Makeup Artist Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Tell Me What Do You Love Most About Make Up?

    Answer :

    The never ending boundless options – making someone look so different. Changing people’s image to suit their mood or moment. It’s endless.

  2. Question 2. Tell Me Do You Have Any Experience In Cosmetic Retailers?

    Answer :

    I spent a year in cosmetic retailers where I was responsible for selling the company’s cosmetics products. I exceeded the annual sales target by 30% through effective promotion and product demonstrations to clients.

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  4. Question 3. Do You Know What Are Some Common Beauty Mistakes That Women Make?

    Answer :

    I often see great dabs of shimmery bronzer. It looks great on shoots and in very specific areas but some people circle it all over and you end up looking like an orange bauble. Not good! Less is more.

  5. Question 4. Tell Me What Is The One Product You Can’t Work Without?

    Answer :

    I use it with everything. Apply it on clean skin before your moisturizer, mix it with your foundation and blush. It makes any makeup look more like real skin.

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  7. Question 5. What Is Your Favorite Quote?

    Answer :

    My fav quote is “Beauty Fades but Dumb is Forever”.

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  9. Question 6. Tell Me What Three Makeup Item Should No Woman Leave Home Without?

    Answer :

    Concealer, lip gloss, mascara.

  10. Question 7. Tell Me How Old Were You When You Became Obsessed With Make Up?

    Answer :

    One of my first memories when I was about 4 years old was me climbing up my mothers dresser to grab her lipstick, I smeared it all along the drawers as I climbed my way down then continued to smush it all over my face .I’ve been a makeup addict ever since.

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  12. Question 8. Do You Know Who Are Some People That Have Inspired You Throughout Your Career?

    Answer :

    Steven Meisel, photographer, Helmut Newton and strong images of powerful women.

  13. Question 9. How To Prepare Dry And Oily Skin For Foundation Makeup Application?

    Answer :

    Oily skin has to be toned before makeup application so that the pores are closed and makeup stays longer while dry skin has to be moisturized before makeup application to avoid cracks in foundation layer.

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  15. Question 10. Tell Me How Do I Get Rid Of Wrinkles?

    Answer :

    Makeup is magical. It can help conceal imperfections, but it’s not the answer to every beauty issue. Being educated on the right skincare routine is important to maintain your skin. Great makeup starts with great skin, so make sure to stock up on moisturizers that contain retinol for anti aging and hyaluronic acid for intense moisture.

  16. Question 11. Please Explain About Your Experience As A Makeup Artist?

    Answer :

    I started my career at MAC Cosmetics in capacity of a Makeup assistant. After completing a diploma course in makeup art with American Association of cosmeticians, I joined CBR where I currently apply makeup for TV shoots and special events. I also have experience in wedding makeup application, fashion show makeup and product promotional makeovers.

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  18. Question 12. Explain Me How Much Of Your Input Do You Add To Achieve The Results The Photographer Is Looking For?

    Answer :

    I’ve been in the business over 17 years and have worked on all ends of the spectrum so I give a lot of input, but more in the finished result rather than talking about it too much because a lot can happen in the process of creativity.

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  20. Question 13. Suppose If You Could Pick One Unique Product Or Service Offering, Which Would Be Your Favorite, And Why?

    Answer :

    The day of appointment schedules that we create for our clients is something unique that we offer and is one of the many tools that has made our weddings successful. The schedule not only ensures that everyone will be done on time, but we build in extra time on the back end to account for any unforeseen instances that may arise that day. Weddings are days to expect the unexpected so we try to plan for that the best we can; aka a bridesmaid gets lost or oversleeps her alarm. Another benefit to the schedule we create is that the bride can simply forward the schedule to the rest of her wedding party. That way she doesn’t have all 8 of her bridesmaids asking her a million times what time their hair & makeup appointment is, where they need to be, or how to prepare for the appointment(s). We include all of that information in the schedule for her.

  21. Question 14. As You Know Today’s Woman Is Busier Than Ever. What Is The Easiest/quickest Way To Turn A Day/work Look Into Something That Works For Night Out?

