Taj Mahal,Agra Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. What Is The English Translation Of Taj Mahal?

    Answer :

    Crown of Palaces.

  2. Question 2. Who Was The Architect Of Taj Mahal?

    Answer :

    Ustad Ahmad Lahauri.

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  4. Question 3. When The Taj Mahal Was Declared A Winner Of The New7wonders Of The World (2000–2007) Initiative?

    Answer :


  5. Question 4. Where Is The Taj Mahal Located?

    Answer :

    Agra, India.

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  7. Question 5. Who Was The Persian Wife Of The Mughal Emperor Whom The Taj Mahal Was Built For?

    Answer :

    Mumtaz Mahal.

  8. Question 6. Who Was The Mughal Emperor That Commissioned The Building Of Taj Mahal?

    Answer :

    Shah Jahan.

  9. Question 7. What Is The Taj Mahal Made Of?

    Answer :

    Ivory-white marble.

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  11. Question 8. When Was The Taj Mahal Designated As A Unesco World Heritage Site?

    Answer :


  12. Question 9. What Is The Central Focus Of The Entire Complex Of The Taj Mahal?

    Answer :


  13. Question 10. What Is Set Around The Taj Mahal Which Covers Around 300 Sq. Meters?

    Answer :

    Mughal garden.

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  15. Question 11. When Was The Taj Mahal Completed?

    Answer :


  16. Question 12. What Is The Arch-shaped Doorway That Is In The Tomb Inside The Taj Mahal?

    Answer :


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  18. Question 13. What Time Do The Taj Mahal Grounds Open?

    Answer :

    6:00 AM.

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  20. Question 14. What Is The Estimated Cost Of Taj Mahal As Per 2015?

    Answer :

    US$827 million.

  21. Question 15. What Is The Marble Water Tank Called Found Halfway Between The Tomb And Gateway In The Center Of The Garden Of Taj Mahal?

    Answer :

    Al Hawd al-Kawthar.

  22. Question 16. How Many Years Did The Plinth And Tomb Of The Taj Mahal Took Roughly To Complete?

    Answer :


  23. Question 17. Who Was The Writer That Referred Taj Mahal In His Book, Badshahnama, As Rauza-i Munawara, Meaning The Illumined Or Illustrious Tomb?

    Answer :

    Abdul Hamid Lahauri.

  24. Question 18. Who Was The British Viceroy That Ordered A Sweeping Restoration Project Of Taj Mahal In 1900s?

    Answer :

    Lord Curzon.

  25. Question 19. What Was Implemented By The Indian Government To Prevent Pollution Around Taj Mahal?

    Answer :

    Taj Trapezium Zone.

  26. Question 20. What Is The Small Town Located South Of Taj Mahal That Was Constructed To Cater The Needs Of Visitors And Workmen?

    Answer :

    Taj Ganj.