ChemDraw Interview Questions & Answers

  • Question:I Purchased A Chemistry Book That Came With Your Software, But I Lost The Installation Codes?

    Answer :

    Fax the sales receipt from the bookstore that shows proof of purchase to 617-588-9360 and indicate the name and version number on the cd-rom, i.e. ChemOffice Ltd 4.5. Provide an email address and we will email you a new set of codes.

  • Question:What Is Activation And Why Do I Need To Do It?

    Answer :

    Activation is new in our 9.0 products. Similar to the way that Microsoft has implemented Activation in Windows and their Office products, we have implemented Activation in our software to help prevent the illegal use of our software. The benefit to the user is that we will be able to provide you with a higher level of customer support.

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  • Question:How Do I Activate My Software?

    Answer :

    Once you fill in your name and a valid serial number, the “Activate Later”, “Activate over the Internet” and “Activate by Phone/Fax/Email” buttons will go from grayed out to active. If for some reason, you choose not to Activate now, you can choose the Activate Later button and the installation will continue. However, each time you launch one of the programs installed, you will see this prompt, which means entering your name and serial number each time.

    If you are connected to the Internet, and have no firewalls running, you can choose the “Activate over Internet” button. If you have any problems with Activate over Internet, use the Activate by Phone/Fax/Email instead.

  • Question:During The Installation, I Get An Error That The Serial Number Or Registration Code Is Invalid?

    Answer :

    If you are only putting in a serial number and not the registration code, then you would see this error. Both codes can be found on the ReadMe First card that came in the box. You must enter each in the corresponding fields during the installation.

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  • Question:I Installed Chemdraw Ultra 6.0, But When I Launch, Chemdraw, Chem3d And Chemfinder, It Asks Me For The Codes. The Codes Only Work With Chemdraw And Not With Chem3d And Chemfinder?

    Answer :

    You should never be prompted for codes when launching an application. You should only be prompted for the codes during the installation. The codes are only meant to work at installation of the ChemDraw Ultra suite. The Chem3D and ChemFinder applications that come with ChemDraw Ultra are version 5.0, where the ChemDraw application is 6.0. The codes are 6.0 codes, so they will only work with ChemDraw at start up. Try uninstalling the software using the Add/Remove Programs control panel, make sure you are logged on as an Administrator to the machine, then reinstall the software and retest the applications while logged on as Administrator.

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  • Question:I Am Being Prompted For Codes, But The Registration Code I Have Does Not Fit In The Space Provided Or I Get A Message Stating That The Codes Are Not Correct?

    Answer :

    First, you should only be prompted for codes during the installation of the software, not when launching. If you are being prompted for codes when launching, then there was a problem with the installation. Try uninstalling and reinstalling our software. Make sure you install and launch with sufficient access privileges.

    If the reg code does not fit or you get an error that they do not match during the installation, then most likely you are using codes not appopriate for the installer. Check to make sure that the cd-rom label matches the the description and version for the codes you have. The sticker the codes came on should indicate the product and version.

  • Question:When I Launch The Software, I Always Get Prompted For Codes. It Never Remembers Them?

    Answer :

    Make sure you have full write access to the location you have installed the software to, as well as the C Drive. If you do not have full write access during installation, this problem will occur. You will either need temporary full access privileges or you will need to have a network administrator install the software for you.

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  • Question:How Do I Activate Biodraw (pathworks)?

    Answer :

    When you first launch the program, you will see a licensing and registration dialog box.

    Copy and paste the “Host Name” and the “Machine ID” from this registration dialog box into an email addressed to We will reply with your license key that you will paste into the license key field and then click on the Start PathWorks button.

  • Question:How Many Activations Do I Get?

    Answer :

    You can activate the software 3 times for each license. After that, you will need to contact Customer Service and provide a good reason for requesting more activations. Once we receive your request, we will examine your activation history, and your reason for more activations and decide if you are eligible for an increase in activations. As long as you are adhering to the license agreement, increasing your activations should not be an issue.

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  • Question:When I Launch The Software, I Get An Error That The License Has Expired?

    Answer :

    You may have installed our trial software at some point, which is set to expire after 2 weeks. Go to the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel. Look for any CambridgeSoft software and uninstall it. After all CambridgeSoft software has been removed, try reinstalling and launching the software you are trying to use.

  • Question:When I Double Click On A Structure Pasted Into A Word 6 Or Above Document, The Chemdraw Tools Do Not Launch For Editing The Structure?

    Answer :

    EGO was the protocol used that would allow you to edit structures within the Word 5.x document. Microsoft has dropped support of EGO in Word 6 and above. Word 6 and above support a graphic linking protocol called OLE. We would like to support OLE in a future version of ChemDraw for the Mac, but Microsoft does not appear to support Macintosh OLE development any longer.

    Therefore, you will need to copy and paste between ChemDraw Mac and Word 6.x. We also suggest contacting Microsoft about dropping EGO which most other word processors still support.

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  • Question:When I Flip A Structure, The Absolute Stereochemistry Is Not Preserved?

    Answer :

    ChemDraw is behaving as designed. The flip command is designed to be graphical, so it is flipping the structure. If you want to preserve the stereochemistry, use the “Rotate 180 degrees Horizontal” or “Rotate 180 degrees Vertical” option in the Object menu.

