Internet Programming Interview Questions & Answers

    1. Question 1. Define Xhtml ?

      Answer :

      XHTML(Extensible Hybertext Markup Language) is a Markup language that specifies the format of the text that is displayed in a web browser such that microsoft’s Internet Explorer or Netscape.It is cross between HTML and XML.


    1. Question 2. What Is Key Issue Of Xhtml?

      Answer :

      A key issue when using XHTML is the separation of the  presentation of a document from the structure of the information in the document.


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    1. Question 3. What Are The Important Elements Of An Xhtml Document?

      Answer :

      Important elements of an XHTML document are the html element ,the head element and the body element.



    1. Question 4. Difference Between Html And Xhtml?

      Answer :

      In HTML,it is to specify the document’s content, structure and formatting.Formatting might specify where the browser placed  an element in a webpage or the fonts and colors used to display an element.

      In XHTML, allows only a document’s content and structure to appear in a valid XHTML document, and not  its formatting.Normally such formatting is specified with cascading style sheets.


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    1. Question 5. Rules For Writing Xhtml Document ?

      Answer :

      1.  Elements and Attributes  should be written in lowercase.
      2.  All elements should be closed.
      3.  All documents should  have Doctype.
      4.  All elements should be properly nested.


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    1. Question 6. Define Headers In Xhtml ?

      Answer :

      XHTML provides six headers(h1 through h6) for specifying the  relative importance of information.Header element  h1 is considered the most significant header and is rendered in a larger font than the other five  headers. Each successive header element(h2..h6)is rendered in a progressively smaller font.



    1. Question 7. What Is The Use Of Linking Element In Xhtml?

      Answer :

      • One of the most important XHTML features is the hyperlink (Linking element) which references(or links) to other resources, such as XHTML documents,web pages, a file or an email address.
      • Links are created using the a(anchor element).The most important attribute for the a element is href which specifies the resource being linked. Ex:yahoo.


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    1. Question 8. Explain The Use Of Img Element ?

      Answer :

      • An img element is used to insert an image in the document .The image file’s location is specified with the img element’s src attribute.
      • Optional  attributes width and height specify the image’s width and height.



    1. Question 9. What Is The Use Of Alt Attribute In Img Element?

      Answer :

      • The alt attribute in img element makes webpages more accessible  to users with  disabilities, especially those with vision mpairments who use text based browser.
      • The speech synthesizer software application “speaks” the alt attribute’s value so that the user knows  what the browser is displaying.


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    1. Question 10. What Is The Difference Between Unordered List Element And Ordered List Element?

      Answer :

      • The undered list element ul creates a list in which each item in the list begins   with a bullet symbol(called disc).Each entry in an undered list is a li(list item)element.
      • The ol (ordered list element) creates a list in which each item begins with a number.


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    1. Question 11. What Are The Three Sections In Xhtml Table?

      Answer :

      • A  table has three distinct sections- head, body and foot.
      • The head section is defined with a thead element which contains  header information such as column names.
      • The foot section is defined with tfoot element.
      • The body section or table body contains the table’s primary data.


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    1. Question 12. Define Forms In Xhtml ?

      Answer :

      • XHTML provides forms for collecting information from  users.Forms contain visual components such as buttons that users click.
      • Forms may also contain non-visual components called hidden inputs which are used to store any data such as e-mail ddressesand XHTML document file names used for linking.
      • A form begins with the form element.Attribute method specifies how the form’s data is sent to the server.



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    1. Question 13. Define Imagemap ?

      Answer :

      Image maps are defined with map elements.Attribute id identifies the image map.Hotspots are defined with the area element.Attribute href specifies the link’s target.Attributes shape and co-ords specify the hotspot’s shape and co-ordinates and alt provides alternative text.


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    1. Question 14. Define Frames In Xhtml ?

      Answer :

      • Frames allow the browser to display more than one XHTML document  simultaneously.
      • The frameset element informs the browser that the page contains rames.
      • XHTML provides the no frames element to specify alternative content for browsers that do not support frames.
      • Frame set element is used to create more complex layouts in a web page by nesting framesets.



    1. Question 15. What Is The Use Of Summary And Caption Element In Table Element?

      Answer :

      • Element summary summarizes the table’s contents and is used by speech devices  to make the table more accessible to users with isual impairments.
      • Element caption describes the table’s content. The text inside the tag is rendered above the table in most browsers.


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    1. Question 16. What Is The Use Of Internal Hyperlink?

      Answer :

      • Internal  Linking is a mechanism that enables the user to jump between locations in the same document.
      • Internal linking is useful for long documents  that contain many sections.
      • Clinking an internal link enables users to find a section without scrolling through  entire document.



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    1. Question 17. Define Css ?

      Answer :

      CSS is Cascading Style Sheets that allow document authors to  specify the  presentation of elements on a webpage separately from the structure of the document.
      This separation of structure from presentation simplifies maintaining and modifying a document’s layout.

      • Define :Inline Style Sheet and Embedded Style Sheet.
      • Inline Style Sheet:-Inline Styles that declare an individual element’s format using the XHTML attribute Style.
      • Embedded Style Sheet:-Embedded style sheets enable a web-page author to embed  an entire css document in an XHTML document’s head section.


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    1. Question 18. What Is The Use Of External Linking Of Style Sheets?

      Answer :

      External linking of style sheets can create a uniform look for a  website.Separate  pages can all use the same styles.Modifying a single style sheet file makes changes to styles across an entire website.



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    1. Question 19. What Is The Difference Between Absolute Positioning And Relative Positioning In Css?

      Answer :

      Absolute positioning:-Which gives authors greater control over how document elements are displayed. Specifying an element’s position as absolute removes the element from the normal flow  of elements on the page, instead positioning it according to the distance from the top, left, right or bottom.

      Relative positioning:- In which elements  are positioned relative to other elements.Relative positioning keeps elements in the general flow of elements on the page,so positioning is relative to other elements in the flow.


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    1. Question 20. What Is The Use Of Z-index In Position Property Of Css?

      Answer :

      The  Z-index property allows a developer to layer overlapping elements .Elements  that have higher Z-index value are displayed in front of elements with lower z-index values.



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    1. Question 21. Define Margin And Padding In Css ?

      Answer :

      Margin:-The Margin property determines the distance between the  element’s  edge and any outside text.Margins for individual sides of an element can be specified by using margin-top,margin-right,margin-left,margin-bottom.

      Padding:- The padding property determines the distance between the content inside  an element and the edge of the  element.Padding also can be set for each side of the box using padding-top,padding-right,padding-left,padding-bottom.


    1. Question 22. What Is The Use Of Class Attribute In Css?

      Answer :

      The class attribute allows more than one class to be assigned to  an XHTML element by separating each class name from the next with a space.



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    1. Question 23. Define Object Model In Dhtml ?

      Answer :

      The Dynamic HTML Object Model gives Web authors great control over the presentation of their pages by giving them access to all the elements on their Web page.The whole Web page elements,forms,frames tables ,etc is presentated in an object hierarchy.Using scripting , an author is able to retrieve and modify any properties or attributes of the webpage dynamically.


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  1. Question 24. How To Refer An Element In Dhtml?

    Answer :

    The simplest way to reference an element is by id attribute.The element is replaced as an object  and its various XHTML attributes become properties that can be manipulated by scripting.


    In script: