30 TOP Campus Interview Questions and Answers [UPDATED]

If you’re looking for Campus Questions and whether you’re experienced or fresher & don’t know what kind of questions will be asked in Campus job interview, then go through the below Real-Time 30 Top Campus Interview Questions and Answers to crack your job interview.

Campus Interview Questions and Answers

  • Question:How Do You Feel About Working Nights And Weekends?

    Answer :

    no problem in working nights and weekends because in my opinion if we want to be successful then we should be honest to our work because it is vital for everyone, who wants a bright future, to remember the old adage”Successful leaders see the opportunity in every difficulty rather than the difficulty in every opportunity.

  • Question:Can You Work Under Pressure?

    Answer :


    I always try to face challenges in my life. So pressure doesn’t matter. Working under pressure is the opportunity to know about my ability and gaining confidence.

  • Question:What Makes You Angry?

    Answer :

    Whenever someone disturbs me a lot and underestimate my capability, I get angry but I try my best to control my anger with a smile and handle the situation 

  • Question:Why Do You Want To Work At Our Company?

    Answer :

    I am looking for a platform where I can give my best and work with dedication to give a kick start to my carrier. And if that platform comes from a well renowned company like (company name) then it can’t be anything better than that. And I love challenges that an organisation puts in that helps an individual to grow up professionally. But I worship the company that honors the individual who accept and cope up with the challenges. And (company name) is right on top among such organisations.

  • Question:Give Me An Example Of Your Creativity?

    Answer :

    Creativity is to create innovative idea and to modify old things to new one. I can’t remember any particular example right now but my creativity lies in every work what I do daily. Always try to implement something new that makes hard work into smartwork.

  • Question:What Motivates You To Do Good Job?

    Answer :

    I want to see my parents happy and I should be the reason behind that happiness. If we are in good position first person who will feel proud and happy are our parents. So, to see my parents happiness and that happiness motivated me a lot.

  • Question:What Is The Difference Between Hard Work And Smart Work?

    Answer :

    Hard work may give results but it takes much time. Smart work will give optimum results with less work and with in less time. Because smart work is a intangible asset of genius.

  • Question:Would You Lie For The Company?

    Answer :

    Sorry but I won’t lie for the company because according to me lying is only the tool which help us to escape the current situation, but one day later we have to face it, with some more consequences. So its better to face it today and find the solution. But in future if company will get benefit from my lie then I will tell a lie for the company but on a condition that I will lie without affected thousands of people.

  • Question:Why Should I Hire You?

    Answer :

    As I am fresher, I don’t have any experience. But I am willing to work for you in any kind of situation. I have ability to work with your organization and I can show my ability working with your organization. I will prove myself. This is an opportunity to start a career that I definitely don’t want to lose so I will give my cent percent to give my best.

  • Question:What Is The Difference Between Confidence And Over Confidence?

    Answer :

    “Only” is the one word that changes the difference between confidence and overconfidence like I can do this work is confidence and I only can do this work is overconfidence.

  • Question:Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

    Answer :

    Thank you so much for giving me this opportunity.

     According to you what are the qualities that new employee should must have? and which are the qualities that I have from that?

     And sir would you like to give me any suggestions or advice?

  • Question:Who Has Inspired You In Your Life And Why?

    Answer :

    Challenges inspired me most because challenges make our life interesting they prepare us to fight with our career, every step of life whether we are a student or an adult and more over we are old. It is a key to success if we want to reach at highest peak it will be done by accepting challenges.

  • Question:How Do You Define Success And How Do You Measure Up To Your Own Definition?

    Answer :

    Success is a journey not a destination. If our today is better than yesterday then we have succeeded. We can’t measure success because it is a dimensionless quantity.

  • Question:How Much Salary Do You Expect?

    Answer :

    Salary is matter for experience candidates. I’am fresher I want to improve my skills and knowledge in the corporate world. And I am expecting salary to fulfill my economical needs.

  • Question:Explain How Would Be An Asset To This Organization?

    Answer :

    Employees are the Asset of the company because company growth depend on the employee’s hard working, smartness and dedication.

  • Question:What Are Your Career Options Right Now?

    Answer :

    My career options right now is the selection in your company through my efficient and positive interview. If selected, I will do my best in the interest of the organisation and if rejected then, I will try my luck again to reappear for the interview after practicing again for communication skills.

  • Question:Have You Considered Starting Your Own Business?

    Answer :

    As a fresher I don’t think so. To be a good businessman 1st we must be a good employee. Now I want to be a good employee by improving my skills by taking some risks. After that basing on my interest I will think about it.

  • Question:What Are Your Outside Interests?

    Answer :

    To be frank my outside interest is everything what an ordinary man will love to do but one thing that matters for me is I give my 100 % to every such activity.

  • Question:Are Not You Overqualified For This Position?

    Answer :

    An ideal company is one where I can utilize my skills and abilities and can gain more knowledge.

    An ideal job is one which gives self satisfaction to me.

    Location does not matter. I can work at any place as I can adapt to any new environment.

  • Question:What Are Your Goals?

    Answer :


    To be honest my aim of life is that I would like to see myself as a successful person at respectable position so for this right now my goal is to crack this interview and want to be part of your organization.

  • Question:What Are Your Strengths And Weaknesses?

    Answer :


    1. I have a good communication skills and leadership qualities. I got my confidence from my experiences like I was able to manage the 1000 members with different mind sets in my tech fest as an organizer.
    2. I can handle my self in difficult situations, can motivate the others.
    3. I am punctual and very enthusiastic to learn new things.
    4. I have a good quality of being positive, I can enjoy the comments (on me) and can make my surroundings happy with my sense of humour. 
    5. I am quick learner and I am ready to work with team with positive attitude.


    1. I don’t like the people, who are telling only good qualities about me.
    2. I can’t say no to anyone.
    3. Taking over responsibilities. 
  • Question:Where Do You See Yourself Five Years From Now?

    Answer :

    I see myself sitting comfortably in your chair and asking someone else the same question!

  • Question:How Long Would You Expect To Work For Us If Hired?

    Answer :

    As a young graduate It has been always my dream to be a part of this organization, So if I am selected. It will be my pleasure and I assure that I give my level best. And If you recognize my work and potential, I will be there with you always as long as you want me to stay in this company.

  • Question:What Was The Toughest Decision You Ever Had To Make?

    Answer :

    I don’t know what’s the meaning of tough decision. I believe that everything is tough if you Lazy about it. 

    And,Everything is easy if you are Crazy about it. & I seriously don’t know how much crazy I am

  • Question:Are You Willing To Relocate Or Travel?

    Answer :

    I don’t see any problem in relocating to a new place. Instead it will provide me exposure to a new environment, culture and languages and let me interact with different people. This will also give me new experience and prove to be beneficial for my personality development as well.