RichFaces Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Are The Features Of Richfaces?

    Answer :

    RichFaces has following features:

    • JSF Integration
    • Error handling
  2. Question 2. What Is Richfaces Tool-tip?

    Answer :

    It is used to provide an informational tool-tip. We can attach tool-tip to any control and is displayed when hovering the mouse cursor over the control.

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  4. Question 3. How To Implement Richfaces Progress Bar In Jsf?

    Answer :

    Progress Bar is used to display the status of a process. It can update either through Ajax or on the client side, and the look and feel can be fully customized.

  5. Question 4. What Is Richfaces Notifystack?

    Answer :

    It is used to define the position of messages at the web page. Messages displayed by or are displayed in top-right corner of the web page by default.

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  7. Question 5. What Is Difference Between Richfaces Message And Messages?

    Answer :

    The component works similar to the component and automatically rendered after an Ajax request. It is used to display all the validation messages of the current web page collectively.

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  9. Question 6. How To Create Richfaces Toolbar In Jsf?

    Answer :

    • The component is used to create a horizontal toolbar. Any JavaServer Faces ( JSF) component can be added to the toolbar.
    • The component does not require any attributes to be defined for basic usage.
  10. Question 7. How To Create Richfaces Drop-dow Menu In Jsf?

    Answer :

    The component is used to create a drop-down or a hierarchical menu. We can use it with the component to create menus in an application?s toolbar.

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  12. Question 8. How To Implement Richfaces Tree In Jsf?

    Answer :

    The component is used to create a hierarchical tree. It uses as a child component.

    We can create customize tree according to our requirement.

  13. Question 9. How To Make Table Scrollable Using Richfaces?

    Answer :

    The is used for navigate through multiple pages of tables. It must be places in a facet of the table. We can also use the for attribute to bind parent tables to the scroller.

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  15. Question 10. What Is Richfaces List?

    Answer :

    RichFaces provides to render a list of items. We can create numerically ordered list, an un-ordered, bullet-point list etc. It uses a data model for managing the list items which can be updated dynamically.

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  17. Question 11. What Is Difference Between Richfaces Datatable And Collapsiblesubtable?

    Answer :

    This component acts as a child element to the . It iterates through the child collections in the currently iterated object to create detailed tables.

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  19. Question 12. How To Implement Richfaces Datatable In Jsf?

    Answer :

    It is used to render a table which displays data in tabular form. It works with the and components to list the contents of a data model.

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  21. Question 13. What Is The Richfaces Panel?

    Answer :

    It is a bordered panel with an optional header. For basic usage, it does not require any attribute. A without any attributes defined renders a bordered region with no header.

    We should use header attribute to specify the text to appear in the header.

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  23. Question 14. What Is The Richfaces Picklist?

    Answer :

    It is used to select items from a list. It allows us to change order of selected items at client-side. We can add, remove items from the source list to the target list and vice-versa.

  24. Question 15. What Is The Richfaces Orderinglist?

    Answer :

    RichFaces provides component for ordering items in a list at client-side. We need to use the value attribute to the list to be ordered.

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  26. Question 16. How To Use Richface Select In Jsf?

    Answer :

    We can use it in an auto-completing mode, where the values in the drop-down list are provided dynamically using either the autocompleteMethod or autocompleteList attributes.

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  28. Question 17. What Is Richfaces Inputnumberspinner?

    Answer :

    This component is a single-line input field with buttons to increase and decrease a numerical value. It is used to input values by using provided spinner.

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  30. Question 18. What Is Richfaces Inputnumberslider?

    Answer :

    It provides a slider for changing numerical values. It is used to select numerical value by selecting from the slider’s range.

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  32. Question 19. What Is Difference Between Inplaceinput And Inplaceselect?

    Answer :

    InplaceSelect component is similar to the component, except that it uses a drop-down selection box to enter text instead of a text field.

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  34. Question 20. What Is Richfaces Inplaceinput?

    Answer :

    RichFaces provides component which is used to create a editable text box. It allows text to be entered in-line in blocks of text.

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  36. Question 21. How To Upload File Using Richfaces?

    Answer :

    RichFaces provides the component which is used to upload files to the server. It provides lots of attributes that we can use in our application.

  37. Question 22. How To Implement Richfaces Editor In Jsf?

    Answer :

    RichFaces provides the component which is used to create a WYSIWYG editor in the HTML page.

    The component is based on the CKEditor implementation.

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  39. Question 23. How To Implement Richfaces Calendar In Jsf?

    Answer :

    RichFaces provides calendar component that we can implement in the JSF file.

  40. Question 24. Why Do We Use Richfaces Outputpanel?

    Answer :

    This component is used to group components together to update that as a whole rather than specify the components individually.

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  42. Question 25. Why Do We Use Richfaces Component?

    Answer :

    The component generates JavaScript that opens a debug window, logging application information such as requests, responses, and DOM changes.

  43. Question 26. How To Send Ajax Request In Richfaces ?

    Answer :

    • RichFaces provides tag libraries which are capable to send Ajax request from JavaServer Faces pages.
    • The and tags are used to send an Ajax request on the click JavaScript event.
  44. Question 27. What Is The Architecture Of Richfaces?

    Answer :

    Architecture of RichFaces consist of the following components:

    • Ajax Action Components.
    • Ajax Containers
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  46. Question 28. How To Configure Richfaces In Jsf?

    Answer :

    To configure RichFaces, we need to download JARs provided by Jboss. After downloading, we can add that in our project.

  47. Question 29. What Are The Advantages Of Richfaces?

    Answer :

    RichFaces provides numerous advantages like:

    • Provides rich user interface components library.
    • Allows to create custom components with built in ajax support.
  48. Question 30. What Is Richfaces?

    Answer :

    RichFaces is an open source, advanced user interface component framework which is used to easily integrate Ajax capabilities into JavaServer application.