IBS Software Services Technical Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Differentiate Between Autoboxing And Unboxing ?

    Answer :

    • Autoboxing and unboxing are the process used to convert the one variable type into another automatically.
    • Autoboxing is used to convert the primitive type into class type while unboxing is used to convert class type into primitive type. If a statement is written in primitive or class type, it is converted vice versa according to the requirement of the compiler.
    • Conversion using Autoboxing and unboxing works only if the type has a value. If objects which are called using constructors are converted, it will result in a compiler error.
  2. Question 2. How To Create Roles In Database ?

    Answer :

    Roles in database are created by using the statement CREATE ROLE. DROP ROLE statement is used to drop the created roles in database. The roles are extended with privileges by using GRANT statement. The privileges assigned to a user can be revoked by using the REVOKE statement. A user can obtain all the privileges allied with a role by using the statement SET ROLE. The CURRENT_ROLE function will return the present role in a statement. Only roles which are granted to the user can be set along with the user while setting other role to user is not permitted.

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  4. Question 3. What Are The Differences Between Data Mining And Data Warehousing ?

    Answer :

    1. Data mining is based on pattern recognition logic which trend against larger data pool.
    2. Data warehouse extracts and stores data for future references.
    3. Data mining is a range of business process while data warehouse is like typical software package which can process some data.
    4. Data mining is used in various marketing programs while data warehousing provide the data for designing the logic of data mining.
    5. Data warehouse is designed to be a software product but data mining is a logic design based on the results provided by data warehouse.
    6. The entire business process is based on the query of data warehousing.
  5. Question 4. What Is The Purpose Of Using Statement In C# ?

    Answer :

    ‘using’ is a keyword in C# programming. It is used to include a namespace to a program. A program can have several namespace with several using keywords.

  6. Question 5. What Are Pointer Types In C# ?

    Answer :

    Pointer type variable in C# stores the memory address of another variable.Pointers in C# have the same capabilities as the pointers in C or C++.We can declare a pointer in C# like- char* cptr; where ‘char*’ represents a type i.e. character type pointer and ‘cptr’ represents the name of the pointer.

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  8. Question 6. What Is Inheritance ?

    Answer :

    Inheritance allows us to define a class in terms of another class, which makes it easier to create and maintain an application. This also provides an opportunity to reuse the code functionality and speeds up implementation time.

  9. Question 7. How Can We Sort The Elements Of The Array In Descending Order ?

    Answer :

    We can sort elements of an array by calling Sort() and then calling Reverse(). The Sort() will sort the elements in ascending order and then Reverse() will arrange it in descending order.

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  11. Question 8. In C Programming, How Do You Insert Quote Characters (‘ And “) Into The Output Screen ?

    Answer :

    In C programming every symbol have their unique identity and ASCII value. As ‘ and ” are a special character, before using these you have to be careful. If you want these to be printed like a simple character in a statement then just use format specifiers before these to indicate as a simple printable character. Example- ’ will print single quote and ” will print double quote.

  12. Question 9. What Is The Use Of A ‘?’ Character?

    Answer :

    ‘’ is used to refer a null value. It is often used at the end of an array of character i,e string to indicate the termination of array.It holds a nothing,not even 0.

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  14. Question 10. When Is The Void? Keyword Used In A Function?

    Answer :

    ‘void’ is used to indicate the empty value. We often see ‘void’ keyword is used before a function definition. It indicates that the function will not return any value. If we need to return a value then the ‘void’ keyword will be replaced by the data type of the returned value. Example- we can use int main() instead of void main() to indicate that it will return integer value.

  15. Question 11. What Are Compound Statements ?

    Answer :

    Compound statements often known as block.It appears in the body of another statements using {} curly braces. Unlike other statements it doesn’t end with a semicolon. Example- Writting a if condition or a loop using {} with a random statements within it, is a compound statement.

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  17. Question 12. What Could Possibly Be The Problem If A Valid Function Name Such As Tolower() Is Being Reported By The C Compiler As Undefined ?

    Answer :

    This kind of problem occurs when you do not mention the header properly. You should check if the ‘#include’ is properly maintained in the program or not.

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  19. Question 13. What Does The Format %10.2 Mean When Included In A Printf Statement ?

    Answer :

    It indicates the decimal number with 2 decimal places after the decimal point and 10 decimal places before the the decimal point to represent the actual value.If the decimal number has less than the number of the decimal digits, it will be filled with 0 upto 10 where 0 will not be printed.

  20. Question 14. What Are Linked List ?

    Answer :

    Linked list is used for utilize the memory for storage. In C, linked list are created using pointer where each node is connected with other nodes.

  21. Question 15. What Are Binary Trees ?

    Answer :

    A binary tree, in C, is implemented using linked list. Here every node has two pointers- left and right. To add or remove from a tree list there is a certain method.Basically linked list forms a tree like structure which is called Binary tree.

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  23. Question 16. Not All Reserved Words Are Written In Lowercase. True Or False ?

    Answer :

    False. All reserved keywords are written in lowercase letters.Remember C is a case sensitive.

  24. Question 17. What Are Virtual Functions In C# ?

    Answer :

    When you have a function defined in a class that you want to be implemented in an inherited classes, you use virtual functions. The virtual functions could be implemented differently in different inherited class and the call to these functions will be decided at runtime.

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  26. Question 18. What Is A Preprocessor Directives In C# ?

    Answer :

    The preprocessor directives give instruction to the compiler to preprocess the information before actual compilation starts.

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  28. Question 19. What Is Normalization ?

    Answer :

    It is an another method for designing a relational database is to use a process commonly known as normalization.

  29. Question 20. What Is E-r Model ?

    Answer :

    This model describes the relationship between entities.That entities are the part of object .Basically E-R Model is used to describe relation of an object’s entity which is based on real world.

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  31. Question 21. What Is A Node ?

    Answer :

    Two or more computer are connected through a connection that are served by physical media.The connected computers are called Nodes.

  32. Question 22. What Is Router ?

    Answer :

    Router is basically a device when a node connected two or more Network commonly.it passes or genarate messasge to one device network to other.

    it is known as getway.

  33. Question 23. What Is Accessibility Testing ?

    Answer :

    Verifying or kind of testing that help to that software is accessible people having disabilities.

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  35. Question 24. What Is Ad Hoc Testing ?

    Answer :

    To brake the system by randomly and trying to doing system functionality done by such kind of testing called Ad Hoc Testing.

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  37. Question 25. What Is Cyclomatic Complexity ?

    Answer :

    During white box testing a measurement of logical complexity of an algo is called Cyclomatic Complexity.

  38. Question 26. What Is The Jdk And A Jvm ?

    Answer :

    jdk stand for java development kits here we can find some java code development features.

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  40. Question 27. What Are Packages ?

    Answer :

    Collection of same object’s class is called package.

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  42. Question 28. What Is Meant By Inheritance ?

    Answer :

    It is a feachers of OOPL.It inherit the features of a class.Basically it helps reusability of code.