Oracle9i Forms Developer Build Internet Applications Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Is Adjust_tz Form?

    Answer :

    ADJUST_TZ form built-in can be used to change the display of a single DATETIME value from one time-zone region to another without affecting other DATETIME items

  2. Question 2. You Have Enabled Debug-level Servlet Logging For The Forms Servlet For All Users Of An Application. At The End Of The Work Day, You Want To Analyze The Log File. Which File Do You Examine?

    Answer :

    You need to Examine APPLICATION.LOG.

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  4. Question 3. What Happens When You Click Run Form Debug In Forms Builder?

    Answer :

    The form runs in a three-tier environment using the application server URL that you specify in run-time preferences.

  5. Question 4. The Orders Form Was Developed Using Forms 6i And Uses Run_product To Call An Invoice Report. You Used The Oracle Forms Migration Assistant To Upgrade The Orders Form, Which Changed The Run_product Call To Use Run_report_object.

    You Run The Upgraded Form And Click The Invoice Button, Which Invokes The Report. However, You Receive The Error Message. What Should You Do To Avoid This Problem?

    Answer :

    Set the default REPORTS_SERVERNAME Migration Assistant property to specify the name of the reports server to be used when converting RUN_PRODUCT calls.

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  7. Question 5. On Windows Platforms, Which Two Programs In The Bin Directory Enable You To Upgrade Applications From Forms 6i To The Latest Version Of Oracle Forms?

    Answer :

    IFCMP90.EXE (or FRMCMP.EXE), IFPLSQLCONV90.BAT (or FRMPLSQLCONV.BAT) these two programs in the BIN directory enable you to upgrade applications from Forms 6i to the latest version of Oracle Forms

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  9. Question 6. You Are Upgrading A Form That Was Written In Forms 6i. You Open The Form In The Latest Version Of Oracle Forms Builder. What Must You Do To This Form Before It Can Compile Successfully?

    Answer :

    Delete the sound item before it can compile successfully.

  10. Question 7. You Are Upgrading A Forms 6i Application That Was Originally Written In Forms 2.3. It Uses Lovs Extensively, Many Of Which Are The Old-style Lovs That Are Not Supported In The Latest Version Of Oracle Forms. Which Statement About This Upgrade Is True?

    Answer :

    The upgrade process automatically converts each old-style LOV by creating a record group and basing the LOV on that record group.

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  12. Question 8. The Oracle Application Server Is Installed On Your Machine. In Forms Builder, You Open The Hresource Form And Connect To The Hr Database. You Also Edit Your Forms Builder Run-time Preferences And Click Set Default. To Test The Hresource Form Module, You Click Run Form And Receive The Error Message Frm-10142 (the Http Listener Is Not Running). What Action Should You Take?

    Answer :

    Start an OC4J instance To test the HResource form module, you click Run Form and receive the error message FRM-10142 (The HTTP listener is not running).

  13. Question 9. “it Is Built On Top Of The C Forms Api” Statement About The Java Design-time Api (jdapi) Is True?

    Answer :

    Yes, In Java Design-Time API (JDAPI), built on top of the C Forms API is true.

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  15. Question 10. Lovs Were Not Cancel Able In Cases Where It Was Taking A Long Time To Retrieve Records Describes?

    Answer :

    It describes LOVs in forms that were developed in Forms 6i (or earlier versions).

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  17. Question 11. You Are Running A Multiple-form Application. The Customers Form Invokes The Orders Form. When The Orders Form Launches, It Displays Orders For Only The Active Customer From The Customers Form.

    Forms Exchange Data With The:global.customer_id Variable.
    The Orders Form Should Query Orders For A Customer Only Once After Being Launched From The Customers Form. Which Built-in Helps You Do This By Setting The Onetime_where Property To Refer Dynamically To The Global.customer_id?

    Answer :

    SET_BLOCK_PROPERTY property to refer dynamically to the GLOBAL.CUSTOMER_ID.

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  19. Question 12. Which List Contains Only Those Methods For Using Java In Forms?

    Answer :

    JavaBeans, PJCs, Java Importer, Java Stored Procedures list contains only those methods for using Java in Forms.

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  21. Question 13. Your Oracle Http Server Is Configured For The Default Port. You Want To Ensure That Your Forms Listener Servlet Can Manage Communication Between The Forms Java Client And Oracle Application Server Forms Services. What Action Is Required?

    Answer :

    No action is required if You want to ensure that your Forms Listener Servlet can manage communication between the Forms Java Client and Oracle Application Server Forms Services.

  22. Question 14. How Does The Oracle Http Server Handle A Request For A Forms Application?

    Answer :

    It routes the request by the mod_oc4j component to OC4J.

  23. Question 15. You Are Designing A Menu That Attaches To Multiple Forms In Your Application, And You Want To Add A Menu Item That Enables Remote Debugging Of The Application. Which Built-in Must You Include In The Menu Item Code?

    Answer :

    DEBUG.SUSPEND is include in the menu item code.

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  25. Question 16. You Are Upgrading An Application To The Latest Version Of Oracle Forms That Was Previously Deployed Only In Client/server. When You Test The Upgraded Application, You Notice That Icons Do Not Appear On The Buttons. When You Ran The Application In Client/server With Forms 6i, Icons Appeared On The Buttons Because There Are Many Icon Buttons, You Are Concerned About Generating Frequent Round-trips To The Application Server To Display Icons On The Buttons, So You Convert The Icons To .gif Files And Place Them In A Jar File. You Modify The Forms Servlet Configuration File To Set Imagebase To Codebase And Include The Name Of The Jar File In The Appropriate Archive Parameter. Where Should You Locate The Jar File On Your Application Server Machine So That It Is Downloaded To The Client To Reduce Subsequent Network Traffic?

    Answer :

    Place the icon JAR file in the JAVA subdirectory of the FORMS90 (or FORMS) directory under the iAS $ORACLE_HOME on the application server machine.

  26. Question 17. Which Three Tasks Can Be Performed By The Xml2forms Utility?

    Answer :

    Following three tasks can be performed by the XML2Forms utility:

    1. parsing of XML using Oracle XDK SAXParser
    2. creating a Forms object for each XML element
    3. validating XML against the Forms XML schema
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  28. Question 18. There Are Several Forms In Your Forms 6i Application That Perform Select Statements In Triggers And Program Units To Extract Some Information From An Archives Table. As Part Of The Upgrade To The Latest Version Of Oracle Forms, You Have Split The Archives Table By Year. The Current Table Is Now Called Archives2001, So You Want To Change All Occurrences Of Archives In Your Pl/sql Code To Archives2001.

    Which File Would You Modify So That The Oracle Forms Migration Assistant Performs The Substitution When You Use This Tool To Upgrade Your Application?

    Answer :


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  30. Question 19. A User Runs, And Then Exits, The Payroll Forms Session Over The Web. The Same User Then Starts A Sales Forms Session Over The Web. The Sales Forms Application Uses Two Form Modules And Two Custom Menu Modules. How Many Forms Applets Are Required?

    Answer :

    One Forms applet is required to run any Oracle Application Server Forms Services application.

  31. Question 20. You Are Using Pluggable Java Components To Modify The Appearance And Behavior Of Certain Input Items. These Modifications Cannot Be Done In The Property Palette Of These Items. Which Built-in Can You Use To Accomplish This Task?

    Answer :

    SET_CUSTOM_PROPERTY use to accomplish this task.

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