Oceanography Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Which One Of The Following Is A Warm Ocean Current ?

    Answer :

    East Australian current.

  2. Question 2. Average Salinity Of Water Of Arabian Sea Is?

    Answer :

    35 ppt.

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  4. Question 3. Major Source Of Oceanic Salinity Is____?

    Answer :

    Ash from Volcanoes.

  5. Question 4. Which One Of The Following Is The Tide Produced As A Consequence Of Moon And Sun Pulling The Earth In The Same Direction?

    Answer :

    High tide.

  6. Question 5. Tidal Range Denotes The ____?

    Answer :

    difference between high and low tide.

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  8. Question 6. The Portion Of The Earths Surface Covered With Water Is Roughly ____?

    Answer :

    Two – third.

  9. Question 7. The Challenger Rise Is Located In ___?

    Answer :

    The Atlantic Ocean.

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  11. Question 8. Which Of The Following Is A Continental Shelf Sea_____?

    Answer :

    Red sea.

  12. Question 9. Which Of The Following Oceans Does Not Have A North South Submarine Ridge?

    Answer :

    Pacific Ocean.

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  14. Question 10. Which Is The Smallest Among The Following Water Bodies ?

    Answer :

    Japan Sea.

  15. Question 11. The Largest Reserves Of Fresh Water On The Earth S Surface In____?

    Answer :

    North America.

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  17. Question 12. The Coastline Formed By The Submergence Of Mountain Ridges Running Parallel To The Coast Is Known As ___?

    Answer :

    Dalmation coast.

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  19. Question 13. A Submarine Mountain Rising More Than 1000 Meters Above The Ocean Floor Is Known As___?

    Answer :

    Sea mount.

  20. Question 14. Which Is A Warm Current?

    Answer :

    Gulf stream.

  21. Question 15. Which Is A Cool Current_____?

    Answer :

    Humboldt current.

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  23. Question 16. Periodic Movement Of The Sea Water Is Known As____?

    Answer :


  24. Question 17. Current Which Flow From Lower Latitudes To Higher Latitudes Are ____?

    Answer :

    Warm Current.

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  26. Question 18. The Deepest Ocean In The World Is: ____?

    Answer :

    The Pacific Ocean.

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  28. Question 19. Pelagic Deposits Consists Of :

    Answer :

    Organic ooze materials.

  29. Question 20. Pelagic Deposits Are Mainly Found Below The Depth Of:

    Answer :

    600 fathoms.

  30. Question 21. Radiolarian Oozes Occur In The Depths Of ?

    Answer :

    2000 to 5000 fathoms.

  31. Question 22. Pelagic Deposits Are In The Form Of Liquid Mud Known As Ooze Found?

    Answer :

    on the deep ocean floor.

  32. Question 23. Benthos Is The Name Given To A Those Organisms Which Live____?

    Answer :

    At the bottom of the ocean.

  33. Question 24. Abundant Organic Life Is Present In_____?

    Answer :

    Zone of upwelling of cold water.

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  35. Question 25. Oozes Are Associated With___?

    Answer :

    Pelagic deposits.

  36. Question 26. Neap Tides Occur During ______?

    Answer :

    First and third quarter.

  37. Question 27. Salinity Of Sea Water Refers To The Salt Content Expressed In Terms Of Gram Per Kilograms. The Average Salt Content Is ?

    Answer :


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  39. Question 28. Spring Tide Means____?

    Answer :

    higher high tide, higher low tide.

  40. Question 29. Drift Plain Are Formed By ?

    Answer :

    Deposits of continental glaciations.

  41. Question 30. Fiord Originate As A Result Of ____

    Answer :

    Glacial erosion.

  42. Question 31. Groin Is——— ?

    Answer :

    simply a wall built at right angles to the shorelines.

  43. Question 32. Delta Shore Line Is—- ?

    Answer :

    built of material brought out of stream system.

  44. Question 33. What Is A Coastal Plains ?

    Answer :

    Coastal plains is created by continental shelf exposed by emergence.

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  46. Question 34. The Greatest Known Ocean Depth Is ?

    Answer :

    11033 metre.

  47. Question 35. The Caspian Sea, The Largest Inland Sea Or Lake In The World , Is Located?

    Answer :

    Partly in Europe and partly in Asia.

  48. Question 36. Which Is The Largest Sea In The World ?

    Answer :

    South China Sea.

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  50. Question 37. Which Is The Largest Gulf In The World ?

    Answer :

    The Gulf of Mexico.

  51. Question 38. What Is Ninety East Ridge?

    Answer :

    There is a submarine ridge in the Bay of Bengal is called Ninety east ridge.

  52. Question 39. What Is The Proportion Of Landmass Of The Ocean Floor Plotted Against The Given Datum Line Called ?

    Answer :

    Hypsographic curve.

  53. Question 40. Where Is The Dogger Bank, Which Is A Major Fishing Area Located?

    Answer :

    North Sea.

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  55. Question 41. The Canal Joining Baltic Sea To North Sea Is?

    Answer :

    Kiel Canal.

  56. Question 42. Dead Sea Is Situated In_____?

    Answer :

    A rift valley.

  57. Question 43. The Busiest And The Most Important Sea Route Of The World Is_____?

    Answer :

    North Atlantic Sea Route.

  58. Question 44. Which One Among The Following Best Explains The Reason For The Eastern And Western Boundaries Of The Pacific Ocean Experiencing Frequent Earthquake?

    Answer :

    These margins coincide with the plate margins.

  59. Question 45. What Is Thermocline?

    Answer :

    The layer of water in the oceans and lakes that separates the warmer surface layer from the deeper colder layer is called  Thermocline.