Medical Assistant Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. How Do You Qualify As A Medical Assistant?

    Answer :

    I have acquired an associate’s degree from XYZ College with special focus on anatomy and physiology. My experience at my previous workplace also instilled in me the knowledge of clinical treatment procedures, diagnostics, record keeping, accounting and insurance processing.

  2. Question 2. Tell Us About Your Relevant Work Experience.

    Answer :

    I had worked as a medical assistant for XYZ Clinic for 3 years.

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  4. Question 3. What Were Your Major Responsibilities There?

    Answer :

    I was responsible for bookkeeping, billing and filling out insurance forms. In addition, I was also accountable for taking vitals, recording medical histories, updating and filing medical records, conducting diagnostic tests and developing X-rays.

  5. Question 4. What Makes You A Great Fit For This Position?

    Answer :

    My expertise in managing claims, keeping electronic medical records, scheduling appointments and managing medical billing and coding makes me a perfect fit for this position. In addition, I have extensive knowledge of medical terminology and basic patient care practices.

  6. Question 5. What Do You Think Your Duties As A Medical Assistant Will Be?

    Answer :

    My duties will be:

    • Greeting visitors and patients and scheduling appointments.
    • Making follow up calls to patients and handling telephone queries.
    • Completing and submitting insurance forms.
    • Taking and recording patients’ histories and typing up patient charts.
    • Creating and updating medical records.
    • Assisting physicians during medical examinations.
    • Ensuring that treatment rooms, equipment and instruments are kept in good order.
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  8. Question 6. Do You Think That Knowledge Of Medical Terminology Will Help You In Your Job?

    Answer :

    Working in an environment that you do not know the basics of can be difficult. If I am comfortable with medical terminology, I can work more effectively when communicating with patients and understanding doctors’ instructions.

  9. Question 7. Have You Ever Submitted And Filled An Insurance Claim Form?

    Answer :

    Yes, several times. It was an integral part of my vocational training as a medical assistant. Insurance form filling was also in my duty list at my previous job especially for patients lined up for surgery or long term treatment.

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  11. Question 8. What Are The Main Sections Of A Medical Record?

    Answer :

    A medical record file generally consists of a personal identification section with person’s contact details, marital status, children and spouse details followed by a medical history section that summarizes all previous illnesses, a family history section and a medication section containing information of previously administered medications and their reactions on the body. Additional sections with record of surgeries and known allergies are also included if applicable.

  12. Question 9. Do You Have Any Experience In Medicine Administration And Phlebotomy?

    Answer :

    Yes, I am trained and licensed to administer prescribed IV and oral medication. I am also well versed in collecting patient blood and urine specimens and assisting in testing of the same under laboratory settings.

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  14. Question 10. Share An Experience Where You Had To Deal With A Difficult Patient? How Did You Handle It?

    Answer :

    I had to deal with a patient once who was diagnosed with cancer and refused to accept treatment. I tried counseling but it didn’t work and neither did referring the patient to a counselor worked. I contacted the patient’s immediate family and with their help, eventually started the patient’s treatment.

  15. Question 11. What Is You Greatest Strength As A Medical Assistant?

    Answer :

    The ability to multitask without compromising on the quality of work.

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  17. Question 12. People Often Confuse Nurses With Medical Assistants.tell Us Of One Major Difference Between The Two.

    Answer :

    Nurses are highly trained medical professionals. They are certified in providing direct medical care to patients such as administering medication through IVs and creating and implementing patient care plans. Medical assistants, on the other hand, assist the medical staff in delivering patient care under the supervision of a physician or a licensed nurse.

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  19. Question 13. What Is The Importance Of Technology In Work As A Medical Assistant?

    Answer :

    The need to save both time and money is very high nowadays. Technology is an important part of a medical assistant’s work as there is so much organization that is needed. Scheduling appointments, handling medical accounting activities and creating reports with accuracy and speed is not easy without support derived from technology.

  20. Question 14. What Do You Know About The Insurance Aspect Of This Work?

    Answer :

    I have filled out and completed insurance forms and filed claims for three years. I am familiar with insurance follow up procedures for both Medicare and Medicaid and also have some experience in handling claims with private insurance companies.

  21. Question 15. What Would You Do If You Were Accused Of Bad Service By A Patient?

    Answer :

    The stance that I would take in a situation such as this is to not argue. I believe that patients come to medical facilities because they are distressed and we should not add to their anguish. If I am ever in a situation such as this, I would apologize and offer to assist them in a better manner.

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  23. Question 16. Tell Us About Your Computer Skills.

    Answer :

    I am an expert user of MS Word and Excel, Outlook and medical accounting software. I also have know-how of medical practice management system.

  24. Question 17. What Type Of Work Schedule Are You Looking For?

    Answer :

    I am able to adapt to any kind of work schedule. So any schedule will perfectly fit me.

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  26. Question 18. Would You Be Available To Work Extra Hours If Needed?

    Answer :

    Sure! It will be my pleasure to work additional hours and random shifts.

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