Quark Xpress Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Additional Keyboard Key Do You Use To Resize An Object While Maintaining Its Ratio And Proportion?

    Answer :

    Shift and Mouse Click and Hold

  2. Question 2. What Is The Common Shortcut Of Command E (mac) – (alt E) Pc?

    Answer :

    Import Picture

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  4. Question 3. What Is The Cmky Value Of Quark’s Default “black” In The Colors Palette?

    Answer :

    C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100%

  5. Question 4. Which Does Auto Picture Import Do?

    Answer :

    Automatic reimports of modified pics

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  7. Question 5. What Tool Do You Use To Force An Image To Fit The Entire Size Of The Container?

    Answer :

    Stretch picture to fit box

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  9. Question 6. What Is Runaround?

    Answer :

    It is another term for text wrap

  10. Question 7. What Would The Page Orientation For A Newsletter Be?

    Answer :


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  12. Question 8. After You Import A Picture, How Do You Resize It?

    Answer :

    Command, option, shift, drag at the corner

  13. Question 9. What Standard Quark Shortcut Does The F7 Do?

    Answer :

    It visually hides all guides, including text placeholder boxes

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  15. Question 10. What Does Quark Use To Edit Its Extensions?

    Answer :

    Extensions Manager

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  17. Question 11. What Is “gutter Width”?

    Answer :

    The space between columns

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  19. Question 12. How Do You Display A Ruler Above The Column Containing The First Selected Paragraph?

    Answer :

    Choose Style & Formats

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  21. Question 13. Is A “master Page” A Printing Or Nonprinting Page?

    Answer :


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  23. Question 14. What Does Collect For Output Do?

    Answer :

    Saves all elements, including fonts and files used in the document to a specified location along with an informational report

  24. Question 15. Which Is Not Used In Shapemaker?

    Answer :


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  26. Question 16. What Does The Term Frame Mean?

    Answer :


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  28. Question 17. How Do You Make A Text Box?

    Answer :

    With the rectangle text box tool

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  30. Question 18. What’s The Difference Between Opacity And Shade?

    Answer :

    Opacity is how see-through it is, while Shade is percentage of color

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  32. Question 19. What 2 Options Besides Quantity Does Quark Give When Using The Step & Repeat Tool?

    Answer :

    Horizontal and Vertical offset

  33. Question 20. What Is The File Extension Of A Quarkxpress Project?

    Answer :


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  35. Question 21. How Do You Check Spelling?

    Answer :

    Under Utilities, Check Spelling

  36. Question 22. How Can You Change The Lightness Of An Imported Photo?

    Answer :

    By changing the opacity, under item, modify

  37. Question 23. How Do You Delete A Page In A Layout?

    Answer :

    In Pagelayout, click on page, click on garbage can

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  39. Question 24. How Do You Change The Order In Which Two Or More Items Are On A Page?

    Answer :

    Under “Item” send to back, bring to front

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  41. Question 25. What Does The Term “collecting For Output” Mean?

    Answer :

    Gather all items together in one spot for print

  42. Question 26. Can You Do Style Sheets In Quark?

    Answer :

    Yes. We can use Style Sheets in Quark.

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  44. Question 27. How Do You Do Drop Caps In Quark?

    Answer :

    In paragraph attributes, simply use the Drop Caps tool

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  46. Question 28. What Is The H&js Menu Item For?

    Answer :

    Hyphenation and Justification

  47. Question 29. Does Quark Have A Built-in Pdf Export Feature?

    Answer :

    Yes, Quark provides a built-in PDF export feature for no cost

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  49. Question 30. What Does Changing The “opacity” Do To Type?

    Answer :

    Makes it lighter, transparent

  50. Question 31. How Do You “skew” Text?

    Answer :

    Under Item, modify, text, text skew

  51. Question 32. Why Are Style Sheets Important In A Layout?

    Answer :

    They save time, record fonts, paragraph settings, etc.

  52. Question 33. Can You Draw Things Like Stars, With Multiple Points In Quark?

    Answer :

    Yes, we can draw things like Stars, with multiple points in Quark.

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  54. Question 34. What Is The Keyboard Commands To Increase Kerning Values In 1⁄20-em And 1⁄200-em Increments?

    Answer :

    Ctrl+Shift+} for Windows; Command+Shift+} for Mac

  55. Question 35. What Tool Do You Use To Find Any Missing Elements? (i.e. Pictures, Fonts, Etc.)

    Answer :

    Usage in Utilities Menu (F12)

  56. Question 36. What Is A Bezier Curve?

    Answer :

    A curve created as a result of paths

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  58. Question 37. Where Do You Find The Page Size And Layout?

    Answer :

    Layout Properties

  59. Question 38. What Does The Trim Preview Do?

    Answer :

    Hides the bleed and pasteboard objects.

  60. Question 39. Quark Can Be Used To Create Slideshow And Publications For Iphone And Ipad?

    Answer :

    Yes. We can be used to create slideshow and publications for iPhone and iPad.

  61. Question 40. Which Is Not A Shapemaker Rectangular Box Corner Option?

    Answer :


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  63. Question 41. What Menu Pops Up When Double Clicking A Text Box?

    Answer :


  64. Question 42. What Is Text Kerning?

    Answer :

    All of the above.

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  66. Question 43. What Is The Point Size Of The Default Kerning?

    Answer :

    5 pt.

  67. Question 44. What Is The Maximum Number Of Columns In A Document?

    Answer :


  68. Question 45. What Standard Quark Shortcuts Are F5 And Shift F5?

    Answer :

    Bring to front, Send to back

  69. Question 46. What Is The Most Widely Used Type Format?

    Answer :

    Type 1 Postscript Fonts

  70. Question 47. How Do You Move An Object On Its X/y Axis?

    Answer :

    By holding down the Shift while Left Mouse Click Drag

  71. Question 48. Which Menu Command Will Make Text Go Around A Graphic?

    Answer :

    Item>Runaround>choose item

  72. Question 49. What Feature Do You Use To Create Vector Shapes From Text?

    Answer :

    Text to Box

  73. Question 50. Which Is Not A Shapemaker Wave?

    Answer :