LightWave 3D Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Does Fracture Do?

    Answer :

    It breaks an item down into parts for use with dynamics.

  2. Question 2. How Do You Access A Node Through Your Texture Editor?

    Answer :

    Choose Node Editor as the procedural texture.

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  4. Question 3. What Does “mass Method” Do?

    Answer :

    Calculates the ‘heaviness’ of an item.

  5. Question 4. What Does Autodesk’s Maya Do?

    Answer :

    It reverses diffuse and ambient, making it necessary to back up your project before using it.

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  7. Question 5. What Does Edge Padding Do?

    Answer :

    It creates a user-defined padding so that there are no seams when the size of the map is reduced.

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  9. Question 6. What Items Are Included In Bullet’s Properties?

    Answer :

    Bullet Group, Dynamic Body, Collision Body.

  10. Question 7. What Does The Device Manager In Lightwave Do?

    Answer :

    Assigns your connected device to be used with the Virtual Studio.

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  12. Question 8. Where Are Lightmaps Assigned?

    Answer :

    Your surface’s Luminosity channel.

  13. Question 9. What Is The Control Booth For?

    Answer :

    Setting up scripts to handle the commands that configure your device.

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  15. Question 10. What Is Lightwave’s Flocking System Based Off Of?

    Answer :

    3D computer models of coordinated animal motion.

  16. Question 11. The Exploded Parts Toggle Is Used For What?

    Answer :

    Creating an exploded morph map of the parts.

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  18. Question 12. To Make Your Plug-in Live, What Must Be Defined?

    Answer :

    The ServerTagInfo and ServerRecord structures.

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  20. Question 13. What Does The Value, “minimum Samples” Do?

    Answer :

    It determines the camera rays per pixel.

  21. Question 14. If You Wanted To Save Your Configuration Settings, Where Would You Save Them?

    Answer :


  22. Question 15. What Three Principles Is The Flocking Algorithm Based Off Of?

    Answer :

    1. Separation
    2. Alignment
    3. and Cohesion
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  24. Question 16. In Layout, Shift Clicking On An Object In Vpr Will Do What?

    Answer :

    Select the surface in the surface editor.

  25. Question 17. When Creating A Primitive In Modeler, What Does The Left And Right Arrows Do?

    Answer :

    Adds and removes geometry segments.

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  27. Question 18. Where Can Nodes Be Found?

    Answer :

    Shading Samples > Render Globals > Render.

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  29. Question 19. Can Lightwave Export To Other Programs Such As Bryce Or 3dstudio Max?

    Answer :

    Yes. As long as the program supports .obj , .dxf , or .3ds you should be able to export it to those programs.

  30. Question 20. Can I Use Two Monitors On A Graphics Card With One Svga And One Dvi Port?

    Answer :

    Yes, so long as the card is actually designed to do so. Some cards with an SVGA connector and a DVI connector are designed only to send the same display out both ports. Other boards use a digital-only DVI port (DVI-D) that cannot be adapted to an analog monitor. The card must have a DVI-I connector that provides both analog and digital signals, and must be a true dual head card. Some such cards, the Asus V7100 2V1D for example, include a DVI-to-SVGA adapter. You can also purchase such adapters. Below is a list of sources. We’ll be adding sources of such adapters to the list as we locate them. 

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  32. Question 21. Can I Use Import Motion Capture Into Lightwave Using Filmbox Or Simi?

    Answer :

    Filmbox can export as a Lightwave scene file…but Simi is not compatable with Lightwave.

  33. Question 22. Can I Set The Hub To Save Automatically?

    Answer :

    Yes. Right click on the HUB icon, select properties>select inverval to be saved at. You can even set an automatic shutdown if you wanted.

  34. Question 23. Can I Name Surfaces In Layout?

    Answer :

    No. You can rename them in Layout once they have a name. You have to name them in Modeler.

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  36. Question 24. Common Lightwave Problems With The Mac Platform?

