German Student Visa Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Why Do You Want To Study In Germany?

    Answer :

    Germany is the third most popular destination among international student in the world. It is an attractive place to study and German University degree are highly respected by employers worldwide.

  2. Question 2. Why Did You Decided To Study In This University?

    Answer :

    This university is providing the courses in which I am particularly interested. I have visited their official website  to urge a lot of information concerning the university. I was actually impressed  by their profile and also the course programmed.

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  4. Question 3. Why Did You Choose This Course? Is It Relevant To Your Previous Study?

    Answer :

    I have chosen this course because previously I have done my study related to this field. Doing this course will add knowledge to my previous study.

  5. Question 4. Do You Plan To Work There?

    Answer :

    No, I have no plans to work there. My family stays in my country, I have some responsibilities towards them. So, after educating myself within the latest technologies, I will arrange to come back to my home country and contribute in my privately held corporation.

  6. Question 5. Why Do You Prefer Germany?

    Answer :

    Germany is most power full country of world , German people is engineering is power of knowledge so we prefer of Germany, and also engineering is most good magnifier machinery company is only on Germany based.

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  8. Question 6. What You Would Like To Do After Your Course?

    Answer :

    The German Government have given an opportunity to stay 1 year after completion of my Course. In this time I would like to get a job that suitable for my future goal to become technically strong. My ultimate goal is to go back to my country and utilize my skills for the development of my Country.

  9. Question 7. Do You Know German?

    Answer :

    I have very limited knowledge on German language. But university will provide classes to improve my Language skills that are need to mingle with the people.

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  11. Question 8. Who Is Sponsoring This Trip?

    Answer :

    MY Father / Family / We have taken an education loan.

  12. Question 9. Are There Any Age Limits To Apply For Postgraduate Study Programs (masters And Ph.d.) In Germany?

    Answer :

    No, there are no limitations set on age.

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