Oracle Service Contract Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Are The Elements Of Oracle Service Contract?

    Answer :

    • Header
    • Lines
    • Sub Lines
  2. Question 2. What Are The Three Line Types Available?

    Answer :

    Service Lines – Eg: For Depot repair, Field Service, Technical Support, etc…

    Usage Lines – Eg: For usage of Photo copier within a period, etc…

    Subscription Lines – Eg: For Magazines, etc (May be Tangible or Intangible).

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  4. Question 3. When The Warranty Contract Is Created?

    Answer :

    Warranties are created automatically once the item is shipped to the customer.

  5. Question 4. When Does The Date Of Warranty Become Effective?

    Answer :

    Warranties go into effect on the shipment date. But administrator can automatically delay the warranty start date when there is delay in installation of the product.

  6. Question 5. What Is The Concurrent Program You Run To Create Contract Automatically From Sales Order?

    Answer :

    Service Contract Order Capture Integration.

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  8. Question 6. What Is The Difference Between Warranties And Extended Warranties?

    Answer :


    • Free Service
    • Associated with serviceable item in BOM
    • Automatically added after an Order is shipped

    Extended Warranties:

    • Chargeable Service
    • Not included in BOM
    • Can be created automatically from order or manually in Oracle Service Contract
  9. Question 7. What Are The Apis In Service Contract?

    Answer :

    OKS_ENTITLEMENTS_PUB – Coverage time, reaction time, resolve by time, contract details, contacts, preferred engineers, coverage type, Txn Billing type, validate contract line, expiration date.

    OKS_CON_COVERAGE_PUB – Apply contract coverage, Get Business Process Price list.

    OKS_OMINT_PUB – Check for availability of service for particular customer and a product.

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  11. Question 8. How The Agreements And Lines Are Supported In Service Contract?

    Answer :

    • Service agreement can have Service and Usage Lines.
    • Subscription agreement can have Service, Usage and Subscription Lines.
    • Warranties can have only Warranty lines.
    • Extended Warranties can have only Extended Warranty Lines.
  12. Question 9. What Is Usage In Service Contracts?

    Answer :

    Usage base service providing to the product, Usage means USE+AGE. we can provide the service to the product on the basis of USE(counters) and Durations(timewise), this need to be define in service contracts how the product get service on eligible business process(customer support/Field service/Depot repair) with charges or without charges.

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  14. Question 10. What Are Versions In Service Contracts And How To Change The Versions?

    Answer :

    To change version contracts authoring-> Tools menu->create new version contracts can be versioned to maintain the updates and changes.

    Updates can be versioned with change in minor version. and creating a new version option changes the major version of the contracts.

  15. Question 11. What Is The Use Of Manual And Automatic Contract Number Creation?

    Answer :

    Auto numbering functionality will automatically create contract number after creation of the contract. It provides flexibility in defining how contracts are numbered. One can manually override the system generated number, assuming they allow manual checkbox is selected during setup.

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  17. Question 12. Why Contracts Need To Group And How To Assign?

    Answer :

    Contract groups organize contracts in the Contract 

    Navigator tab. service contracts authoring->summary->administration tab.

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  19. Question 13. What Are The Administration Components Involving With Service Contracts?

    Answer :

    Components are as follows in R12:

    1. Change Request
    2. Versions
    3. Copy
    4. Renewal
    5. Change Status
    6. Terminations
    7. Extend
    8. Attachment
  20. Question 14. Why Counters Are Required For The Usage Products?

    Answer :

    They count the usage of product. This is recorded using counters devices/mechanism that measure usage such as number of phone calls made, no of copiers etc.

  21. Question 15. Where To Find The Terminations And Dues To The Service Contracts?

    Answer :

    You can find termination and dues information.

    Administration sub tab of Summary tab.

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  23. Question 16. What Are All Default Service Contracts Line Types?

    Answer :

    The Default Service contracts line types are:

    1. Service
    2. Warranty
    3. Usage
  24. Question 17. Where To Define The Line Types?

    Answer :

    Set up –> Contract –> Categories and Sources –> Line Types

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  26. Question 18. What Is The Use Of Approval Work Flow?

    Answer :

    Oracle Service Contract leverages Oracle workflow to automate the contract approval process. After authoring the contract one can send it for approval and obtain signature on contract.

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