Photon Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Is Photon ?

    Answer :

    It is the quantum of electromagnetic radiation, such as light.

  2. Question 2. What Is Electron ?

    Answer :

    Small, negatively charged subatomic particle, every electrically neutral atom has as many orbiting electrons as protons in nucleus.

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  4. Question 3. Who Discovered Photoelectric Effect ?

    Answer :

    Hall Wachs 

  5. Question 4. Who First Explained The Phenomena Of Photo Electric Effect ?

    Answer :

    Albert Einstein

  6. Question 5. Who Discovered Positive Rays ?

    Answer :

    Gold Stein

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  8. Question 6. What Is An Electron Microscope ?

    Answer :

    It is an instrument that uses beam of electrons to produce magnified images of extremely small objects, beyond range of optical microscope .

  9. Question 7. Who Was The First Scientist To Measure The Charge Of An Electron ?

    Answer :

    Robert Millikan

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  11. Question 8. Ratio Of Charge To Mass Of An Electron Is Called What ?

    Answer :

    Specific charge

  12. Question 9. What Helped The Discovery Of Isotopes ?

    Answer :

    The study of positive rays.

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  14. Question 10. Which Is Known As Cathode Rays ?

    Answer :

    The invisible rays coming from the cathode of discharge tube are known as cathode rays.

  15. Question 11. The Specific Charge For Cathode Rays?

    Answer :


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  17. Question 12. What Converts Light Energy Into Electric Energy ?

    Answer :

    A photo electric cell.

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  19. Question 13. Which Branch Of Physics Can Be Set To Have Begin With The Study Of The Conduction Of The Electricity Through Gasses ?

    Answer :

    Atomic physics

  20. Question 14. What Is Based Upon The Conservation Of Energy ?

    Answer :

    The photoelectric effect.

  21. Question 15. The Maximum Energy Of The Electrons Released In Photocell Is Independent Of ?

    Answer :

    Intensity of incident light.

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  23. Question 16. Which Device Is Used To Measure Light Intensity ?

    Answer :


  24. Question 17. What Is The Rest Mass Of Photon ?

    Answer :


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  26. Question 18. Which Are The Different Type Of Photo Electric Cell ?

    Answer :

    Photo emissive cell, photovoltaic cell and photo – conductive cell. 

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  28. Question 19. What Is A Cathode Ray Oscilloscope ( Cro ) ?

    Answer :

    It is an instrument used for plotting one varying physical quantity, potential difference, sound pressure, heart – beat against another current, displacement and time respectively.

  29. Question 20. Who First Attempted To Find The Mass Of An Electron ?

    Answer :

    J.J.Thomson in 1897.

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  31. Question 21. What Is Called As The Work Function Of A Metal ?

    Answer :

    The work function of metal is the amount of energy needed by an electron to cross over the surface barrier of the metal.

  32. Question 22. What Is Vacuum Diode ?

    Answer :

    It is an electrostatic device in which the source of electrons is a hot cathode and the manipulation of the current is achieved through the adjustment of potential of the cathode.

  33. Question 23. What Is Space Charge ?

    Answer :

    The negatively charged cloud of electrons near the cathode is called space charge. 

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  35. Question 24. Who Discovered The Photoelectric Effect ?

    Answer :

    Heinrich Hertz in 1887.

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  37. Question 25. The Phenomenon Of Emission Of Electrons By Light Is Known As?

    Answer :

    Photo electric effect.

  38. Question 26. Who Presented The Quantum Theory Of Radiation ?

    Answer :

    Max Planck in 1901.

  39. Question 27. What Is A Photo Emission Cell ?

    Answer :

    It consist of a photo cathode and anode mounted in an evacuated glass tube. The cathode is usually a semi – cylindrical plate while anode is a wire ring.

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  41. Question 28. What Is A Photo Conductive Cell ?

    Answer :

    It is a device whose resistance decreases when illuminated. 

  42. Question 29. Explain Why A Discharge Tube Appears Dark, When Evacuated To Very Low Pressure ?

    Answer :

    No discharge passes through the discharge tube as there is no carrier of charge due to very low density at that pressure no collision take place hence no light is emitted. As a result, the discharge tube appears dark.

  43. Question 30. Why Is The Sunlight Not Deflected When Passed Through Either Electric Field Or Magnetic Field ?

    Answer :

    The sun light does not contain any charged particles. It is made up of electro magnetic waves hence it is not deflected either by  electric or magnetic field.

  44. Question 31. What Is The Difference Between Thermionic Emission And Photo Electronic Emission ?

    Answer :

    The thermionic emission is due to heat, i.e., electrons acquire energy by heat. On the other hand, in photo electric emission, the free electrons in metals observe light photons and acquire energy.

  45. Question 32. Does Each And Every Incident Photon Essentially Effect An Electron ?

    Answer :

    No, it may be observed in some other way. Only about 1% of incident photons eject electrons.