HDFC Bank Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Who Is The Ceo Of Hdfc Bank?

    Answer :

    Aditya Puri

  2. Question 2. Where The Headquarters Of Sbi Located?

    Answer :

    Mumbai, India

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  4. Question 3. Who Is The Founder Of Hdfc Bank?

    Answer :

    Hasmukhbhai Parekh

  5. Question 4. When Was The Hdfc Bank Is Incorporated?

    Answer :

    In August 1994

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  7. Question 5. What Are The Services Provided By The Hdfc Bank?

    Answer :

    • Investment Banking
    • Investment Management
    • Wealth Management
    • Private Banking
    • Corporate Banking
    • Private Equity
    • Finance and Insurance
    • Consumer Banking
    • Mortgages
    • Credit Cards
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  9. Question 6. What Is The Full Form Of Hdfc Bank?

    Answer :

    Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited

  10. Question 7. How Much Do You Know About Hdfc Ltd’s Business ?

    Answer :

    The Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC) was incorporated in August 1994 in the name of ‘HDFC Bank Limited’ currently has a nationwide network of 3,600 Branches and 11,515 ATMs in 2,272 Indian towns and cities.

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  12. Question 8. How Is Gross And Net Salary Calculated ?

    Answer :

    Gross salary is the total salary of an employee which include basic , HRA ,DA and other allowances Net salary is the salary which is paid to employee after deductions like ESI and PF.

  13. Question 9. Do You Know What Section 80e Of The Income Tax Act Stands For?

    Answer :

    Section 80 E is applicable for getting deduction up to 1,50,000 out off all income. In case of insurance maximum deduction is 1,50,000 pa on all the one year annual premium paid. it is tax benefit deduction

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  15. Question 10. What Do You Mean By Auditing ?

    Answer :

    An unbiased examination and evaluation of the financial statements of an organization. It can be done internally by employees of the organization or externally by an outside firm.