Hair Stylist Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Do Customer Services Mean To You?

    Answer :

    Customer services mean everything to me. A salon runs on the loyalty and satisfaction of its client base and it is the prime duty of every individual working within a salon to ensure repeat business through satisfied clients.

  2. Question 2. Why Did You Choose This Profession?

    Answer :

    I am a fashion savvy individual, new trend and styles in the fashion industry have always fascinated me. I pursued a degree in Hair Cosmetology keeping my passion in view and I enjoy every single moment of my day at work.

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  4. Question 3. Which Skills Are Required To Succeed As A Hair Stylist?

    Answer :

    Customer service, communication and ability to stay updated with latest trends in the fashion industry are key skills to succeed as a hair stylist.

  5. Question 4. As A Hair Stylist, What Do You Offer That Can Ensure More Business?

    Answer :

    I am not only trained in providing standard salon services. My expertise in Thai massage techniques, nail art and hair re-bonding has attracted many new clients to the salon I previously worked for. Since I keep updating my skills, I usually have a great bevy of tricks to bring in more business.

  6. Question 5. On What Basis Do You Recommend Hairstyles To Your Customers?

    Answer :

    This is where the real expertise of a hair stylist comes in. Every client cannot look good with the same hair style. Styles depend on how a client carries herself and what the shape of her face is. I make sure that I analyze each client’s facial structure and her hair type thoroughly before making a style recommendation.

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  8. Question 6. What Do You Know About The Retail End Of Working As A Hair Stylist?

    Answer :

    Every salon has a range of retail products that it endorses to its clientele. As part of my work as a hair stylist, I have often recommended hair products that the salon sells and have increased revenue by a huge percentage by doing so.

  9. Question 7. Share One Suggestion You Made At Your Workplace That Was Implemented?

    Answer :

    Working as a junior hair stylist for BELIZZA hair clinic, once our receptionist was on leave and I took her charge additionally. There, I observed that clients had to wait for long periods to get hair treatments even if they came with an appointment because the hair stylists were also engaged in the aesthetic and skin care departments I suggested that hair and skin care department be segregated. This was implemented and the wait time was reduced by 20 minutes on average.

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  11. Question 8. Give An Example Of When You Learnt Something From A Mistake At Work?

    Answer :

    Three years back when I was working as a trainee, a customer came for blow dry. I wanted to practice my newly acquired skill of outward blowing and convinced the customer that it would suit her. But when I started it my supervisor came and suggested a straight blow. I didn’t like the idea however I complied. When the look was complete I realized outward would not have suited the client’s face that well. That day onwards, I carefully assess the client’s facial features before making a suggestion and always suggest what is most suitable for them instead of what I feel like doing.

  12. Question 9. What Is The Difference Between Re-bonding, Extensor And Keratin Treatments?

    Answer :

    Keratin, re-bonding and Extensor, all are hair straightening techniques. While keratin uses natural proteins, re-bonding and Extensor are chemical treatments. Re-bonding gives a dead straight look while Extensor generates a relatively high volume look.

  13. Question 10. Name Some Treatments For Frizzy Hair?

    Answer :

    Straightening treatments, Re-bonding, organic smoothing, deep oil therapy and Brazilian anti frizz treatments.

  14. Question 11. What Do You Do If A Customer Is Insisting On A Hair Style You Are Sure Will Not Suit Their Face Cut?

    Answer :

    Customers often come with such requests and I try my best to cater for their preferences in any case, however if I know that the result of required treatment will not yield the desired effect on the client’s particular face cut, I point it out prior to the procedure. If they are willing, I offer an alternate solution that is suitable and closest to their initial request, in case they still want it, I comply professionally.

  15. Question 12. What Kind Of Hair Treatments Are You Familiar With?

    Answer :

    I am well versed in deep oil, hot wax, synthetic and herbal hair conditioning and all straightening, perming and strengthening treatments.

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  17. Question 13. Which Hair Type Do You Enjoy Working With?

    Answer :

    Although straight hair is always easy to work with I thrive on challenge and like to work with frizzy, oily, wavy or silky hair. I enjoy the process of assessing the right treatment for difficult hair, implementing it and then seeing the results.