SAP EHS Interview Questions & Answers

  1. Question 1. Define Product Safety In Sap Ehs?

    Answer :

    SAP EHS sub module Product Safety allows companies to manage chemicals, substances, materials, etc with the help of Specification Information System.

  2. Question 2. Define Dangerous Goods Management?

    Answer :

    With the help of Dangerous Goods Management module in EHS, we can manage dangerous goods relevant data in SAP and also define various checks which are needed to be performed while selling, shipping and handling dangerous goods.

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  4. Question 3. Define Industrial Hygiene & Safety?

    Answer :

    The Industrial Hygiene & Safety sub module in SAP EHS allow the companies to define their work areas, record exposures and assess risk associated with certain exposures and work.

  5. Question 4. What Is Waste Management In Sap Ehs?

    Answer :

    SAP EHS waste management enables you to handle and dispose the industrial waste while complying to the federal, state and international waste standards.

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  7. Question 5. What Are Company Health Centres?

    Answer :

    Company health centers often work together with external partners and also provide treatment for persons who are not employees of the company. Business partners and external persons are entered in the SAP component Central Business Partner.

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  9. Question 6. How To Edit Waste Transporter?

    Answer :

    Use transaction code WAA20 edit waste transporter.

  10. Question 7. How To Edit Hazardeous Substance Master?

    Answer :

    Please use transaction code HSMD in order to edit hazardeous substance master.

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  12. Question 8. How Do Headers And Footers Behave When You Work With Includes?

    Answer :

    The headers and footers of includes are ignored when the includes are added to the master template. The headers and footers of includes must not contain includes.

  13. Question 9. What Are The Different Parts Of Ehs Consultant In An Organization?

    Answer :

    Following are different parts for Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S):

    1.  Product Safety
    2.  Global Label Management
    3.  Occupational Health
    4.  Waste Management
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  15. Question 10. Characterize Product Safety In Sap Ehs?

    Answer :

    SAP EHS sub module Product Safety enables organizations to oversee chemicals, substances, materials, and so forth with the assistance of Specification Information System.

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  17. Question 11. Characterize Dangerous Goods Management?

    Answer :

    With the assistance of Dangerous Goods Management module in EHS, we can oversee unsafe merchandise important information in SAP and furthermore characterize different checks which are should have been performed while offering, delivering and taking care of perilous products.

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  19. Question 12. Characterize Industrial Hygiene And Safety?

    Answer :

    The Industrial Hygiene and Safety sub module in SAP EHS enables the organizations to characterize their work zones, record exposures and survey chance related with specific exposures and work.

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  21. Question 13. What Is Squander Administration In Sap Ehs?

    Answer :

    SAP EHS squander administration empowers you to deal with and arrange the modern waste while going along to the government, state and worldwide waste gauges.

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  23. Question 14. How To Alter Squander Transporter?

    Answer :

    Utilize exchange code WAA20 alter squander transporter.

  24. Question 15. How To Alter Unsafe Substance Ace?

    Answer :

    If it’s not too much trouble utilize exchange code HSMD keeping in mind the end goal to alter perilous substance ace.

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  26. Question 16. How Do Headers And Footers Act When You Work With Incorporates?

    Answer :

    The headers and footers of incorporates are overlooked when it incorporates are added to the ace format. The headers and footers of incorporates must not contain incorporates.

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  28. Question 17. What Ohs As Well As Additional Hse Qualifications Do You Have?

    Answer :

    I have NEBOSH confirmation, BCLS accreditation, Helicopter submerged escape affirmation and firefighting certificate. I additionally hold a specialized certificate in HSE, frame the Professional wellbeing establishment partnered with the OSHA.

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  30. Question 18. What Is A Safe Work Permit?

    Answer :

    A protected work allow is fundamentally a report which allows and determines the perils that are engaged with the work to be done and safety measures expected to stay away from the same.

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  32. Question 19. Which Precautions Should You Take While Working At Heights?

    Answer :

    Appropriate PPE must be utilized, dangers of falling must be precisely provided food for and stepping stools must be firmly attached before a laborer hops on.

  33. Question 20. Name Some Common Construction Site Ppe?

    Answer :

    Caps, fall capture hardware, high deceivability pieces of clothing and eye security are a portion of the PPE utilized on development locales.

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  35. Question 21. Portray The Major Constituents Of Earth?

    Answer :

    The primary elements of the earth are in of 4 types:

    1. The lithosphere – It is the external skin of the earth and is formed of minerals and rocks.

    2. The Atmosphere – It is the envelope of vapor or gas surrounding the earth,

    3. The hydrosphere – It is the fluid part of the earth that contains the water vapor of the environment, the water from the seas, oceans, streams and lakes, and the water from the rocks.

    4. The biosphere – It is the universe of living creatures that harp ashore, in water and noticeable all around.

  36. Question 22. Explain The Different Hypotheses About The Earth Origin?

    Answer :

    From the earliest starting point, man has been interested to know about the appearance of the world and the universe. Because of this normal intrigue, all the early civic establishments built up their own clarifications and adaptations of the beginning of the world and life of the universe.

    COSMOLOGY is that study field, which manages the development of thoughts in regards to the starting point of the earth, its connection to the close planetary system, and in which way the nearby planetary group is connected’ to the earth.

    Man needed to hold up until the creation of the telescope. After that, he could look into space and investigate the universe. In any case, this should be possible at a constrained scale. Following a few hundred years, all the more effective telescopes were created. Meanwhile, there had been new advancements in the fields of science and material science. These empower man to investigate space all the more satisfactorily.

  37. Question 23. As A Hse Officer, What Is Your Prime Safety Concern On Any Given Day?

    Answer :

    There are numerous worries that are at the forefront of my thoughts every day. Be that as it may, since I esteem human life, I am typically exceptionally on edge about any mishaps that may happen and wind up hurting a specialist.

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