values for Payroll Area.
    • LGMST- Default Wage Type in IT0008.
    • SCHKZ- Default Work schedule Rules in IT0007.
    • TARIF- Default Pay Scale Type and Area in IT0008.
    • PINCH- Default Administrator Group in IT0001.
    • PFREQ- Default monthly/hourly pay in IT0008.