Defect Reporting Interview Questions & Answers

  • Question 1. What Is Defect In Software Testing?

    Answer :

    A flaw in a component or system that can cause the component or system to fail to perform its required function, e.g. an incorrect statement or data definition. A defect, if encountered during execution, may cause a failure of the component or system.

  • Question 2. Differentiate Error, Defect, And Failure?

    Answer :

    Terminology vary from one phase to another in Software Application Life Cycle

    Software Application Life Cycle has 3 phases;

    • Development phase:in Development phase if developers find any mismatch they call it as Error or mistake
    • Testing phase:In Testing phase if Testers find any mismatch they call it as Defect or Bug or Fault
    • Production phase:In Production phase if Customers or End Users find any mismatch they call it as Failure
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  • Question 3. What Is Reproducible Defect?

    Answer :

    If a Defect is appearing every time (in every execution) then that Defect is producible defect, we can provide steps for locating it.

  • Question 4. What Is Not Reproducible Defect?

    Answer :

    If a Defect is some time times only appearing then that Defect is not producible defect, we have to provide proof (snap shots or database dumps) for locating it.

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  • Question 5. What Are The Different Types Of Status Of Defects?

    Answer :

    Status of Defects

    New: Tester provides new status while Reporting (for the first time)

    Open: Developer / Dev lead /DTT opens the Defect

    Rejected: Developer / Dev lead /DTT rejects if the defect is invalid or defect is duplicate.

    Fixed: Developer provides fixed status after fixing the defect

    Deferred: Developer provides this status due to time etc…

    Closed: Tester provides closed status after performing confirmation Testing

    Re-open: Tester Re-opens the defect with valid reasons and proofs

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  • Question 6. Explain About Defect Life Cycle?

    Answer :

    Defect Life Cycle

    Different Flows of the Defect :

    • New > Opened > Closed
    • New > Opened > Closed
    • New > Opened > Fixed > Re-Opened > Fixed > Closed
    • New > Opened > Deferred
    • New > Opened > Rejected > Re-Opened > Fixed > Closed Etc…
  • Question 7. What Is Defect Management?

    Answer :

    The process of recognizing, investigating, taking action and disposing of defects. It involves recording defects, classifying them and identifying the impact.Some companies use Manual Process (Excel workbook), and some companies use Tool based process for Defect Management.

    Tools Examples:Bugzilla / Issue-Tracker / PR-Tracker/Jira / Quality Center etc…(anyone)

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  • Question 8. What Is Defect Management Tool?

    Answer :

    A tool that facilitates the recording and status tracking of defects and changes. They often have workflow-oriented facilities to track and control the allocation, correction and re-testing of defects and provide reporting facilities.

  • Question 9. What Is Defect Deduction Percentage (ddp)?

    Answer :

    The number of defects found by a test phase, divided by the number found by that test phase and any other means afterwards.

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  • Question 10. What Is The Defect Reporting Process?

    Answer :

    Defect Reporting Process:

    Defect  Reporting Process vary from one company to another.

    1. Small scale Company:Tester -> Developer
    2. Medium scale Company:Tester -> Test Lead -> Development Lead -> Developer
    3. Large scale Company:Tester -> Test Lead -> DTT -> Development Lead -> Developer
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  • Question 11. What Is Defect Masking?

    Answer :

    An occurrence in which one defect prevents the detection of another.

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  • Question 12. What Is Defect Density?

    Answer :

    The number of defects identified in a component or system divided by the size of the component or system (expressed in standard measurement terms, e.g. lines-of code, number of classes or function points).

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  • Question 13. What Is Defect Based Test Design Technique?

    Answer :

    A procedure to derive and/or select test cases targeted at one or more defect categories, with tests being developed from what is known about the specific defect category.

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  • Question 14. What Is Defect Report?

    Answer :

    A document reporting on any flaw in a component or system that can cause the component or system to fail to perform its required function.

  • Question 15. Give A Sample Defect Report Template?

    Answer :

    A Sample Defect Report Template:

    • Defect ID: Unique No or Name
    • Description: Summary of the defect
    • Feature: Module / Function / Service , in these module TE found the defect
    • Test Case Name: Corresponding failing test condition
    • Reproducible (Yes / No): Yes -> Every time defect appears during test execution

                No -> Rarely defect appears

                If Yes, attach test procedure:

                If No, attach snapshot & strong reasons:

    • Status: New / Reopen
    • 7) Severity: Seriousness of defect w.r.t functionality (high / medium / low)
    • Priority: Importance of the defect w.r.t customers (high / medium / low)
    • Reported bug: Name of Test Engineer
    • Reported on: Date of submission
    • Assign to: Name of the responsible person in development team -> PM
    • Build Version ID: In which build, Test Engineer fount the defect
    • Suggested fix (Optional): Tester tries to produce suggestion to solve this defect
    • Fixed by: PM or Team Lead
    • Resolved by: Developer name
    • Resolved on: Date of solving By Developers
    • Resolution type: check out in next page
    • Approved by: Signature of Project Manager (PM)

    Note: Defect Report Template may vary from one company to another and one project to another

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