Mathcad Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Do Variables Do In Mathcad?

    Answer :

    Variables define values to be used when solving equations.

  2. Question 2. If You Plot 2d Data In Mathcad, What Kind Must It Be?

    Answer :

    A cartesian X-Y plot, or a polar plot.

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  4. Question 3. If You Wanted To Open A New Worksheet, What Would You Do?

    Answer :

    Click the “new file” icon on the Standard toolbar based on the standard template.

  5. Question 4. What Plots Would You Use To Plot A Vector Of Data?

    Answer :

    An X-Y or Polar plot.

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  7. Question 5. What Is Mathcad Used For?

    Answer :

    It is an industry standard for technical calculation.

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  9. Question 6. What Is A Component?

    Answer :

    A specialized OLE object that can receive data from Mathcad and return data to Mathcad.

  10. Question 7. Which Is True About Variables?

    Answer :

    Variable names cannot begin with a number.

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  12. Question 8. How Do You Overtype Text?

    Answer :

    Select the text beneath the text you wish to replace, type it in, then hit Enter.

  13. Question 9. How Do You Set Up The Pages Of A Worksheet?

    Answer :

    Document > Page > Then select page size, orientation, and margins.

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  15. Question 10. How Do You Define A Variable In Mathcad 15.0?

    Answer :

    Type the variable name, type the colon [ : ] key, then type the value to be assigned to the variable.

  16. Question 11. When Would You Use Range Variables?

    Answer :

    To iterate a function over a range of values.

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  18. Question 12. How Do You Align Regions Horizontally?

    Answer :

    Choose: Align Regions > Across.

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  20. Question 13. What Is The Purpose Of Collapsible Areas In Mathcad 2.0?

    Answer :

    They allow you to group and hide your calculations.

  21. Question 14. When Creating A Color Picture In Mathcad, What Must Be Done First?

    Answer :

    You must define three matrices of the same size that describe either RGB, or HSV.

  22. Question 15. What Are Symbolic Calculations Generally Used For?

    Answer :

    Symbolic calculations explain the deeper meaning behind a calculation.

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  24. Question 16. How Must The Symbolic Equal Sign Be Applied To A Calculation In Mathcad?

    Answer :

    It must be applied to the entire calculation, and not parts of it.

  25. Question 17. What Are Keyword Modifiers?

    Answer :

    Keyword modifiers change the behavior of keywords.

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  27. Question 18. If You Wanted To Use A Matrix, Where Would You Look To Set It Up?

    Answer :

    Choose Matrix from the Insert menu.

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  29. Question 19. How Do You Move A Region In A Template?

    Answer :

    Copy and paste to the location of your choice.

  30. Question 20. What Is The Difference Between Activating A Region And Selecting A Region?

    Answer :

    To activate a region you simply click in it, whereas to select a region you must keep the control key (Ctrl) depressed while clicking.

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  32. Question 21. What Is A Parametric Plot?

    Answer :

    A plot with a function or expression that is plotted against another function or expression.

  33. Question 22. How Do You Make Mathcad Ignore Prior Definitions?

    Answer :

    Define the variable recursively.

  34. Question 23. Which Is Not True About Vectors?

    Answer :

    Vectors must increment (up or down) in uniform steps.

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  36. Question 24. What Are The Default Characteristics Of A Mathcad Graph?

    Answer :

    Numbered linear axes, no grid lines, and points connected with solid lines.

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  38. Question 25. What Is The Process To Create A Polar Plot?

    Answer :

    Select: Graph > Polar Plot from the Insert menu.

  39. Question 26. How Do You Stop Growing Text Regions From Overlapping On-top Of Other Regions?

    Answer :

    Right click inside the text region > Click Proprieties > Select the Text tab > Check the box adjacent to Push Regions Down As You Type.

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