    In versions of ChemDraw prior to 9.0, select the structure, hold own the Alt key, then click (and hold) on the Object menu. Now instead of “Flip Horizontal” or “Flip Vertical” it should say “Rotate 180 degrees Horizontal” and “Rotate 180 degrees Vertical”.

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  • Question:I Downloaded The Installer, But When I Try To Run The Installer, I Get A Message Indicating That The Windows Installer May Not Be Valid?

    Answer :

    This error indicates that there was a problem with the download even if there was no sign of a problem during the download process itself. If you receive an error similar to this, please try downloading the software again. 

  • Question:I Get An Automation Error After I Add The Chemdraw For Excel Add-in?

    Answer :

    First, remove any of our Add-Ins from Excel. Quit Excel and launch Excel to confirm that the Automation error is gone. Make sure that after removing our Add-Ins, there are no lingering ChemDraw, ChemFinder, or ChemOffice menus or toolbars present in Excel. If there are, remove them. Now add the ChemDraw for Excel Add-In back and retest. If the problem still occurs, remove our Add-Ins again and, uninstall our software using the Add-Remove Programs control panel, then reinstall and retest. If the problem still occurs, there may be a problem with your user account. Try creating a new Windows user account. Login into Windows with the new user account, install our software and retest.

  • Question:I Have Just Installed Chembio Office 2010 And Have Been Trying To Use Chemdraw 12.0 In Excel. However Despite Chemdrawexcel12 Being Ticked In The “add Ins” I Can Not Access Any Chemdraw Functionality. Is Their Any Fix For This?

    Answer :

    Have a look at the ‘disabled items’ in Excel. You can find the same by the following way:

    Launch Excel 2007 and click the Microsoft Office Button. Now click the Excel Options button, it will open the categories pane, click on Add-ins. In the details pane, locate the add-in in the Disabled Application Add-ins list.

    The Name column specifies the name of the assembly, and the Location column specifies the full path of the application manifest.

    In the Manage box, click Disabled Items (select “Disabled Items” from the drop down list for “Manage” in the Excel Option dialog box), and then click Go. Select the add-in and click Enable and click the Close button.

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  • Question:How Come When I Paste A Chemdraw Object From Word 2010 Into Chemdraw I Receive An Error Stating That The Object Does Not Fit On The Page And Is Then Placed As An Image?

    Answer :

    This is a known issue within Microsoft’s Clipboard code. Microsoft has released a patch for this problem. 

  • Question:I Need To Be Able To Create Customized Labels For R-groups For Analysis In Excel?

    Answer :

    There is a way for you to add more structures that can be recognized by the Excel Add-in during an R-Group Analysis. Basically, you need to create the corresponding structures in the Nicknames folder.

    In Windows XP, this folder is located by default under: C:Documents and SettingsAll UsersApplication DataCambridgeSoftChemOffice2010ChemDrawChemDraw ItemsNicknames

    If you have Windows Vista or 7, the ChemDraw nicknames structures folder is under: C:ProgramDataCambridgeSoftChemOffice2010ChemDrawChemDraw ItemsNicknames

    You can use existing .cdxml files on that folder as a starting point (i.e.: Phenyl.cdxml) to add more structures that can be recognized by the Excel Add-in during an R-Group Analysis.

  • Question:Is There Any Way To Silence The Loud Beeps That Occur When One Incorrectly Clicks In The Chemdraw 11.0 Application?

    Answer :

    Please check the exact version of the product you have (Help >About ChemDraw). If you are not using 11.0.1, then upgrade to 11.0.1.

    11.0 users can go to the Downloads page in the Support web site to get the 11.0.1 update for free. If you are using a version older than 11, you would need to purchase an upgrade, which you can do from the SciStore.

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  • Question:When I Paste A Structure Into Word And Print To Pdf, Atom Labels Are Extremely Mispositioned And Misscaled?

    Answer :

    Microsoft has fixed this problem in MS Office 2003 SP3 and above. If you are an MS Office 2003 user, upgrade to SP3. If you have a version earlier than Office 2003, you may only be able to upgrade to MS Office 2007 at this point. Please be aware of our current compatibility with MS Office 2007. If you are not able to upgrade, you can try turning OFF “Use Anti-Aliasing when generating Windows Metafiles” in the ChemDraw Preferences before copying and pasting to Word.

  • Question:Any Page That Uses The Chemdraw Plugin Locks Up And Freezes My Computer?

    Answer :

    Most likely you have installed Windows XP, SP2, which now has extra security that may cause this problem. Set up CambridgeSoft as a trusted source in Internet Explorer. From the Tools menu in IE, choose Internet Options, click on the Security tab, then the Trusted Sources option and set up any sites you intend to access. Quit IE, launch IE and retest.

  • Question:The Structure To Name Feature Is Grayed Out Or Does Not Appear In The Structure Menu In My Copy Of Chemdraw?

    Answer :

    First, check to make sure you are using a version of ChemDraw that comes with this feature. You can determine the version of ChemDraw that is launching by going to the Help menu and choosing the About option. Next, make sure ChemDraw is looking in the right location for the Structure to Name files. Go to the ChemDraw File menu and choose Preferences. Click on the Open/Save tab. Check the path of the ChemDraw Items folder listed in this dialog box to make sure it is pointing to the folder that belongs to the version of ChemDraw you are launching. Even if you believe it does, erase the path and reset it to the ChemDraw Items folder in the ChemDraw folder.