Conflict Management Interview Questions Answers

  • Question 1. Tell Me About A Situation When You Were Given Job Instructions And You Were Unable To Comprehend The Instructions. How Did You Go About Completing The Task?

    Answer :

    Job seeker should explain that seeking clarification is alright; that they try to clarify things to make sure the job is done right; should see conflict as natural and not a personal attack.

  • Question 2. How Do You Manage To Work With People Whom You Are Not Comfortable With? What Do You Do In Such Situations?

    Answer :

    Job seeker should explain that they put the team first. should not appear easily intimidated. seeks to resolve differences. does not personalize conflicts.

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  • Question 3. Tell Me About A Time When You Helped To Successfully Mediate In A Conflict? How Did You Feel?

    Answer :

    Candidate should show that they are helpful in resolving conflicts by understanding each co-workers view of the situation.

  • Question 4. Tell Me About A Situation Where You Were Aware Of A Serious Mistake Made By A Colleague And What Did You Do About It?

    Answer :

    You basically want to hear that they do not like to point fingers at others; that they try to stop the mistake from happening again by making his/her colleague aware of their error in a non blame educational manner

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  • Question 5. Describe A Time When You Had A Disagreement With A Colleague At Work. How Did You Manage To Work It Out?

    Answer :

    Job seeker should appear to know how to resolve issues and uses it as an opportunity to reinforce interpersonal relationships. concentrates on the issues and never personalized things.

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  • Question 6. Describe A Time When Everyone In The Meeting Was Opposing Your Ideas. How Did You Manage To Work It Out?

    Answer :

    Candidate should appear to know how to convince others that their point is right. Sees conflict as natural. Never personalize it, but explains the issues involved forcefully; stands up for what he believes is best for the business in a logical and reasonable manner.

  • Question 7. How Would You Handle A Conflict Between You And Higher Management?

    Answer :

    Job seeker should appear to be able to reason logically and forcibly argue for what is best for the company; should be respectful to, but not intimidated by higher management.

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  • Question 8. What Do You Think Is The Most Important Skill For A Conflict Resolution Specialist To Have, And Why?

    Answer :

    There are a lot of skills that can help set conflict resolution specialists apart, but one very important skill is communication. It doesn’t matter how well I can make decisions or solve problems if I cannot listen and communicate effectively, my efforts will never be successful. Communication is a vital skill because it is what makes mediation possible. Without solid communication, the parties will not hear the message or understand the agreement being forged.

  • Question 9. Can You Talk About A Conflict You Have Resolved?

    Answer :

    I was responsible for solving conflicts between team members who lost the ability to work together effectively. Because I wasn’t a conflict resolution specialist at the time, I didn’t really get many cases. There was one set of employees, however, who got to the point where their conflict was affecting the productivity of their entire team, so it was time someone step in.

    My first step was to separate the two and have a one-on-one discussion with them about what was going on in an effort to understand the situation and calm everyone down. Once I had a grasp on what was going on, I felt comfortable meeting with the two of them together in an effort to resolve the issue.

    Of course, in a heated situation like that, tempers were high, so I had to remind them that this was a professional setting and it was their responsibility to be reasonable and understanding. Once they started seeing things from a different perspective, it was easy to reach a resolution. This was my first foray with conflict resolution, and it was what got me started on my new professional path.

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  • Question 10. Have You Done Anything Recently To Improve Yourself Professionally?

    Answer :

    As a professional conflict resolution specialist, I think it is important to continually try to improve my methods and interpersonal skills. To that end, I attend seminars and workshops on a semi-regular basis. Most recently I attended a workshop designed to help conflict specialists gain new mediation tools aimed at helping resolve conflicts between family members.

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  • Question 11. Why Do You Think You Are Qualified For This Conflict Resolution Specialist Position?

    Answer :

    As you can tell from my resume, I have a technical understanding of finance and conflict resolution due to my bachelor’s degrees in finance and conflict management and my designation as a Certified Public Accountant. My experience as a CPA and then as a resolution specialist has given me the hands-on experience in both fields to really understand what is going on. Beyond my experience and education, I am qualified for this position because of my decision-making, critical-thinking and interpersonal skills.

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  • Question 12. What Is Your Preferred Method Of Conflict Resolution?

    Answer :

    The parties respond to a resolution in the best way if it is consensual. When a judge or mediator has to tell them what their compromises are, at least one party is unhappy and the conflict may not be completely resolved. If, however, the parties are willing to have a mediated discussion, I find that the results are a little more positive. Of course, a consensual process is not always possible because it depends on the dispute and the parties involved, but this is what I always try to do as a conflict resolution specialist.

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