Openedge Abl Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Explain The Features Of Openedge Features?

    Answer :

    Some of the features present in OpenEdge are: –

    • Backup tools and online administration which can significantly reduce downtime.
    • It delivers recovery from crash, replication of data, cluster failover, advanced back up recovery, etc.
    • It is very efficient in handling high traffic loads, response time, etc.
  2. Question 2. State Some Of The Uses Of Openedge Architect Features Useful For A Developer?

    Answer :

    Some of the uses of openEdge architect are:

    1. A clear view of application resources
    2. Provides a clear structure of the code.
    3. Code generation which is template driven
    4. Existing applications can be integrated with open edge development tools, etc.
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  4. Question 3. Explain About Openedge Studio?

    Answer :

    OpenEdge studio provides a single user interface for creating many web based rich internet applications. It provides tools for interfaces, objects and data linking. It allows you to integrate applications (modules) for complex business environments. These applications can be used again.

  5. Question 4. Explain About Progress Open Edge?

    Answer :

    Progress open edge provides platform for developing RAD and service oriented business applications. These applications can be deployed over any platform which offers greater inter operability features.

  6. Question 5. Explain About Openedge Translation Manager?

    Answer :

    Translational manager helps organizations to have a local version according to the region they are present in. It delivers same efficiency, quality, and performance as the original data created or edited before translating it into different versions. Any company looking for offshore business improvements should have progress translation manager.

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  8. Question 6. Explain About Openedge Workgroup Rdbms?

    Answer :

    OpenEdge workgroup RDBMS will be good for small scale business man employing around 50 persons. This can be deployed in a small scale business and departmental stores for efficient pricing. Installation for a small scale business can be cost effective.

  9. Question 7. Explain About Openedge Abl In Terms Of Taking The Perspective Of The Developer?

    Answer :

    It helps developers develop applications with its own RDBMS and programming tools. These applications are portable across various platforms; also you can access various data base management systems. End users need not have the knowledge of the underlying architecture of the application.

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  11. Question 8. Explain About Openedge Rdbms?

    Answer :

    OpenEdge RDBMS provides performance, reliability and scalability. It allows multiple clients from different platforms access the same data. Maintenance and administration can be done by self configuring and optimizing techniques. It gives a greater return on investment.

  12. Question 9. Explain About Openedge Replication Plus?

    Answer :

    OpenEdge replication helps you recover from financial disaster caused due to software failure. OpenEdge replication helps an organisation by making a replica of his valuable data. This also provides you to work on the server which has the replica of the data.

  13. Question 10. Explain About Progress Apama?

    Answer :

    Progress Apama products are extensively used by financial houses. Progress Apama platform is used where data changes by every millisecond. Apama`s CEP functionality can be used for financial market feeds, telecommunication network traffic, high velocity data streams, satellite data, defence, etc.