    Answer :

    If you are only familiar with the Mac platform you will notice two problems that may cause LightWave to crash. Firstly LightWave as yet does not come with much in the way of error trapping which means that LightWave can easily crash your Mac if something goes wrong. A good example of this is that normally on a Mac Application you can be two or three moves ahead with keyboard commands, the Mac will catch you up and perform them, but in LightWave using the keyboard faster than the application can cause the Mac to crash. Secondly LightWave does not have any onscreen progress notification (eg : a clock or a progress bar). If LightWave appears to freeze just after you perform a task, it is performing the task. A freeze is indicated by the user not being able to move the mouse on screen.

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  38. Question 25. What Is A Displacement Map Envelope Workaround In Lightwave 3.5?

    Answer :

    Displacement Map Envelope Workaround in Lightwave 3.5

    When a displacement map has been applied to an object, the Polygon Size envelope can be used as an envelope for displacement mapping in 3.x LW.

  39. Question 26. Lightwave And Raptor3 To Amiga Have Problems With File Transfer, What Do I Do?

    Answer :

    This will occur when using the Cogent drivers. Use the Deskstation drivers instead.

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  41. Question 27. Why Is The Data Overlay Button Always On?

    Answer :

    Make sure that the “Data Overlay” line in lw.cfg is set to zero, or click data overlay button once regardless of deselection appearance. It will be deselected.

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  43. Question 28. Why Does The Scene With Morph Crash When Rendered?

    Answer :

    This was a bug in the initial DEC Alpha release. Apply the 4.0 patches for Alpha.

  44. Question 29. What Is The Dec Alpha Lightwave Error $001?

    Answer :

    On attempt to start DEC Alpha LightWave, Error $001 is returned. The user should refer also to the general $001 Error entry. This error can occur specifically on the DEC Alpha for the following reasons: 

    1. The user is trying to startup LightWave too early after booting the system. 
    2. A faulty Sentinel Driver. Re-install the Sentinel driver. If necessary, download the latest driver from either the NewTek or Rainbow Technologies online sites. 
    3. User is trying to open multiple copies of Lightwave. 
    4. Parallel Port is not set to Standard Parallel Port mode. 
    5. BIOS may be incompatible. This should be considered if LightWave has never worked, and the user is certain he has the proper drivers for the hardware key, and all other factors have been eliminated.
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  46. Question 30. When I Use Align To Path, The Model Faces The Wrong Direction, Why Is That?

    Answer :

    This happens if the object was modeled facing the wrong way in Modeler. Load the object in Modeler, and in the “Top” view turn the end of the object you wish to be the front toward the “+Z”, then save the object. Replace the object in layout with the new version.

  47. Question 31. What Is A Unhandled Exception Error On Attempt To Render?

    Answer :

    This can occur if full size render display and shadow mapping are both turned on. Do not attempt to use both together.

  48. Question 32. Why Am I Unable To Write Image Body Data?

    Answer :

    1. Full HD, any platform. 
    2. In Windows systems, if attempting to save to the root directory: If the drive you are saving to has been formatted using the FAT formatting method, there is a Windows limitation of 255 file entries in the root of a FAT partition, including folder names. This limitation does not affect NTFS partitions, and does not affect the number of files that can be placed within a folder on FAT drives. Do not save rendered files to the root of the drive, instead, create a folder and save the output frames into the folder.
    3. If saving to a remote drive on a network, try saving to a local drive temporarily to see if network issues are really at fault. A “drive full” error is often not returned when the drive is a network share, so it can be harder to troubleshoot. In some situations, a minor power glitch due to power grid problems or lightning may not be severe enough to bother the computers, but the network may go dead until the systems are restarted. In these situations, “Unable to write image body data” will occur on the systems, even though none of the computers have crashed.
    4. If using Windows for WorkGroups 3.1.1 or WINNT FAT File System, and the root filename you have chosen for the sequence exceeds 5 characters, the program’s procedure of appending incremental 3 digit suffixes would then exceed these OS’s “8 dot 3” limitations for filenames. This is not applicable in WINNT NTFS or WIN95 as these do not have this limitation.
  49. Question 33. What Types Of Shading Algorithms Are Used In Lightwave 3d?

