50+ TOP Apache Presto Interview Questions and Answers [UPDATED]

  • Question: What Is Presto?

    Answer :

    Presto is a distributed SQL query engine. It is an open source software project to develop a database.

  • Question: What Is Presto Verifier?

    Answer :

    Presto verifier is used to test Presto against another database (such as MySQL).

  • Question: What Is The Default Port Of Presto?

    Answer :

    The default port of Presto is 8080.

  • Question: What Are The Functions Of Presto?

    Answer :

    There are various functions of Presto that are given below:


    Abs(x):It returns the absolute value of X.

    Cbrt(x):It returns the cube root of x.

    Ceiling(x):It returns the x value rounded up to nearest integer.

    Ceil(x):Arial for ceiling(x)

    Log2(x):It returns the base 2 logarithm of x.

  • Question: Why Should We Use Presto?

    Answer :

    We should use Presto because of its features:

    • It supports standard ANSI SQL.
    • It is built in Java.
    • It has connector architecture that is Hadoop.
    • It runs on multiple Hadoop distributions.
  • Question: What Is Jmx Connector?

    Answer :

    JMX stands for Java Management Extension. It gives information about the java virtual machine and software running inside JVM.

  • Question: What Is The Use Of Mysql Connector?

    Answer :

    MYSQL Connector is used to query an external MySQL database.

  • Question: What Are The Various Data Types In Presto?

    Answer :

    In Presto, there are various data types in Presto.

    • Varchar
    • Bigint
    • Double
    • Decimal
    • Json etc.
  • Question: How Can We Create Table By Using Command?

    Answer :

    We can create table by using command:

    presto:tutorials> create table mysql.tutorials.sample as   

    select * from mysql.tutorials.author;  

  • Question: What Are The Config Properties Of Presto?

    Answer :

    The Config properties of Presto are given below table:

    Config Properties—–>Description

    task. info -refresh-max-wait:It reduces coordinator work load.

    task.max-worker-threads:It splits the process and assigns to each worker nodes.

    distributed-joins-enabled:It is Hashed based distributed joins.

    node-scheduler.network-topology:It sets network topology to scheduler.

  • Question: What Are The Components Of Presto Architecture?

    Answer :

    Presto architecture components are given below:

    • Client : Clint submits SQL statements to a coordinator to get the result.
    • Coordinator: It parses the SQL queries.
    • Connector : Storage plugin is called as connectors.
    • Worker : It assigns task to worker nodes.
  • Question: What Are The Presto Applications?

    Answer :

    There are various Presto applications:

    • Facebook
    • Teradata
    • Airbnb
  • Question: What Are The Log Files Of The Presto Server?

    Answer :

    The logs files of the Presto server are given below:

    • Launcher.log
    • Server.log
    • http-request.log
  • Question: What Are The Features Of Presto?

    Answer :

    There are following features of Presto:

    • It is simple to use.
    • It provides pluggable connectors.
    • It provides pipelined executions.
    • It provides user define functions.
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