GAIL Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Do You Know About Gail?

    Answer :

    Gas (India) Limited (GAIL) (formerly known as Gas Authority India Limited) is the largest state-owned natural gas processing and distribution company in India. It is headquartered in New Delhi. It has the following business segments: natural gas, liquid hydrocarbon, liquefied petroleum gas transmission, petrochemical, city gas distribution, exploration and production, GAILTEL and electricity generation. GAIL was conferred with the Maharatna status on 1 Feb 2013, by the Government of India. Only six other Public Sector Enterprises enjoy this coveted status amongst all central CPSEs.

    The company was initially given the responsibility of construction, operation & maintenance of the Hazira – Vijaypur -Jagdishpur (HVJ) pipeline Project. It was one of the largest cross-country natural gas pipeline projects in the world. Originally this 1800 Km long pipeline was built at a cost of Rs 1700 Crores and it laid the foundation for development of market for natural Gas in India. GAIL has formed subsidiaries and joint venture companies for city gas distribution and petrochemicals. GAIL is one of the pioneers to introduce city gas projects in India for gas supplies to households, commercial users and for the transport sector by forming subsidiaries/ joint venture companies.

  2. Question 2. Where Is The Company Headquartered?

    Answer :

    GAIL is headquartered in New Delhi. Properly addressed at Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi India.

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  4. Question 3. When This Company Was Established?

    Answer :

    GAIL Limited was incorporated in August 1984 as a Central Public Sector Undertaking. The company was formerly known as Gas Authority of India Limited. It is India’s principal gas transmission and marketing company.

  5. Question 4. Who Is Current Md/chairman Of This Company?

    Answer :

    Shri B.C. Tripathi was appointed as the chairman and managing director of GAIL (India) Limited, India in 2014.

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  7. Question 5. What Was The Company Revenue And Profit Last Year?

    Answer :

    The total revenue of GAIL in the financial year 2014-15 was ₹516.14 billion (US$8.0 billion). And the profits was ₹22.99 billion (US$360 million).

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  9. Question 6. What Are The Products/services Offered By This Company?

    Answer :

    The services offered by GAIL are natural gas, liquid hydrocarbon, liquefied petroleum gas transmission, petrochemical, city gas distribution, exploration and production, GAILTEL and electricity generation.

  10. Question 7. Under Which Ministry Of Central Government This Company Function?

    Answer :

    GAIL was incorporated in August 1984 as a Central Public Sector under the Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

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  12. Question 8. Who Are Competitors Of This Company?

    Answer :

    The following are the competitors of GAIL:

    1. ONGC
    2. Cairn India
    3. Petronet LNG
    4. Oil India
    5. Gujarat Gas.
    6. Guj State Petro, etc.
  13. Question 9. Where Are The Manufacturing Units Of This Company Located?

    Answer :

    • GAIL has its subsidiaries in: GAIL GAS is providing natural gas to approximately 350 industrial consumers in TTZ area (Agra and Firozabad) in Uttar Pradesh India. GAIL GAS has also started the CGD work in Bengaluru Karnataka recently.
    • Brahmaputra Cracker and Polymer Limited (BCPL): GAIL has 70% equity share in BCPL, a subsidiary, with Oil India Limited (OIL), Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL), and Govt. of Assam.
    • GAIL Global (Singapore) Pte Limited: AIL has a wholly owned subsidiary, namely, GAIL Global (Singapore) Pet Ltd., to manage investments abroad.
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  15. Question 10. Why Was This Company In News In Recent Times?

    Answer :

    GAIL was in recent economic news for laying work contracts in Kerala. In order to strengthen natural gas pipeline network in Kerala, GAIL (India) Limited, a Maharatna enterprise, has awarded contracts for pipeline laying work of the Kochi–Kootenai–Mangalore pipeline for another 131 km.The remaining 111 km stretch in Malappuram, Kannur and Kasargod districts will be awarded by July 2017.

  16. Question 11. You Can See, We Have Compression Station At Different Location, Why Don’t We Use Pump Station?

    Answer :

    We are dealing with the conveying of the gases. Compressors are meant for conveying of gases while pumps deal with liquids. Hence, we have compression stations.

