Operating Room Nurse Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. A Practice Nurse Regularly Performs Certain Routine Procedures. What Are They?

    Answer :

    A practice nurse will treat and dress wounds as well as take blood samples, urine samples, and swabs. Further treatment and general health are two matters which practice nurses will consult and advise with patients.

  2. Question 2. How Do You Use Your Downtime As Operating Room Nurse?

    Answer :

    I would recheck if I have really accomplished all my duties and obligations on my shift, then I would talk to my patient make sure she is stable and all her needs were met, and if she needs anything before I leave. Maybe helpout other co-workers if they are getting behind their schedules.

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  4. Question 3. Tell Me What Qualifications Are Important For A Nurse To Have?

    Answer :

    School nurses are usually registered nurses. They must be expert at analyzing tell-tale signs of diseases common among school children of all ages. They exercise good judgment every day in deciding whether to send a child for a check-up by a specialist.

  5. Question 4. What Is Your Favorite Type Of Patient?

    Answer :

    A patient that is appreciative of the care they are receiving. A patient that cooperates and is willing to do what is necessary to improve upon while they are under our care. Of course, finding a perfect patient will not always happen and you have to adapt and be just as courteous to a patient no matter how they behave.

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  7. Question 5. A Practice Nurse Should Possess Certain Main Characteristics. What Are They?

    Answer :

    A practice nurse should perform tasks deftly and with efficiency, while being personable and presentable. A practice nurse should also perform duties and procedures with minimal unpleasantness for the patients.

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  9. Question 6. What Are Your Likes And Dislikes About The Job As Operating Room Nurse?

    Answer :

    I have a big heart, and seeing my patients struggle, sometimes for their life, is a challenging task. I enjoy protecting my patients, and making them feel safe and protected. Children especially act as if they are fearful but have very strong emotions. I am working on separating my deep emotions from my career. Patient’s struggling is a large downfall for me.

    Aside from the emotional side of my career I enjoy the everyday new challenges. Everyday bring a different scenario and every patient is at a new point in their medical healing. I enjoy using my knowledge and experience to solve problems and help in every way that I can.

  10. Question 7. Tell Me What Is Your Ideal Work Environment?

    Answer :

    Conducive environment, team working, respect for others, friendly staff, opportunity for career development and educational staff development.

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    Nursing Interview Questions

  12. Question 8. Tell Us Why Will You Be The Best Nurse On This Unit?

    Answer :

    Im well educated, Im willing to learn to the point that I want to know everything in the scope of nursing. Im a aggresive in a way. Im open to any corrections. Im a fast learner, good student and a good worker. Im energetic. Doing task that i need to do.

  13. Question 9. Tell Me As Far As Nursing Intervention Is Concerned, What Do You Know About Working As An Or Rn?

    Answer :

    Right before an operation, an OR nurse has to remain at the patient’s bedsides to comfort him or her. Positioning patients so that they can be operated on properly, providing support in administering anesthesia and monitoring patients throughout the surgical procedure, are all part of a nurse’s work in the operating room.

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  15. Question 10. Tell Me How Would You React If You Discovered That The Patient Who Is Being Operated On Isn’t Completely Unconscious?

    Answer :

    I would calmly but promptly make the anesthesiologist aware of the problem and provide immediate assistance to do the needful.

  16. Question 11. Tell Us How Will You Keep Yourself Emotionally Stable While Dealing With The Patients?

    Answer :

    When you spend time with people, you tend to get emotionally attached to them, which is fine till you part. You can answer something like, “during my training and also in my previous job I have learnt how to detach myself from my patients.”

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  18. Question 12. As You Know Practice Nurses Are Often Working With Other Professionals. What Experience Do You Have Managing A Team Or Working As Part Of A Team?

    Answer :

    It is important to know that practice nurses are often the people being led by someone else, working within a team framework. The requirement of a practice nurse to be a strong team leader is not generally the case. Senior personnel usually instruct practice nurses as to their duties. Practice nurses follow this instruction as part of the team framework and help senior personnel where appropriate.

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  20. Question 13. Explain Me Are You Specialized In A Particular Area, I.e. Neo-natal, Pediatric, Geriatric, Or Women’s Health?

    Answer :

    As a graduate nurse, I am yet to work in a specialty area. However, I have had a placement at a neurosurgical ward.

  21. Question 14. Tell Me What Do You Find Most Challenging While Working As A Nurse In An Operating Room Environment? How Do You Manage The Tension?

    Answer :

    Nursing is a challenge on the whole. There is so much at stake when you are working as an RN. However, working as one in an operating room environment is especially challenging because of the tense atmosphere that ORs carry. Over the years, I have learnt to manage my stress by disassociating myself emotionally. When one is not emotionally involved in a situation, things become easier to manage.

  22. Question 15. Explain Me What Duties Does An Operating Room Nurse Perform After A Surgery Has Been Completed?

    Answer :

    As soon as an operative procedure is completed, it is the job of the nurse to check and record vitals, arrange for orderly and safe transition to recovery rooms, and evaluate patients’ response to the surgical interventions.

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  24. Question 16. Explain Your Typical Relationship With Physicians You Work With?

    Answer :

    I have continuously worked in a multi-disciplinary environment with physicians, social workers, and nurse aides. It is important to maintain a strong relationship with physicians because they also work closely with patients. Especially when advocating for a patient it is important to have a relationship with physicians who respect you.

  25. Question 17. Explain Me What Was Your Least Favorite Patient? What Was The Situation?

    Answer :

    I had a patient who’s pain control was unmanageable. I notified the charge nurse and we notified the physician to get a different medication or dose that would be more therapeutic, but the physician declined the request. Still advocating for my patient we tried different non pharma interventions but his painw as still unmanageable. I didn’t like that we couldn’t make him pain free.

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  27. Question 18. Explain Me A Recent Issue You Had With A Doctor Or Co-worker’s Decision. How Did You Handle It?

    Answer :

    Recently a nurse that covers half of the night shifts in the operating room resigned. Without discussion, our managers announced at morning telling us to fill the call and working hours. I understand how important it is to have the OR covered so as a team we all covered the shifts and made sacrifices, but as a system that runs on a Shared Government as a team we would have appreciated a discussion about how the call was going to be taken.

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