Clojure Interview Questions & Answers

  • Question 1. What Is Clojure?

    Answer :

    Clojure is a Lisp family language, open source, dynamic type system and general purpose programming language developed for the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and created by Rich Hickey.

    Clojure is a compiled language.

    Clojure is a dialect of Lisp and a powerful macro system.

    Clojure is a wonderfully simple language and I hope you love it.

  • Question 2. Why Clojure?

    Answer :

    Clojure is open source, dynamic type system and general purpose programming language.

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  • Question 3. What Are The Languages Fundamentals?

    Answer :

    • Clojure is based on Lisp and general purpose programming language.
    • Clojure is functional programming language
    • Clojure is dynamic type system
    • Clojure is runs on the JVM
    • Clojure is open source
  • Question 4. How To Run Clojure?

    Answer :

    Local build –

    git clone

    cd clojure


    ant local

    Then start the REPL with the local jar –

    java -jar clojure.jar

    Try Clojure online – Provides a browser based Clojure repl for interactive exploration.

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  • Question 5. How Do I Create A Clojure Project?

    Answer :

    You can use Leiningen to generate the scaffolding of a new Clojure application-

    lein new app project_name

    Generating a project called “project-name” and it’s based on the “app” template.

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  • Question 6. Does It Have A Build Automation System?

    Answer :

    It helps developers to scaffold new projects, resolve dependencies, run tests, etc.

  • Question 7. How To Create Your First Project?

    Answer :

    Create your first Clojure program and looks like-

    lein new app my-proj

    cd my-proj

    # Have a look at the “-main” function in src/my proj/core.clj.

    lein run

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  • Question 8. What Versions Of Java Have Been Tested?

    Answer :

    Clojure 1.0 and 1.1 are both routinely used by many people on various versions of:

    Sun’s JRE 1.5.0 and 1.6.0

    OpenJDK 1.5.0 and 1.6.0

    IBM J9

    It is also known to run on:

    JamVM with Classpath

  • Question 9. What Versions Of Java Are Supported?

    Answer :

    Clojure currently targets Java 5 (and later versions).

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  • Question 10. Where Does Swank-clojure (slime) Look For Clojure’s Jars?

    Answer :

    When you start it with M-x slime, it will add all jars under check ~/.clojure and ~/.swank-clojure to your classpath. You will need at least clojure.jar, clojure-contrib.jar and swank-clojure.jar. You can download pre-built Clojure and Contrib jars from and swank-clojure.jar from Clojars.

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  • Question 11. How Do I Fetch Web Pages And Make Http Requests?

    Answer :

    For the simple case of GETing a document into a string you can simply pass a URL to*:

    (use ‘

    (slurp*  “”)

    ;; ⇒ “rnrn Example Web Page

    For more advanced usage, including other request types like POST you may find the clojure-http-client library useful. Finally you can of course use (.openConnection) on a Java URL object directly.

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