    Answer :

    • Lightwave uses both Phong and Gouraud shading. 
    • Phong shading is used during realistic mode. 
    • Gouraud shading is used in quickshade mode.
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  51. Question 34. Why Does The Pointer Disappear While Using A Diamond Stealth Card?

    Answer :

    Toggle num lock a few times, you should get the pointer back. Weird but it works. We’re using Stealth 64 DRAM version here on a couple of machines. If you don’t have 2MB on the card, add RAM, and if you don’t have the drivers that will let you do 64K colors in 1MB and 24-bit color in 2MB RAM, you can download them from the Diamond BBS, they were recently posted there. Check your manual for the number.

  52. Question 35. Why Won’t The Open Gl Work In Layout?

    Answer :

    Just turning on’Use OpenGL’ under options is only half the operation. Go to the scene panel, and under the ‘Show’ pulldown, select “Show All Objects as Full Solids”. 

    In order for OpenGL updating to be done in real time, the “Bounding Box Point/Polygon Threshold” on the Options/Layout panel must be set to a number higher than the number of polygons in the scene.

  53. Question 36. Why Isn’t There Enough Memory To Calculate Lens Flares?

    Answer :

    1. On systems that do not have virtual memory, this indicates insufficient RAM to render the scene. The user must add RAM to the system or institute virtual memory. 
    2. On systems using virtual RAM, if the virtual memory is a set amount, that setting must be increased; if virtual memory is dynamically allocated, the user may have filled up the hard drives, and the system will not able to allocate sufficient virtual memory unless the user clears some space on the hard drive.
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  55. Question 37. Why Am I Having A Memory Leak During Rendering?

    Answer :

    This occurs when a lot of images are used, and is due to a bug in the HIIP loader plugin in the initial 4.0 release, wherein images are not flushed after being used. The solution is to apply the 4.0 patches.

  56. Question 38. What Are The Matrox Millenium And Opengl?

    Answer :

    OpenGL and the Matrox Millennium seem to only work consistently in 24bpp(24 bit mode) mode in LW 5.0. The 32bpp (true color) mode does not work at all with OpenGL, and the 16bpp mode seems to produce some oddities.

  57. Question 39. Why Aren’t The Lwpanels In Intel 5.0 Not Working?

    Answer :

    This error message will occur after a user has installed the patch file which updates Intel LightWave 5.0 Rev B to Rev C, if the user failed to de-archive the plugin “.zip”, which is contained inside the main patch “.zip” file. The solution is simply for the user to unzip that archive and make sure the updated plugins end up in the proper directories.

  58. Question 40. Why Won’t Lightwave Start — “growstub” Error?

    Answer :

    This is caused by an outdated Pointer.dll file in windows. Pointer.dll is available on the BBS. Simply replace the old one with the new one and reboot.

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  60. Question 41. Installing Lightwave On Hp Vectra Pentium Pro?

    Answer :

    When installing Lightwave on an HP Vectra Pentium Pro with configurable parallel ports and NT, you must set the port type to Centronics. Bi-directional and DMA will return errors.

  61. Question 42. Why Does Lightwave Crash When Rendering Nt_avi – Scene Has Lens Flares?

    Answer :

    Here is the relevant section of the [drivers] section, as it should look after you edit it: 


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  63. Question 43. Why Does Lightwave Crash When Render Flyerclip?

    Answer :

    This is a bug. On the Camera Panel, set Render Display to none, and you will be able to render FlyerClips.

  64. Question 44. What Does Lightwave 5.0 Is Required… Mean?

    Answer :

    This indicates a failure of the hardware key or associated drivers. If re-installing the software fails to correct the problem, an RMA should be issued for the hardware key.

  65. Question 45. Why Does Lightwave 4.0 Crash When Attempting To Change Animation Type?

    Answer :

    There is a known bug in LW 4.0’s handling of the scene file parameter for the animation type. The workaround is to edit the scene file in a text editor. Look for the line: 

    AnimationType 4 (the number will vary depending on what you selected for type) and either remove the line or change the number to 0. 

    Another workaround is never to save the scene with an animation type selected; always wait and select that at render time. 

    This is fixed in LightWave 3D v.5.0.