Concordion Interview Questions Answers

  • Question 1. How Do I Automate Web Browser Testing With Concordion?

    Answer :

    Concordion integrates well with Selenium WebDriver for specification and testing of web browser applications.

  • Question 2. How Does Concordion Differ From Selenium?

    Answer :

    Selenium is a test scripting tool for driving web browsers. Concordion is a specification tool and hides scripting activity inside Java fixture code. For tests that exercise the browser, we recommend Selenium WebDriver with Concordion.

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  • Question 3. How Do I Automate My Web Service / Database / Desktop App / Green Screen / Other App With Concordion?

    Answer :

    Concordion acts as a test runner and integrates with any .NET library to drive other interfaces.

  • Question 4. Who Developed

    Answer :

    Concordion (for Java) was originally developed by David Peterson. The idea was sparked by conversations with testers and developers, in particular Nat Pryce and Steve Freeman while working at Easynet (BSkyB) in 2006.

    In 2013, Nigel Charman took over as project lead, having developed the Concordion extensions mechanism.

    Version 2.0 of Concordion was released in 2016 by a team of contributors.

    Concordion.NET was originally ported from the Java version by Jeffrey Cameron.

    In 2013, ShaKaRee took over as project lead, and updated the code base. In 2016, ShaKaRee brought the code to parity with the Java version by cross-compiling it using IKVM.NET and performance tuning it to be faster than the previous natively compiled version.

    Concordion has been ported and further extended by several other developers.

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  • Question 5. How Is Concordion Licensed?

    Answer :

    Concordion is licensed under the Apache License, v2.0.

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  • Question 6. Why Do I Get The Error “the Target Type Doesn’t Contain Tests From A Known Test Framework Or A ‘main’ Method”?

    Answer :

    Possible causes are:

    • Concordion.NUnit.dll is not in the NUnit addins folder. See how to install the Concordion NUnit dll as a NUnit addin.
    • An old version of Concordion.NUnit.dll is in the NUnit addins folder. Download the latest version and install it as a NUnit addin.
    • The attribute [assembly: RequiredAddin(“ConcordionNUnitAddin”)] is not in the AssemblyInfo.cs file of the project. See Assembly Info for further information.
  • Question 7. Why Do I Get The Error “no Specification Extensions Defined For:”?

    Answer :

    The Concordion.NET runner is unable to find a matching specification for the fixture. Possible causes are:

    • The default namespace + path of the specification does not match the namespace of the fixture. See locating the specification for more details.
    • The specification isn’t included in the DLL. You need to set the value “Embedded Resource” on the property “Build Action” to include the specification in the DLL.
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  • Question 8. What Is Concordion?

    Answer :

    Concordion is a powerful tool to write and manage automated acceptance tests in Java based projects. It directly integrates with JUnit framework, making it ready to be used with all popular Java based IDEs like Netbeans, Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA.

  • Question 9. What Is Active Software Specification?

    Answer :

    Active software specification is a way to specify the behavior of a feature. It also provides a way to implement and verify the software specification by having a connection with the system under development.

    An active specification in Concordion is of two parts −

    • A cleanly written requirement document which describes the desired functionality written using XHTML. XHTML based specifications contain descriptions of the functionality provided with acceptance test examples. Example’s data is marked using simple HTML tags.
    • Acceptance tests are written in Java language called fixture code. Using a Concordion extension of a standard JUnit test case, tests are implemented. It is the responsibility of the Fixture Code to find the example’s data marked by tag and use them to verify the software under development.
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  • Question 10. What Are The Key Features Of Concordion?

    Answer :

    Following are the key features of Concordion −

    • Specifications as documentation: Concordion specifications, being highly readable, can be used as active system documentation. As Concordion based specifications are written in HTML, these documents can be hyperlinked.
    • Specifications are live: Concordion specifications contain working examples of behavior which are executed against the system. Specifications are color-coded so that any one can see whether the examples are working or not. Executing Concordion specifications regularly makes the documentation up-to-date.
    • Separate “what?” from “how?”: Concordion specifications help separate the implementation and the required behavior of the system. It provides flexibility to change an implementation later on.
    • Simple to learn: Concordion library is very concise. It has very few commands to learn and examples are automated using JUnit tests so that tests can be run easily and can be integrated with existing projects easily.
    • Powerful Customization: Concordion provides extensions API which allows to add functionality.
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  • Question 11. What Is Concordion Asserttrue Command?

    Answer :

    Concordion assertTrue command is used when the fixture needs to know the expected result in order to perform a test.

    Consider the following requirement −

    User Name : Robert De
    The User name starts with R.
    The User name starts with S == false.

    If we want a test to be executed on the User Name and check whether the user name starts with R or not.

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  • Question 12. What Is Concordion Assertfalse Command?

    Answer :

    Concordion assertFalse command is used when the fixture needs to know the expected result in order to perform a test.

    Consider the following requirement −

    User Name : Robert De

    The User name does not start with S.

    If we want a test to be executed on the User Name and check that the user name does not start with S.

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  • Question 13. What Is Concordion Execute Command?

    Answer :

    Concordion execute command is used run the operation of concordion fixture. Consider the following requirement −

    The sum of two numbers 2 and 3 will be 5.

    If we want to write a specification for a sum function which will accept two numbers and output their sum, then the specification will be as follows −

    The Sum of two numbers 2 and 
       3 will be

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  • Question 14. What Is Concordion Verifyrows Command?

    Answer :

    Concordion verifyRows command can be used to check the content of a collection returned as a result by the system. For example, if we set up a set of users in the system and do a partial search on them, then the system should return the matching elements, otherwise our acceptance tests should fail.

  • Question 15. What Is Run Command?

    Answer :

    Concordion run command can be used to link multiple specifications together and display them at one central page. This command can run all the specifications, while displaying the link’s background in green / red / gray as appropriate.

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