Medical Representative Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Are The Challenges In Being A Pharmaceutical Sales Person?

    Answer :

    The true challenge for a Pharma salesperson, is to convince a doctor to switch from a drug that he or she is prescribing to their patient.

  2. Question 2. What Are The Key Responsibilities Of A Medical Representative (mr)?

    Answer :

    The typical work activities that a medical representative has to do is:

    • Increase Sales
    • Increase awareness of the brand
    • Increase market share
    • Meet and exceed targets
    • 6-7 calls per day and fixing appointments
    • Manage the territory like a small business
    • Build a relationship and convey product information
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  4. Question 3. How Can You Become A Successful Pharmaceutical Representative?

    Answer :

    Pharmaceutical sales is a high turnover business and to get its foot into it requires:

    • Positive Approach
    • Good Network and Focussing on Sales call
    • Good communication skills
    • Good product knowledge
    • Understanding market value of your product
    • Good research on competitors and their sales target
  5. Question 4. Explain Why Pharma Sales Is Different Than Other Sales?

    Answer :

    • Pharmaceutical sales is an indirect sales role
    • Pharmaceutical sales have no order to close or contract to sign
    • It serves for an expert physician promoting product through education and awareness
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  7. Question 5. Is There Any Software Available In The Market To Help To Track Their Sales And Progress?

    Answer :

    Pharmaceutical specific ERP software are available in the market which can be useful to track the total number of sales, exact customer location; profit made quarterly, sales management, stock information from stockiest and so on.

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  9. Question 6. How You Can Convince A Physician To Switch To Your Drug?

    Answer :

    To convince a physician to switch on to your drug is most challenging task especially when he is happy with its current drugs.

    To switch on to your prescribed drug, your first step is to

    • Make your presence by setting small sales initially let say targeting 1 or 2 patient and target bigger later on
    • Gain complete knowledge about the drug and observe the prescribing behaviour of physician
    • Use your product knowledge and other tools to make physician understand your product.
    • Once the physician show his confidence in the product,  push him to prescribe your product for more patients.
  10. Question 7. What Is Your Expectation From Your Sales Manager?

    Answer :

    • Provide you with all amenities and tools required for job
    • Knowledge and tips to increase sales
    • One who can assess your potential and set realistic goals
    • One who supports and use his knowledge and yours to bring synergetic result.
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  12. Question 8. What Will Be Your Approach If You Are Given A Territory And A List Of Physician To Call On?

    Answer :

    80% of business comes from 20% of the people.  For a given territory, your first approach should be

    • Analyse and see the customers and their potential
    • Gather all the data’s of sales particularly in the area you are given
    • Target those physician or customers who have bigger sales potential

    Later, you can start calling for appointments

  13. Question 9. What Is The Training Aspect, If One Is Selected For The Sales Representative Position?

    Answer :

    The training can include

    • University or school studying all the aspect of the product
    • Training on field with an experienced representative
    • Learning anatomy and physiology to competitor’s products
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  15. Question 10. How Many Product Does A Med Rep Usually Carry? How Do You Get Bonuses Paid On Them?

    Answer :

    Usually, a med rep carries 2-3 products and sometimes four if it is an experienced guy.  Each product is responsible to a portion of the rep’s sales bonus. To get bonuses paid, they have to sell all the products and meet the decided quota.

  16. Question 11. How Many Sales Calls Are You Supposed To Make Each Day?

    Answer :

    Your sales depend on how often you see your physicians and make contacts.  To achieve maximum sales it is desirable to make maximum calls and fix the appointments. On average, any company demands around 10-12 calls a day.

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  18. Question 12. Explain What Are The Pros And Cons Working For A Small Scale And Large Scale Pharmaceutical Company?

    Answer :


    • It is easier to shine and advance at small pharmaceutical companies.
    • Small scale industries become big pharmaceutical companies very rapidly.
    • Small companies offer stock options as incentive to stay with them long-term.
    • Often smaller companies are sell out to larger companies, and the original stockholders get wealthy.


    • For entertaining clients, small pharmaceutical companies do not provide significant expenses.
    • Territories are bigger, and you have to drive more instead of working in a limited territory.
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  20. Question 13. How Would You Reach A Physician Who Does Not See A Representative?

    Answer :

    • Try to communicate with their staff (receptionists, medical secretaries, practice nurses, etc.)
    • Send him product information and literature through e-mail
    • Drop literature regarding product to their clinics
    • Invite him to speaker meetings and see him at CME meetings.
  21. Question 14. What Do You Prefer A Long Or Short Sales Cycles?

    Answer :

    Depending on the situation I would prefer which cycle to opt for, usually a long sales cycle as it gives enough time to know the physician and can spend time educating him about the benefits and uses of the product.  However, if the physician is well-informed about the product, then short sales cycles would be more preferable.

  22. Question 15. Explain As A Medical Representative What Is Your Selling Style To The Physician?

    Answer :

    • Be clear and precise about your product
    • Use Pictures, Illustrations and Drawing and if possible use PowerPoint Presentation to show product
    • Support your argument with evidence like case studies or clinical trial results
    • Every drug has advantages and disadvantages- do not hide any information about product
    • Maintain constant communication with the physician
    • Build relationship with physician and staff
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  24. Question 16. Explain What Is Your Pre-call Planning To A Chemist?

    Answer :

    • When did the distributor deliver the last order to the chemist
    • What is the distributor frequency of visit
    • What category of your drugs is the prime focus of his purchase and in what quantities
    • Would you like to inform the pharmacy staff about a new drug launch
    • Do you have any question about generic substitutions.
  25. Question 17. Explain How Should A Sales Call Of A Representative Should End?

    Answer :

    A sales call of a med representative does not end like that or normal sales call. Instead it sounds like offering an option like

    • Trial usage
    • Repeat prescription
    • Continued usage
    • Extended usage
    • Expanded usage

     Once the client or physician identifies it requirement, it will choose one of this option.

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  27. Question 18. Explain What Is Meaning Of Marketing Mix?

    Answer :

    Marketing mix refers to the set of actions, tactics which a company uses to promote its product or brand is referred as Marketing Mix.

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  29. Question 19. Explain What Is The Role Of A Product Manager?

    Answer :

    The role of a Product Manager is

    • Market Analysis
    • Segment Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis
    • Qualitative and Quantitative research
    • Planning and Preparing the marketing mix
    • Delivering the marketing mix
  30. Question 20. Explain What Do You Find Most Rewarding About Being A Med Representative?

    Answer :

    The most rewarding about being med sales representative is satisfaction of helping patients and becoming a medium of providing them a lifesaving medication. Apart from that you help physician to make the right decision about the product and nevertheless you get an opportunity to see many people throughout the day.

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