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  18. Question 12. What Is Difference Between Reciprocating Compressor And Rotating Compressor?

    Answer :

    In reciprocating compressor the energy transfer is due to the volume changes while in rotating compressor energy transfer is due to dynamic action (velocity). Also, reciprocating compressor are meant for high head and also does not have continued mass flow rate whereas rotating compressor are meant for low head and high mass flow rate.

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  20. Question 13. Do You Know Rankine Cycle? What Are The Four Components In It And The Purpose Of Each?

    Answer :

    • Pump – Work input.
    • Boiler- Heat addition.
    • Turbine- Work output.
    • Condenser- Heat rejection.
  21. Question 14. Why Don’t We Use Compressor And Send It To Boiler?

    Answer :

    The work input for the compressor is more as compared to pump. So the net work output is less in case of compressor.

  22. Question 15. What Is The Property Of Fluid That Is The Cause For More Work Input In Compressor Than In Pumps?

    Answer :

    Bulk density.  The density of gas is low and hence has high specific volume than liquid. So, we require handling more volume. Also gases are more susceptible to expansion and the gases are moving in adverse pressure gradient. So we require more work input.

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  24. Question 16. Which Is Your Dream Company? Why?

    Answer :

    GAIL, because here I will get an opportunity to learn latest technology and machines. Also it is a budding company and I will get to explore a lot by working in different domains.

  25. Question 17. Which Domain Do You Prefer?

    Answer :

    I prefer maintenance for my initial duration of my job and then will prefer operation and maintenance or design. Since maintenance will get me to acquire knowledge of the different equipment residing in the plant and also help to get familiar with process flow. So it helps in designing of new plant.

    Also, I would like to work where the company thinks I suits best and will give my best for the benefit of company.

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  27. Question 18. What You Have Done In Training? ( I Did My Second Year Training In Gail).

    Answer :

    Then, I said about the breakdown maintenance of centrifugal pumps, learn hot tapping, heat exchanger, and extruder.

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  29. Question 19. What Is Hot Tapping?

    Answer :

    It is to give a new pipeline in a charged line.

  30. Question 20. How Is C2+ Separated From Natural Gas?

    Answer :

    There is unit GPU unit, in which there is a demethanizer column (fractional distillation) which separates methane from natural gas and we get C2+. Then they asked is it heating process or cooling. It is a cooling process since temperature goes upto -180 C. Then he refined it so it is a chilling process.

  31. Question 21. Who Is More Imps: Team Or You? Why?

    Answer :

    Team, because if team succeed I will also get appreciation and prospers.

  32. Question 22. What Is Most Important For A Team To Get Success?

    Answer :

    Communication- easy flow of information among people and cooperation. If there is no communication, it will be very difficult to take wise and good decisions.

  33. Question 23. Define Entropy?

    Answer :

    It is measure of randomness. Then they say to give an example from general life.(This can be understandable by a general person). Then I said, if we have a group of people closed in a park then suddenly some minister or actress comes, there will be a lot of excitation and “shor gulla and people will rush to see them. So, in this randomness increases and hence entropy increases.

  34. Question 24. What Is The Difference Between Impulse Turbine And Reaction Turbine?

    Answer :

    In impulse turbine, pressure changes take place outside the rotor. Hence degree of reaction is zero whereas in reaction turbine pressure changes in rotor only. Hence degree of reaction is one.

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  36. Question 25. Tell Me One Thing, In India, 40% People Are Below The Poverty Line Also We Are Investing In Aerospace Programs. Is It Justified According To You?

    Answer :

    We have different schemes for the betterment of poor people like Rajiv Gandhi scheme, Indira Gandhi scheme. And we are working on them. But at the same time, we have to stand globally so we require investing in aerospace programs. Then he said you have not given the answer of my question “Is it justified”. Yes sir, It is justified as it will help in increasing employment and attract foreign investment which can be used for the poor people.

  37. Question 26. Are You Willing To Work Anywhere In India? Is There Any Problem?

    Answer :

    There is absolutely (more sophisticated word can be used here. absolutely sounds some weird. Since there is no absolute satisfaction) no problem.