Media Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Online Communities Have You Managed In The Past?

    Answer :

    Creating profiles and pages and then posting content to them isn’t the job – anyone can do that. The ability to build and engage with the community is the qualifying test of whether someone is a social media manager or a social media user.

  2. Question 2. Which Social Media Channels Do You Recommend For Our Business And Why?

    Answer :

    Has the candidate done the research on your company ahead of time, and how well versed they are in the various social platforms. Pay attention if they mention demographics, style or frequency of messaging, and overall strategy.

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  4. Question 3. What Goals Should We Set For Each Of Our Social Media Accounts, And What Does Success Look Like?

    Answer :

    If their answer is to get as many likes and shares as possible, it’s time to politely end the interview. The path from likes to conversions is more like A to K than A to B, so they should be able to explain what that path looks like for different platforms. Ultimately, conversions are always the goal. They should also be able to help you define success on a strategic and tactical level in order to support your larger marketing goals.

  5. Question 4. What Strategies Would You Use To Generate Leads?

    Answer :

    This question moves from the more general and abstract into the meat of the matter. They should be able to outline 2 or 3 specific strategies that will feed leads into your sales funnel via social engagement.

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  7. Question 5. Tell Me About Seo And Its Relationship With Social Media.?

    Answer :

    There are several techniques of improving SEO with the help of social media. Make sure that they understand the latest Google algorithm, what is rewarded and punished. They should also be aware of the latest social algorithms and policies. Google Analytics should be part of this discussion.

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  9. Question 6. What Are Relevant Metrics For Tracking Roi On Social Media?

    Answer :

    Engagement, brand reach, lead generation, and conversions. These are the essential measures of social media’s return on investment (ROI). They should also be able to more specific in terms of Google Analytics, metrics from software they use, or metrics from a specific platform. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that engagement on its own is success either. Without conversions that can be tracked back to that engagement, efforts have been unsuccessful.

    Leave this question open-ended, just as it is phrased above. Your company may already have social media management software in place or you may be looking for a recommendation. If they’re only familiar with free software that does nothing more than allow them to schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter, it’s not a good sign. Ask them why they like or don’t like different tools and which features they use most.

    The way they define ‘crisis’ can tell you a lot about how much experience they have. If they haven’t had a real crisis in their own experience, they should at least be familiar with some famous brand reputation blunders. Dealing with negative comments or reviews properly is vital to this position, ask for examples.

  10. Question 7. Can You Describe Your Biggest Social Media Failure?

    Answer :

    Everyone has failures, some larger than others. Of course, what you really want to know, is how they dealt with it. Gain insight into their coping skills and how they deal with negatives by seeing how the issue was resolved. Pay attention to what they did (or didn’t do) to ensure that the failure wouldn’t happen again.

    “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm.”


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  12. Question 8. What Are Your Thoughts On Google+?

    Answer :

    Social media is an ever-changing landscape that requires constant and ongoing learning and adapt. Even the most experienced social media managers need to refine their skills. They update their strategies, learn and practice new techniques and stay on top of the latest changes to new and existing platforms.

  13. Question 9. How Do You Check And Stay On Top Of The Latest Updates, Innovations, And New Platforms In Social Media?

    Answer :

    This is a hypothetical question, but it’s also something guaranteed to happen at some point as it has happened before. This position requires a thorough understanding of these kind of changes and strategies for dealing with them when they do.

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  15. Question 10. Imagine: Google Has Just Devalued An Seo Technique You Have Used Successfully In The Past. What Do You Do?

    Answer :

    There are several schools of thought on this matter, and there is no right answer. As of this writing, G+ should be used mostly for SEO purposes and local search results if nothing else. It’s a strange and fine line to consider this platform as a pure social network – it doesn’t seem to hold much weight. But the additional effects of using it are still powerful.

    Knowing the rules and guidelines for each platform is absolutely necessary. Mainly to implement best practices, but also to avoid violating the terms of service, getting suspended or kicked off. 

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  17. Question 11. Can We Run A Contest On Our Facebook Page Where Fans Can Like And Share Posts To Win?

    Answer :

    Results speak for themselves. If they can’t or won’t show you anything, then they either don’t have the experience you need or they aren’t very good at what they do. 

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  19. Question 12. Can We See Some Examples Of The Clients Or Social Media Projects That You Have Worked With?

