Rhinoceros 3D Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. How Many Lines/polylines May Be Used To Complete The ‘loft’ Command?

    Answer :

    Unlimited lines/polylines may be used to complete the ‘Loft’ command.

  2. Question 2. What Item Would Decrease The File Size In Saving Process While Keeping Objects And File Properties?

    Answer :

    Save small Item would decrease the file size in saving process while keeping objects and file properties.

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  4. Question 3. Which Viewport Shows The Orthographic Projection Of The Rhino Model On The X-y Plane?

    Answer :

    Top Viewport shows the orthographic projection of the Rhino model on the x-y plane

  5. Question 4. What Is The Difference Between The Commands “sweep1” And “sweep2”

    Answer :

    “Sweep2” uses two rails and “Sweep1” uses one.

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  7. Question 5. Which Is True About Mesh And Nurbs Surfaces?

    Answer :

    NURBS surfaces can be converted to Meshes, but not back into NURBS.

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  9. Question 6. What Does The “showedges” Command Do?

    Answer :

    It shows all edges and highlights naked edges of selected objects.

  10. Question 7. What Does The Rebuild Tool Do?

    Answer :

    It allows a user to redefine an object’s degree and point count.

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  12. Question 8. Which Command Should You Use If You Want To Copy, Move, Rotate, And Scale An Object?

    Answer :

    Orient command should you use if you want to copy, move, rotate, and scale an object.

  13. Question 9. What Is The Quickest Command To Create A Series Of 20 Equally Spaced Parallel Lines?

    Answer :

    array is the quickest command to create a series of 20 equally spaced parallel lines.

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  15. Question 10. Nurbs Objects Can Be Turned Into Meshes Through Which Toolbar?

    Answer :

    Using the mesh toolbar only NURBS objects can be turned into meshes.

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  17. Question 11. What Is A “naked Edge”?

    Answer :

    An edge that is not completely joined to another edge.

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  19. Question 12. Which Symbol In The Layers Window Shows If A Layer Is On Or Off?

    Answer :

    The lightbulb symbol in the layers window shows if a layer is on or off.

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  21. Question 13. What Plane Does The “countour” Command Output In?

    Answer :

    The user inputs the normal to the desired plane.

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  23. Question 14. How To Use Difference Command?

    Answer :

    Difference command use to subtract one solid object from another.

  24. Question 15. How To Use Join?

    Answer :

    To combine multiple curves into one, use Join.

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  26. Question 16. What Is The Term For Downloaded Third-party Software That Add Specific Abilities Or Functions?

    Answer :


  27. Question 17. What Are The Main Types Of Objects Used In Rhino?

    Answer :

    • Curves
    • Surfaces
    • Polysurfaces 
    • Meshes
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  29. Question 18. Which Commands Shows Information About Selected Objects?

    Answer :

    Properties commands shows information about selected Objects.

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  31. Question 19. What Is Pointson?

    Answer :

    PointsOn reveals the controls points of a specified object.

  32. Question 20. What Does The “snap” Command Do?

    Answer :

    It toggles a lock-on to the default grid of the Rhino document model.

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  34. Question 21. How To Use Rebuild Command?

    Answer :

    Rebuild command use to change the Number of control points on a surface.

  35. Question 22. What Does The “project” Option In The “osnap” Panel Do?

    Answer :

    It projects any line drawn to the plane of the projection viewport.

  36. Question 23. What Does The ‘chamfer’ Command Do?

    Answer :

    Connects two curves by extending or triming them to intersect or to join with the beveled line.

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  38. Question 24. What Kind Of Plugin Is Grasshopper?

    Answer :

    It is a parametric visual programming language.

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  40. Question 25. What Is The Difference Between The “snap” Command And The “osnap” Command?

    Answer :

    The “Snap” command locks to the grid of the document and “Osnap” locks to objects in the model.

  41. Question 26. What Does The “explode” Command Do?

    Answer :

    It breaks apart a selected polyline or polysurface into individual curves and surfaces.

  42. Question 27. How Is The “booleanunion” Command Different From The “join” Command?

    Answer :

    The “BooleanUnion” command is for uniting closed polysurfaces and “Join” is for curves, surfaces and polysurfaces.

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  44. Question 28. At What Angle Does The “fillet” Command Command Two Lines?

    Answer :

    Tangent to the circle whose radius is defined by the user.

  45. Question 29. How Does The “curve” Command Work?

    Answer :

    It creates a NURBS Curve from control points.

  46. Question 30. What Does The “srfpt” Command Do?

    Answer :

    It creates a surface from 3-4 points.

  47. Question 31. What Does The “points” Option In The “osnap” Panel Do?

    Answer :

    It allows Snapping to defined object “Points”.

  48. Question 32. What Is The Difference Between A Control Point And A Knot?

    Answer :

    A control point is the actual point defining a NURBS line or surface, a knot describes the quality of that point.

  49. Question 33. The Changedegree Command Will?

    Answer :

    add or subtract control points between each knot span.

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  51. Question 34. The Term Nurbs Stands For Which Of The Following?

    Answer :

    Non-Uniform Rational Basis Spline.

  52. Question 35. How Does The “interpcurve” Command Work?

    Answer :

    It creates a line that runs smoothly through a series of points.

  53. Question 36. What Is The Difference Bithween Tools Control Points On And Edit Points On?

    Answer :

    It’s inpossible delete points when we use edit points on.

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  55. Question 37. What Does The “silhouette” Command Do?

    Answer :

    It generates a wireframe curve set of the objects selected.

  56. Question 38. The “divide” Command Does What In Rhino?

    Answer :

    Adds division points on a line based on Length or Number.

  57. Question 39. What Is The Relationship Between The Ctrl+c And “copy” Command?

    Answer :

    The Copy command targets any point and the Ctrl+C command copies from the origin point.

  58. Question 40. What Breaks The Cage Capability Of A “cageedit”?

    Answer :

    Moving the object.

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