30+ TOP Bid Security Enhancement (BSE) Interview Questions and Answers [UPDATED]

If you’re looking for Bid Security Enhancement (BSE) Questions and whether you’re experienced or fresher & don’t know what kind of questions will be asked in Bid Security Enhancement (BSE) interview, then go through the below Real Time 30+ Top Bid Security Enhancement (BSE) Interview Questions and Answers to crack your job interview.

Bid Security Enhancement (BSE) Interview Questions and Answers

  • Question: If The Solution Supports The Encryption Of Table Extension At The Header/item Level?

    Answer :

    Yes the solution support the encryption of table extension at the Header/Item level.

  • Question: An Error ‘java(tm) Was Blocked Because It Is Outdated And Needs To Be Updated.’ Appears On Running Bse Applet. How To Resolve It?

    Answer :

    In such case please do not proceed with the process and close the IE window.

    And please add the portal URL under Trusted site in Internet explorer settings. In order to do this please goto Internet Options->Security->Trusted sites->Sites. Enter your portal URL and ‘Add’.

  • Question: Can The Bidder Edit The Submitted Bid If He Loses The Certificate?

    Answer :

    No, the bidder cannot edit the submitted bid

  • Question: Can We Migrate If The Purchaser’s Certificate Is Lost?

    Answer :

    No you can’t migrate if the purchaser’s certifiacate is lost.

  • Question: Does The Bidder Has Facility To Migrate The Certificate?

    Answer :

    No, only the purchaser will be able to migrate his certificate. Howevert the bidder can decrypt his response with his expired certificate (if available)

  • Question: Does The Bse Have Dependency On Ecc?

    Answer :

    No the BSE don’t have dependency on ECC

  • Question: Does The Solution Support The Encryption Of Customer Extended Fields At The Header/item Level?

    Answer :


  • Question: How Can We Deactivate The Cfolder Attachments For Encryption?

    Answer :

    The cFolder attachments can be deactivated by:

    – SPRO -> SAP Supplier Relationship Management -> SRMServer -> RFx à Bid Security -> Maintain Deactivation of cFolder Attachment

  • Question: If Any Separate/third Party Pki Component Installation Is Needed In Our Srm Server For Data Encryption And Decryption?

    Answer :

    No any separate third party PKI component installation is not needed in SRM server for data encryption and decryption

  • Question: If The Bse Supported For The Bid Decoupled Scenario?

    Answer :

    No, BSE is not supported for the Bid Decoupled Scenario.

  • Question: If The Custom Fields Add While Enhancement, Can These Fields Be Masked Using The Customization?

    Answer :

    Yes the fields should be maintained in the customization.

  • Question: If The Simultaneous Logon Works With This Bse Add-on?

    Answer :

    Yes. The decryption happens when the simultaneous logon process is completed.

  • Question: If There Any Backup Facility Available For The Encrypted Bids Submitted?

    Answer :

    No backup facility is available for the encrypted bids submitted

  • Question: Is It Neccessary To Install Sapsign.cab, While Using The Digital Sigratures For The First Time?

    Answer :

    Yes it is mandatory.

  • Question: Is The Bse Add-on Is Licensed Separately?

    Answer :

    No the BSE (Bid Security in SRM) add-on is not separately licensed.

  • Question: Is The Digital Encryption Certificate Upload Is A One-time Activity For The Purchaser?

    Answer :

    Yes the uploading Digital Encryption certificate is a one-time activity for the purchaser. If the certificate expires then the purchaser will have to use the option of migrating certificate in order to replace the expired certificate with the new one.

    • During the migration process, it is mandatory to have the expired certificate with the new certificate.
  • Question: Item Level Attachments Belongs To The Technical Response Or The Price Response?

    Answer :

    The item level attachments belongs to the Price response.

  • Question: What Are The Pre-requirements And Dependency To Enable Bse Function?

    Answer :

    SRM 7.02, SP4 onwards

  • Question: What Are The Pre-requirements In Order To Migrate Purchaser Certificate?

    Answer :

    The following pre-requirements to migrate purchaser certificate are:

    Please make sure that SAP document 2392481 is implemented in your system.

    Also ensure that before starting migration process, you must enable JAVA console from the control panel ->Java->Advanced->select show console radio button->Ok.

    During migration, please plug in both the certificates old and new and start the migration.

    If there is any error in some rfx response migration, the technical information will be printed on java console which you should share with SRM-LOC-BSE team.

  • Question: What Are The Recommendation For Implementing Bse Add-on For The Case Where Srm Is Live Without Bse Or When Going For Sp Upgrade, And There Are Open Tenders In Production System?

    Answer :

    Below are the following recommendations needed:

    First complete the process for the open tenders and also make sure there are no open tenders while the BSE add-on is moved to production system. Also create a new process type and activate BSE only for the new process type created.

  • Question: What Are The Recommendation For The Better Performance Of Encryption Process?

    Answer :

    It is recommended to have the following:

    250 line items

    7 conditions for each line item

    Individual file attachment size approx. 5MB

  • Question: What Are The Recommended Hardware Of Machine To Run This Product For Best Performance?

    Answer :

    Operating system: Windows 7/8/10

    RAM : 4GB and above

    Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 and above

  • Question: What Are The Specification For The Compatible Digital Encryption Certificate?

    Answer :

    Specification for the compatible Digital Encryption certificate are following:

    Class II/ ClassIII certificates

    Public Key should be of 2048 bits

    Key usage: Key encipherment

    The certificate should be valid not expired.

  • Question: What Is The Configuration Required For Activating The Digital Signature?

    Answer :

    Following configuration is required to acivate the digital signature:

    SRM Server -> Cross-Application Basic Settings -> Digital signature -> Activate Digital Signature

  • Question: What Is The Customization Path For Maintaining Fields For Encryption?

    Answer :

    SPRO -> SAP Supplier Relationship Management à SRMServer -> RFx -> Bid Security -> Maintain Details for Encryption Fields

    Note: For the field which requires encryption, keep Ref.Ind as blank and Field Val as “1”

  • Question: Which Ie Version Recommended For The Solution?

    Answer :

    IE 8.0 and above.

  • Question: Which Java Version Recommended For The Solution?

    Answer :

    32 Bit Java version is recommended for the solution. You may use any version upto JAVA 1.8 update 131.