    Answer :

    Specific metrics and KPIs should be discussed, also what percentage-wise should go where. For example, a decent percentage should be allocated to Facebook ads. Probably at least $500 per month depending on your budget, market, and niche (except rare exceptions). Human capital, social media tools, and training are also absolutely necessary for high ROI.

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  21. Question 13. How Would You Allocate Your Social Media Budget?

    Answer :

    Social media management must support other marketing and customer service initiatives in the business.

    Your future employee will need to be in the loop with most other aspects of the business to achieve true success. The roles and responsibilities of each cog in the machine (your business) should be defined as clearly as possible.

  22. Question 14. What Are Our Competitors Doing In Social Media?

    Answer :

    This will show you how well-balanced they are across all aspects of the position, and also what kind of content creator they are. It’s perfectly fine to outsource content, but then they should have a good grasp of creative writing, design and good SEO practices. 

  23. Question 15. Do You Have Your Own Blog Or Regularly Write Content For Other Social Media Platforms?

    Answer :

    This helps you understand what they think social media marketing is and how it should be done. The best answer will be a version of ‘listening to’ or ‘monitoring’ your audience and your competitors. The old saying about two ears and one mouth is especially relevant in social media management.

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  25. Question 16. What Is The Most Important Thing A Social Media Manager Should Be Doing?

    Answer :

    “Good content always has an objective; it’s created with intent. It therefore carries triggers to action.”

  26. Question 17. Why Should We Hire You Over Someone Else?

    Answer :

    You have already asked about content creation and seen their writing abilities (if they have them). This question is designed to get the candidate to think on their feet. Assess how clearly they can communicate ideas and emotions and how compelling they are. I would argue that if someone can’t tell a story, well, then they have no business working in social media.

    Marketing and customer service are different parts of social media management, but both are vital. Each requires a different approach and very often, a separate channel. First, they should recognize this fact.

    Secondly, they should know how to approach each type of situation (endorsement, mention or complaint).

    This is an oldie but goldie and should be used in every hiring situation. Anyone should be able tell you why they are better than their competition and why they are the best fit for your company. This gives them an opportunity to highlight the best aspects of their skill set and experience.

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  28. Question 18. Explain Something That Is Complicated But That You Know Well.?

    Answer :

    This is similar to the storytelling question but from a more technical aspect. The ‘something’ can be anything. Possibly they know how to rebuild a car engine or know how to explain social media to their grandparents. The point is, they should be able to comprehend a complex subject and articulate it in a simpler, understandable form. This is also a good gauge of their passion and charisma.

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  30. Question 19. Pitch My Company To Me As If I Were A Potential Customer.?

    Answer :

    This will show you how much they know about your company and what their level of passion is for your product, service or industry. It will also tell you what their initial impressions are without the insight of working for you (yet). It’s unlikely they’ll be prepared for this, so it can also show you how quickly they think on their feet.

  31. Question 20. How Do You Stay Updated With The Latest Social Trends?

    Answer :

    If you are a social networking enthusiast, you surely follow some blogs and influencers. Let the recruiter know you are always up to date and share your favorites!

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  33. Question 21. What Social Media Tools Do You Use?

    Answer :

    Here you will need to drop some names. It’s important you know how to use one or more Social Media Management platforms such as HootSuite, SproutSocial or TweetDeck. Be prepared to explain why you use them and what features you like from one or the other.

  34. Question 22. What Are Relevant Metrics For Tracking Social Media Success?

    Answer :

    Engagement, brand reach and lead generation is what helps show the ROI of social media to a business, these measurements show the results of your job. Show the interviewer that you are an expert analyzing the metrics and have solutions to improve them.

  35. Question 23. How Would You Deal With Negative Comments Or A Brand Reputation Crisis?

    Answer :

    Show the hiring manager that you are able to react quickly and face a crisis with self-confidence and efficiency. You may use examples of famous brand reputation crises to tell what you think was done well and what not.

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  37. Question 24. What Strategies Would You Implement For Helping Generating Leads (or Conversions)?

    Answer :

    Share the facts! Talk about successful strategies you have used in other projects. You may also describe strategies you think could be useful to their company in particular.

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  39. Question 25. Which Social Media Channels Do You Recommend For Our Business?

    Answer :

    Make sure you study the business you’re interviewing with, think about their target audience, industry they work in and possible strategies they could follow and then compare it to what each social network offers. You’ll have no problem to tackle this question and other similar ones if you have done your homework and informed yourself about the business/brand beforehand.