    Answer :

    Lining your inner rim with a dark eyeliner is something I do to add “instant fierceness.” Black of course is a go-to, but you can also go for a great navy or plum to really brighten the eyes! Just make sure it’s waterproof and is approved for use on the inner rim.

  22. Question 15. Explain Me What Is The Difference Between Applying Makeup For A Tv Shoot And Applying Makeup For A Live Appearance Party?

    Answer :

    Makeup for TV shoots is usually thematic and has to be applied as per preferences of the director. Thick base, sharper colors and massive skin foundation is needed for TV shoot makeup. Live party makeup has more finesse. It is kept as light as possible and the goal is to highlight the  clients’ naturally appealing features and conceal the non appealing ones.

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  24. Question 16. Explain Me How Do I Contour My Face?

    Answer :

    Contouring seems like a daunting task if you’ve never done it. The reality is it’s easier than you may think. The simplest way to understand contouring is to imagine a light over your head. The areas of the face that the light will illuminate are the highlights and the areas cast in shadows are the contours. Finding the right products is easy, and may already be in your makeup collection. Use a foundation or concealer one shade darker than you skintone (the one you purchased after that last beach vacation), or a bronzer can do the trick. -Blair Patterson, Director of Global Makeup Artistry, Estée Lauder.

  25. Question 17. Tell Me What Is The Most Important Beauty Advice That You Can Give To Women?

    Answer :

    Invest in your mind, body and soul. Shoes come and go, but your skin needs more than a yearly check-up. Invest in a good regular facial and nurture yourself with massages and quiet rest from time to time.

  26. Question 18. Tell Me What Experiences Do You Have Apart From Making Up Characters Apart From Using Typical Makeup Techniques?

    Answer :

    I am trained in molding prosthetics, wigs and extensions on clients to help them get into character.

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  28. Question 19. Tell Me Do You Apply Makeup For Special Events? Name Some You Have Covered?

    Answer :

    Yes, I am a special events makeup artist by profession. I have covered wedding makeup, party makeup, funeral makeup, makeover makeup, theatre performance makeup and makeup for TV shootings.

  29. Question 20. Tell Me What Are The Biggest Challenge Makeup Artists Have To Face?

    Answer :

    The biggest challenge I think is that makeup artists are required to remain up to date with new trends and fashion. The fashion industry evolves on daily basis and the expertise has to be upgraded accordingly.

  30. Question 21. Explain Me Are There Any Trends That You Absolutely Love Or Would Love To See Brides Leave Behind?

    Answer :

    I love that brides are going back to more color on the lip. It got to be way too nude there for a while, so I love seeing the red, pink and berry shades coming back. The one trend that I would love to see left behind for makeup across the board is the harsh contouring! Just don’t do it ladies.

  31. Question 22. Tell Me How Did Your Career Begin In The World Of Beauty?

    Answer :

    My career with fashion and celebrities began when photographer Steven Meisel saw my work and booked me for the cover of Italian Vogue. I was very lucky that he gave me such an amazing opportunity to prove myself. It was the first booking I had. He is the defining reason that I have a career. He changed my life.

  32. Question 23. Explain Me What Prompted You To Launch Your Own Line Of Cosmetics?

    Answer :

    As a celebrity makeup artist, I literally had every single line of cosmetics at my finger tips. Everything from the 99 cent drugstore brands, to the most prestigious luxury brands, and still there was nothing out there that I was 100% happy with! My assistant and I would spend hours playing “chemist,” mixing together several different products to create something that we could use on my clients. I thought to myself, there has to be a better way! I wanted something that my clients, my friends, my family, and I could all trust to make us look and feel as fierce as we deserve.

  33. Question 24. Tell Me How Do I Pick The Perfect Red Lipstick?

    Answer :

    Women are always on the prowl for this. Choose cooler “true” red tones with a bit of blue if you have pink in your skin or are super fair-skinned. A warmer orange-red tone works best for olive-skinned women. -Lori Taylor-Davis, Smashbox Global Pro Artist

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  35. Question 25. Tell Me What’s Your Favorite Makeup Brush?

    Answer :

    My fave makeup brush is actually an eyebrow brush. It’s a giant soft version of the tiny hard angled ones you usually see and it works great creating a full, luscious natural looking brow in one swipe.